Driving Licence NOIDA

Driving Licence Noida is issued by RTO Noida based on the area of jurisdiction in which applicant's place of residence comes. Itzeazy helps in driving licence online apply in Noida. So, your serach for driving licence agent Noida ends here. For obtaining a Driving License to drive a motor cycle with engine capacity of 50 cc or less , the minimum age is 16 years. To obtain other types of Licences one must be 18 years and above. Common types of Driving Licenses are :

  • MC 50CCC (Motorcycle 50cc)motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc or less.
  • MC EX50CC (Motorcycle more than 50cc)motorcycles and (Light Motor Vehicle)CAR.
  • motorcycles of any engine capacity, but without gears, including mopeds and scooters
  • MCWG or M/CYCL.WG (Motorcycle With Gear)all motorcycles.
  • LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle Non Transport)light motor vehicles" for personal use only

Driving License in Noida @ Itzeazy

Driving License - NOIDA

Itzeazy.com provides consultancy for driving License in Noida . The Transport Department of Govt. of NCT of Noida is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing Driving License through its Regional trasport offices (RTOs). Driving License is must Under Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to drive a vehicle. Original Driving License must be carried in original while driving and must be shown to the traffic police on demand.

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Driving License - Overview

Driving License is 2 stage process :

  • First Learning License will be made
  • After 30 days of Learning License, permanent License can be applied.

During learning License, computer based theory test will be there. During Permanent License, applicant will have to undergo through practical driving test. It takes minimum 30 days to get Driving License.

Driving License - Process

  • Order online
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload documents for pre-check
  • Appointment scheduled for Learning License test at RTO
  • Visit of applicant to RTO for Learning License test
  • Receive Learning License
  • After 30 days of Learning License issue date appointment scheduled for Permanent DL
  • Make balance 50 % payment
  • Visit of applicant to RTO for permanent DL test
  • Receive permanent DL by post
  • Documents delivered & order closed

Driving License - Documents Required

  • duly filled Form No. 1, 2, 3.
  • Three recent passport size photographs .
  • Proof of address ( Ration Card,Passport,LIC Policy, Voter ID card,Telephone Bill,Electricity Bill,Water Bill).
  • Proof of Age (School Certificate ,Birth Certificate ,PAN card).
  • Medical fitness certificate if applicant's age is above 50 years

Driving License - Forms

  • Form no. 1
  • Sample form no. 1
  • Form no. 1A
  • Sampe form no. 1A

Driving License - FAQ

What is the period of validity of Learner's licence ?

Learners licence is valid for the period of six months.

What if Failed in the Learning test ?

Application along with documents will be returned to the failed applicant and he can reappear for test on the next day onwards

Is there any age restrictions for obtaining learner's licence ?

The applicant shall have attaining the age of 16 years in case of motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc (motor cycle without gear). The consent/declaration of the parents/guardian is necessary and shall be signed before the licencing authority. The applicant shall have completed the age of 18 years in case of motor cycle with gear or light motor vehicle.

What If Failed in Test during permanent license ?

The applicant who has failed in test of competence to drive can collect his application along doucuments and can reappear for the test after 7 days by paying requisite fees .

Do I need to be present while obtaining the license?

You must be present for obtaining a licence at RTO office

What is the basic level of knowledge required to undergo a test for a Learner's DL?

Traffic signs / traffic signals / rules of the road / duties of a driver in case he is involved in an accident / precautions to be taken when crossing an unmanned railway crossing / documents that he is required to carry while driving.

What is the basis of judging an applicant appearing for a test for a Learner's DL?

The questions posed to an applicant are of objective type, and the applicant has to answer correctly at least 60 % of the questions posed.