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Hypothecation removal Pune RTO

Want to apply for Hypothecation removal in Pune online ? Now remove hypothecation from RC online in Pune with Itzeazy.  RTO hypothecation removal process in Pune is done by RTO Pune.

If a vehicle is purchased on loan from a financier the same would be endorsed in the registration certificate. As soon as loan gets over , One must get hypothecation removal or termination done . Its important because :

  • Ownership can not be transferred without removal of Hypothecation from the vehicle
  • NOC for other RTO will not be issued without doing HP removal
  • In case of loss of RC , application for duplicate RC needs to be endorsed by financer also
You can apply for HP Cancellation from RTO Pune, after paying off loan on the vehicle. But before applying, make sure all the documents required for hypothecation removal in Pune has been arranged, such as NOC from the bank or financing company.

You can apply for the HP cancellation at the respective RTO. If you require any changes in RC after termination, like address change, you can do a HP termination and the required changes in RC together.
HP termination

How to apply for Hypothecation cancellation from RTO in Pune online

Itzeazy provides Consultancy for vehicle Hypothecation termination in Pune , provides end to end assistance and documentation support to the clients.

In case you had bought your vehicle through Bank Financing, the vehicle would be hypothecated with the bank and name of the bank would appear in your RC book. Once you have cleared the loan, you should get the HP deleted.

We will take you through step wise procedure of getting NOC from bank for HP deletion in respective forms, required documentation and make your due representation at RTO office.

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Hypothecation Termination in Pune - Overview

Hypothecation termination in Pune for a vehicle is to be applied in the concerned RTO where the vehicle is registered.

Normally HP deletion of vehicle process takes approx. 3-4 weeks time. However actual time may vary some time.

Visit of registered owner or vehicle to the RTO is not required.


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Process for Hypothecation cancellation in Pune

  • Order online
  • Make 50% payment online
  • Upload documents for pre-check
  • Schedule pickup
  • Document pick-up & Process starts
  • Work completed
  • Make 50% balance payment & share address for dispatch
  • Documents delivered & order closed

Document Required

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Documents required for Hypothecation cancellation in Pune

  • Original RC
  • 2 copy of application in Form No.35
  • NOC from Bank
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution certificate
  • Copy of Address proof (voter card/ passport/ telephone(MTNL/BSNL)/electricity bill/ Adhar card) , any one
  • 1 passport size photograph


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Forms for Hypothecation cancellation in Pune

  • Form 35
  • Sample form 35
  • Bank NOC sample
  • Form 34
  • Sample form 34


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Hypothecation cancellation in Pune - FAQ

1. Is there any validity period of NOC issued by Bank ?


Normally bank mentions validity period on the NOC issued by it. Check validity while submitting application to the RTO.

2. The validity of NOC issued by bank has been expired . what should I do ?


Get new NOC from the Bank as RTO wont except expired NOC.

3. Can I sell my car without removing hypothecation from it ?


No, hypothecation has to be removed first.

4. I am transferring my vehicle from Bangalore to Mumbai which is on loan from bank. Is it necessary to repay full loan amount to get NOC from RTO ?


Either you can repay complete loan and remove hypothecation or loan continuation letter can be taken from the bank .