The government of India has decided to ease its visa regime from Saturday to induce economic growth by allowing multiple entries and longer stay on e-visa for tourism, business and medical purposes. The changes were already approved by the
cabinet on November 30th last year. This new Presently there are three types of e-visa- etourist visa, e-business visa and e-medical visa. The government is hopeful to receive economic boost by extending the relaxation of visa norms to  nationals of 161 countries for entry through 24 airports and three ports of Cochin, Goa and Mangalore and harnessing the opportunities created by cruise tourism from different countries.

This service will be provided from Mumbai and Chennai seaports shortly. The window for application under e-visa scheme  has been increased from 30 days to 120 days and duration of stay on e-visa has been increased from 30 days to 60 days,
with double entry on e-tourist and e-business visa and triple entry on e-medical visa, a senior official said.

Separate immigration counters and facilitation desks to assist medical tourists have been provided at airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, he said.

The government reaffirmed its commitment for stimulating economic growth by generating revenues through travel for tourism, business and medical purpose. This move will also encourage the foreign investors for direct and portfolio investment.

From March 1 ,94 missions having biometric enrolment facilities have started providing five-year long-term tourist and business visas for multiple-entry tourist and business visas for a period of five years to nationals of most of the countries. The other mission will soon comply to the modifications.

Even upon urgent requests, business visa and medical visa will be granted within 48 hours of application. In this overhaul two new category of visa has been introduced, Intern (I) Visa for foreign nationals interested to pursue internship in Indian companies, educational institutions and non-governmental organisations and visa, titled Film (F) Visa with maximum duration of one year with multiple entry facility

Also there has been change in the minimum salary limit of $25,000 per annum by relaxing grant of employment visa to foreign nationals engaged as teaching faculty by central higher educational institutions