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Passport or Aadhar number will be mandatory to furnish even to fly within India

passport or aadhar mandatory to fly within india

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In the coming months, a passport or Aadhar number will be mandatory to furnish even to fly within India.

The urgency for passenger identification has arisen to segregate the offenses into four categories depending upon the seriousness in the proposed no-fly list. Each level will prescribe accordingly the grounding period for the offenders.

Passport or Aadhar will be required to be submitted by the passengers for their identification at the time of booking flights. The draft civil aviation requirement (CAR) will be put out for public discussion possibly next week itself, giving people 30 days to give their suggestions on the same. So by this June or July, we will have the entire thing in place,” said a highly placed source.

The system of passenger identification is already designed for international flights through passport details, now it has to be extended for domestic bookings.

While the government is finalizing the level of offenses and the ban each level should invite, The categorization of the level of offenses and the corresponding ban is in the process of finalization. At present airlines have a system for the types of offenders and relative action to be taken against them.

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