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Driving Licence Renewal Noida

Do you want to apply for driving licence renewal in Noida ? Itzeazy provides services for DL renewal in Noida. You can renew driving licence in Noida, if your driving licence is due to expire or has already expired.

Driving Licence renewal in Noida is done by RTO Noida. Both private and commercial vehicle drivers follow the same procedure for renewing their driver's licence. However, the kind of documentation necessary for the renewal of a licence may differ.

When should I apply for Renewal of Driving License Noida?

  1. The driving licence is required to be renewed before one year or after expiry of its validity.
  2. There will be a late fine for renewal of applications after the grace period of 30 days of DL renewal. It will be Rs 1000 fine per annum
  3. Driving licence renewal does not require a driving test if applied for renewal within 1 year from the date of expiry. If applied after 1 year, you will have to undergo through driving test again.
  4. It can be renewed within 5 years from the date of its expiry. After 5 years, you have to apply for new driving licence
  5. Also after the age of 40 years medical fitness test is mandatory.
Do I need visit RTO for driving licence renewal in Noida ?

The driving license renewal process is not completely online in Noida. You have to visit RTO Noida to submit documents after online form filling on the Parivahan portal.

If you have old paper type driving licence and data is not available on the Parivahan portal, you need to apply for backlog entry by visiting the parent RTO from where driving licence was issued originally. After this backlog entry process, you can apply for renewal of driving licence in Noida.

driving licence renewal

Driving Licence renewal online Noida

Itzeazy provide consultancy for renewal of driving License in Noida. Thus, it provides end-to-end assistance and documentation support to the clients in all scenarios to ensure a hassle free experience for DL renewal in Noida.

Driving licence renewal process in Noida involves following steps: 

  • Make payment and Book order  
  • Upload documents, photograph and signature
  • Visit of applicant to the concerned RTO
  • Processing of application for DL renewal at RTO 
  • Issuance of renewed driving licence
  • Delivery of renewed driving licence by post at the current address

The application process will take around 2-3 weeks time and to get renewed DL.

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DL Renewal Noida 

A person who possesses a driving licence has to renew it after expiry. 

The validity of a renewed driving licence depends on the age of the driver. While applying for DL renewal, you can make changes to your driving licence if required, like change in address etc. This process is done at the RTO Noida.

Change of address in DL while renewing 

There are four scenarios observed:

  1. Same address : If your existing licence address is same as present address of Noida, apply at Noida
  2. Within city : For a change in address in Noida city only, you can apply at the same Noida RTO  
  3. Different cityIf your address has changed to another city that is in a different RTO jurisdiction, you have to apply at the respective RTO.
  4. To other State: Your address has changed to Noida from other state, then apply at the Noida RTO with your existing driving license details and change your address to the new address of Noida 

Validity of driving licence
  1. Driving license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till attains 40 years of age, which is earlier.
  2. After the age of 40 the Driving licence will be issued for 10 years & then 5 years subsequently.
The validity of driving license varies as per the applicant age. 
 Age of the applicant on the date of issue/renewal
<30 years
till attains 40 years
>= 30 and <50
10 years
>=50 and <55
till attains 60 years
5 years


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Process for DL Renewal in Noida

  • Book order online
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Verification of the soft copy of required documents for driving licence renewal
  • Collection of the physical copy of the required documents for driving licence renewal if required
  • Online form filling and Uploading of documents 
  • Submission of the documents to the concerned RTO for DL renewal
  • Scheduling of appointment for visit to RTO
  • Applicant's visit to the RTO 
  • Time to time update to the customer regrading progress of the work
  • Work Completion
  • Receive renewed DL by post
  • Documents delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal Pune

  1. Original driving license
  2. Two Passport-size photographs and  signature in digital form
  3. Present proof of address
  4. Medical fitness certificate- Form 1A filled  signed by a certified medical practitioner MBBS  (If you are above the age of 40 years)

List of acceptable documents for proof of address 

  1. Passport
  2. Voter Id
  3. Aadhar card with DOB
  4. Employment certificate

Specifications for uploading photographs and signature

  1. Photo size should be of minimum 35 mm×45 mm  i.e 420×525 pixels
  2. Signature should be minimum 35 mm×11mm  i.e 256×64 pixels
  3. File size should be between 10-20 Kb in jpg/jpeg format


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Forms for Driving Licence Renewal Noida

  1. There is no need to submit any form for DL renewal in Noida.
  2. If applicant is above 40 years while applying, it needs to provide Form 1A as certificate of medical fitness.  


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Driving Licence renewal in Noida - FAQ

1. Do I need to visit RTO for renewal of driving licence in Noida?


Yes, you need to visit Noida RTO for renewal of driving licence in Noida.

2. How can I renew my Noida licence online ?


Driving license renewal process in Noida is not completely online. Application can be filled up online, fees can be paid online. However to complete the process, applicant has to visit RTO Noida office once.

After completion of the process at RTO Renewed driving licence in Noida is dispatched to the applicant's address by post.

3. What is the grace period for renewal of driving licence in Uttar Pradesh?


There is grace period of one month for DL renewal in Uttar Pradesh from the date of expiry of driving licence. For each year's delay, you have to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000, along with the cost of renewal and smart card. 

So, its advisable to apply for DL renewal well in advance.    

4. What happens If an accident occurs after the expiry of your Driving Licence?


The Insurance Company will not provide the compensation if your driving licence is expired. So, its important to renew your driving licence once it expires. Also driving with expired driving licence is an offence as per motor vehicle act. 

5. When one can apply for renewal of Driving License ?


Renewal of Driving License can be applied before one month of the expiry period. 

Also you get grace period of one month after the date of expiry of driving licence.

6. Can I change the address in my Driving Licence while applying for renewal?


Yes, you can apply for change of address when you submit the application for renewal of driving licence renewal. Note that you must choose the RTO accordingly if you wish to change the address. You also need to pay additional fees for the change of address in driving licence.