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Driving Licence Online Apply Pune

Regional Transport Offices issue driving license in Pune. You can apply for driving license at the RTO based on your location.

Minimum age requirement for driving license is

  • 16 years for motorcycles ?50cc and
  • 18 years for other vehicles

There are 2 stages for DL

  • Learning License 
  • Permanent Driving License

Learning License (First Stage)

  • Computer-based test on traffic rules/signals 
  • Valid for 6 months

Permanent Driving License (Second Stage)

  • Driving skill test
  • Apply after 30 days of learner's license
  • Practical driving test
  • Driving License issued in minimum 30 days after passing the test
Driving licence

Apply for Driving Licence Pune

Driving License Apply Online Pune
  • Visit Sarathi Parivahan website and Select your state- Pune 
  • Click "New Driving License" for Driving License Apply Online Pune 
  • Enter learning license number and DOB 
  • Fill online application form 
  • Click Next to generate fee receipt 
  • Visit RTO on scheduled date. Bring original documents and fee receipt. Appear for driving test 
  • Pass driving test - get new license 

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Types of Driving License in Pune 

Here are the types of driving license 

License TypeVehicle Allowed
MC 50CCCMotorcycle up to 50cc
MC EX50CCMotorcycles above 50cc and Light Motor Vehicles (Cars)
MCWG or M/CYCL. WGAll motorcycles
LMV-NTLight Motor Vehicles for personal use

Eligibility for applying DL in Pune 

Vehicle CategoryEligibility
Two wheelers (less than or equals to 50cc engine)16 years 
+ Parent's consent
Cars/ Jeep/Vans (Non - commercial, light motor vehicle)18 years
Trucks/ Buses (Commercial, heavy vehicles)20 years

Validity of Driving License 

Private Vehicles

AgeValidity Period
Below 40 years20 years of till age of 40, whichever is earlier
40 - 50 years10 year
Above 50 yearsRenewed every 5 years

Non Transport Vehicles

AgeValidity Period
Below 30 yearsTill age 40
30 - 50 years10 years
50 - 55 yearsTill age 60
55 years or above

5 years only


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Process for Driving License in Pune

  • Book order online to get DL in Pune
  • Make advance payment to confirm the order
  • Upload documents required for driving licence
  • Appointment scheduled for Learning License test at RTO
  • Visit of applicant to RTO for Learning License test
  • Receive Learning License
  • After 30 days of Learning License issue date, appointment scheduled for Permanent DL
  • Visit of applicant to the RTO for permanent DL test
  • Receive permanent DL by post
  • Documents delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents Required for Driving License in Pune

Collect all these documents if you are planning for Driving License Apply Online in Pune or offline in Pune

  • Duly filled Form No. 1, 2, 3.
  • Three recent passport size photographs .
  • Proof of address ( Aadhar Card, Passport, LIC Policy, Voter ID card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill).
  • Proof of Age (School Certificate ,Birth Certificate ,PAN card).
  • Medical fitness certificate if applicant's age is above 50 years


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Driving License Pune - Forms

  • Form no. 1
  • Sample form no. 1
  • Form no. 1A
  • Sample form no. 1A


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Driving License Pune - FAQ

1. What is period of validity of Driving Licence ?


Validity of driving licence

Private Driving license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till the holder attains 40 years of age, which comes earlier.

After the age of 40years, the Driving licence will be issued for 10 years & then 5 years subsequently.

Validity for Non Transport Vehicles

a) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is less than 30 years, then the Non Transport Validity would be till the attainment of 40 years

b) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >= 30 and <50, then the Non Transport Validity would be for a period of 10 years

c) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >=50 and <55, then the Non Transport validity would be effective until the date on which such person attains the age of 60 years

d) If the age of the applicant on the date of issue or renewal is >=55, then the Non Transport validity would be effective for a period of 5 years

2. How can I get driving licence in Pune ?


New Driving Licence in Pune is 2 stage process . First learning driving licence will be made . After 30 days permanent licence is made.

Learning Driving Licence  in Pune

First stage of getting Driving Licence is Learner's driving licence . For this application along with supporting documents and requisite fees  should be submitted to the Pune RTO .

After this appointment for theory test is given . On the day of appointment candidate will have to undergo computer based theory test. After clearing the test , Learning driving Licence will be issued .

Validity of it is 6 months.

Permanent Driving Licence in Pune

After 30 days from the date of issue of learning Licence , you have to go for Driving License Apply Online in Pune or Offline . Again application to RTO Pune needs to be submitted along with supporting documents and requisite fees.

After this again an appointment for Driving test will be given. At the time of appointment scheduled, the applicant will have to undergo driving test.

After clearing the test, the applicant will be issued Driving Licence.

3. What is DL fees in Pune ?


Following is the driving licence fees structure for different application types of driving licence in Pune :

  • Issue of learner’s licence                - Rs. 150
(for each class of vehicle)

  • Learner’s licence test fee                - Rs. 50
  • For test, of competence to drive      - Rs. 300
(for each class of vehicle)

  • Issue of a driving licence                  - Rs. 200 
  • Issue of International Driving Permit - Rs. 1000  
  • Renewal of driving licence                - Rs. 200

4. How should I prepare for the driving test?


Apart from the obvious driving skills, you will be tested on your ability to maneuver your vehicle in a crowded area. The theoretical part of the test pertains to your ability to recognize road signs, simple queries about the assemblies and about signals, sensors, and indicators of vehicle system.

5. What is the basic level of knowledge required to undergo a test for a Learner's DL?


A learning licence aspirant must be aware of the basic traffic rules covering :

  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic signals
  • Rules of the road
  • Duties of a driver in case he is involved in an accident
  • Precautions to be taken when crossing an unmanned railway crossing
  • Documents that he is required to carry while driving  

6. How does the learner's licence authorized me to drive ?


It allows you to learn driving with a regular and experienced driver of your choice. If you want to drive a motor car or a two-wheeler, this should be along with a friend, relative or an instructor of a driving school who holds a valid driving licence. If you wish to become a professional driver and drive commercial, passenger or goods vehicles, you will have to get yourself trained at a driving school duly recognized by the Transport Department.