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Duplicate Driving License Mumbai

Duplicate Driving License Mumbai is issued by RTO Mumbai. You can apply for driving license online in Mumbai through Itzeazy , in case of lost drivers license. For duplicate licence you have to approach the issuing authority and the particulars will be verified from their records.

The validity of duplicate licence will be the same of your previous licence. The original issuing authority will issue your duplicate licence. If your licence is lost and expired by more than 6 months your case requires permission from Head Quarter of Transport Department.

You must be aware that a driver's licence has many functions that act as an authentication of your driving on the roads and also serve as identification. So, to meet such standards and prevent legal issues, you should apply for a duplicate driving licence right away. Also, If you don't have a driver's licence, you may face a slew of penalties from traffic cops of Mumbai.

You have to apply for the duplicate driving license in the RTO Mumbai office  if you had your original driving license issued from Mumbai.
duplicate driving licence

Apply for duplicate driving licence online in Mumbai

Now there is no need to visit Mumbai RTO office to apply for a duplicate driving licence in Mumbai. You can also apply for a duplicate driving licence online in Mumbai by filling up an application form for a duplicate copy of DL. Also the documents, like FIR copy of lost driving licence, and concerned driver ID proof, need to be uploaded with final payment of fees. These processing steps involved in the application process.

Getting a duplicate driving licence in Mumbai is a pretty time-consuming process because of the processing steps and time involved in the whole process.So for hassle free process, apply for duplicate driving licence online in Mumbai with Itzeazy.

If your lost or damaged driver's licence has not yet expired, you will not be needed to take another driving test to obtain a duplicate DL. 

Itzeazy provides Consultancy for Duplicate Driving License in Mumbai , provides end to end assistance in all documentation support to the clients. It is recommended to keep the photocopy of your Driving licence safe, particulars of Driving licence noted with you so that you may not face troubles in case of loss/theft. It would be easier to locate about your licence particulars from the record. If you can not provide the particulars it is advisable to go ahead for fresh licence instead of duplicate of licence.

Over View

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Duplicate Driving License - Overview

According to the Motor Vehicles Act , having a driving license is mandatory for all individuals who are driving a vehicle. Despite the importance of owning a driving license, sometimes you may misplace it or lose it. In such a situation of lost original driving licence, you can apply for a duplicate driving license in Mumbai . RTO Mumbai provides online process to apply for the duplicate without going to the RTO office.

Application for duplicate Driving License is to be made in the RTO from where it was issued originally provided the validity of it is left. Once visit of applicant to the concerned RTO is must. But the online application process for duplicate driving licence makes it somewhat easy and convenient.

Normally it takes 2 weeks time in getting Duplicate Driving License.


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Duplicate Driving License - Process

  • Order online
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload required documents for duplicate DL for pre-check Verification of the its soft copy
  • Collection of the physical copy of the required documents for duplicate DL
  • Submission of the documents to the concerned RTO for duplicate RC
  • Time to time update to the customer regrading progress of the work
  • Work completion
  • Make balance 50 % payment
  • Delivery of Duplicate driving licence to the customer? & order closed

Document Required

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Duplicate Driving License - Documents Required

  • Application in Form LLD.
  • FIR/NCR of the lost licence
  • Challan clearance report from Traffic Police (if Challan is dues)
  • Self Declaration of Physical Fitness on form no. 1
  • Copy of valid address Proof


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Duplicate Driving License - Forms

  • Form LLD
  • Sample form LLD


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Duplicate Driving License - FAQ

1. What is the procedure for duplicate driving licence in Mumbai?


Duplicate driving license process in Mumbai  is online. Application can be filled online, fees can be paid online. 

After completion of the process at RTO Renewed driving licence in Mumbai is dispatched to the applicant's address by post.

2. What is the fee for duplicate DL in Mumbai?


The RTO fees for renewal of driving licence in Mumbai is Rs. 200. There is additional fees of Rs. 200 for smart card diving licence.

3. What happens If my current address is different from the address mentioned in the lost Driving license?


Address will be changed in the new driving license issued provided you provide supporting documents for new address.

4. Is it possible to obtain a soft copy of my duplicate driver's licence?


Yes, the DigiLocker programme allows you to download a soft copy of your driver's licence. You only need to form an account, sign in using the mobile number you used to register for a duplicate driver's licence and download a softcopy

5. What will be the validity of duplicate Driving Licence ?


Duplicate driving licence will have the same validity as your original Driving Licence. All the information on duplicate Driving Licence will be the same as the original, If you haven’t applied for correction or renewal of your DL.

6. Do I have to pass a driving test once again while applying for a duplicate Driving Licence ?


You need to undergo through driving test again, if your driving licence has expired more than one before. You don’t have to go through a driving test again while applying for a duplicate licence if its still valid.