Birth certificate in Mumbai is issued by BMC  if the place of birth of the child is within the jurisdiction of Brihan Mumbai corporation . Now the procedure for birth certificate has become online so its possible to get birth certificate online in Mumbai. If the birth records of the child is not online , Itzeazy can provide you  online birth certificate service in Mumbai  while you are sitting at your home.

birth certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. The term “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth. A Birth Certificate is the most important proof of your Date of Birth. Usually the details like your Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Address etc. are mentioned on the Date of Birth Certificate.

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Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Mumbai:

1. Offline/ Personal Visit

  • You can apply for birth certificate in Mumbai by visiting the nearest office of Municipal Corporation, which is also the birth certificate issuing authority in Maharashtra.
  • You need to first register the name of the child by filling the form that can be obtained from the Municipal office by paying ₹. 5/-. The cost of the form can vary.
  • After registration, the birth certificate application form can be taken from hospital or from the Municipal Corporation office.
  • The candidate has to provide all the details regarding name, place where child was born, mothers and fathers name, hospitals name where child was born and residential address.
  • The birth certificate will have a stamp of Municipal officer if applied from such authority or doctor name and hospital stamp if applied through hospital.
  • You will be informed by the officer concerned to collect the certificate when ready. This might take a few days.

2. Online

  • Birth Certificate in Mumbai can be applied online by logging into the official website of where you can check whether the name of the ward is registered or not. If the information is correct, then the applicant can fill the application form online.
  • You need to provide all the details at the time of filling the form online. Fill the form correctly and upload documents. The format of the form will be the same as the actual form.
  • You can pay the fee amount through online mode by using Internet Banking facility from the given bank through the payment gateway by giving the address where the birth certificate will be delivered to the applicant.
  • Note down the transaction ID that is generated by the computer.
  • Keep checking the status of the application and if the certificate is generated you can also download it online or collect it from the municipal office.


birth certificate mumbai

Review and Print of Application Form-

The applicants are also able to preview the form by using the Preview button given in the form.
After submission of the application form, the applicant can also take printout of the form by clicking on print button.

Benefits of Birth Registration-

A simple birth certificate opens up the world of opportunities for a child-

  • An access to the world of Health care.
  • It implies education for a kid (admission to school).
  • It can provide protection.
  • It can help provide inheritance.
  • It creates a permanent record of existence.
  • It ascertains the right to vote.
  • It is important for employment, for obtaining visa of foreign countries and claiming the right to marry after attaining marriageable age.
  • It is required for obtaining other important governmental documents.

The registration of Birth is important and beneficial and mandatory. Most of the time, the parents of a child take the registration process lightly and for granted, for which a child has to pay afterwards. It is in fact, the foremost duty of every father and every mother to go to the civil registration authority office first and get their child registered before distributing the sweets to the neighbors on a birth of their child!

Kindly get births registered asap.

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