France visa from India for the purpose of tourism and business is Schengen visa .  France is famous for good education, with various savvy people viewing it as a heaven for craftsmanship and craftsmen alike. Given this, it is on the basin rundown of a great many people, however getting into France isn’t as simple, for a French Visa is important to encounter all that it offers. Contingent upon the reason for your movement to France, there are distinctive kinds of visas that will apply to the event. Regardless of whether you want to go on a visit, study or work and dwell there forever, you should apply for an alternate France Schengen Visa, as needs be.

People who are quick to visit France need to take after these basic strides to get a visa:

  • Appointment– You should plan a meeting with the visa office. This should be possible by pre-booking it through the visa application centers official site .Arrangements can be taken from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, or New Delhi.
  • Application form – Once an arrangement has been reserved, ensure that the application frame is properly filled. You can download the filled form from the VFS site.
  • Confirmation – The meeting will be hung on the date gave by authorities. The visa will be endorsed if all reports are set up and different necessities are met.

France Visa Types

 The French Embassy/Consulate in the nation offers two unique visas. The short term visa is intended for sightseers or people who wish to visit the nation on business. The long term visa is intended for people seeking remain in France for an expanded period.

You should give points of interest like your name, nationality, date of birth, motivation behind visit, term of stay, occupation, business subtle elements, and so forth all together for the Embassy/Consulate to process an application. The form ought to be presented by them specifically, when they desire their appointment.

France visa requirements

  • After downloading the France Visa Application shape, fill it totally and with truthfulness. You can likewise fill the France Schengen Visa application form electronically and after that take out a printed version.
  • Two passport sized photographs must be connected – a current entire face with a light background.
  • Your passport and photocopies of your past visas – legitimate for no less than 3 months past return date – are required. Your identification must have no less than two clear pages.
  • A photocopy of your arrival ticket reservation. It is recommended not to buy the ticket before acquiring the visa – if not generally required.
  • Travel visa insurance affirmation of least 30,000 € scope inside France and the whole Schengen zone.
  • A cover letter expressing the reason for a visit to France and schedule.
  • Flight ticket reservations.
  • Verification of settlement for your whole remain in France.
  • Verification of common status (marriage testament, birth certificate of kids, passing authentication of companion, ration card if appropriate)
  • Methods for subsistence – Proof of adequate monetary means for the time of remain. As the European Commission determines, any nonnative looking to enter France, since 19 June 2014, while applying for France Visa must be capable validating the France Embassy or Consulate having the day by day cash measure of 120€ if holding no confirmation of prepaid settlement. In the event that the candidate has a prepaid inn, at that point this sum decreases to 65€/day by day for the time of secured lodging settlement, while the rest is 120€. Additionally, on the off chance that the candidate proofs less expensive types of convenience the sum declines to 32.25€/day.

If you are employed

  • Work contract
  • Current statement by bank of the most recent 6 months
  • A letter of approval for leave from the employer
  • An Income Tax Return (ITR) form

In the event that independently employed

  • A photocopy your business license
  • Company bank statement of the most recent 6 month
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

In the event that you are an understudy

  • Evidence of enrollment
  • No objection certificate from school or college or university

In the event that you are retired

  • Annuity statement of the most recent 6 months

If required

  • Regular income produced by property verification of the most recent 6 months.

*Note: The signed form must be with the documents that are mentioned above which is needed to be handed in person at the required consulate or embassy. Aside from the general documentation required, you should carry other documents in addition depending on the type of Visa you require.

France tourist visa

  • Welcome letter with the address and telephone number from relative or support – if relevant
  • A statement from the Bank of the most recent 6 months.
  • Copies of passports

France business visa 

  • Welcome letter from the French organization you will visit and the address in details with the dates of visit.
  • An authentication from your boss expressing/permitting your business travel
  • On the off chance that there were past business relations between the two organizations, confirmation of such occasions must be given
  • Business bank statement which should be of the most recent 6 month
  • The documents(having legal records) and the statement stating the association in its original form, Trade License (first issued and present recharging), Proprietorship/Partnership archives
  • With respect to candidate’s costs amid remain in the Schengen zone; either the business or the accomplice organization must state scope of costs on the letter or welcome.

France Visa for Medical Purposes 

France Visa for Medical Purposes is bound for outsiders who need to enter and remain in a French region for a short period of time to get a restorative treatment in any hospitals situated in a French region. Ordinarily this is issued to outsiders who can’t get the fitting social insurance in their nation of origin.

France Visa for Culture, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes

  • Welcome letter from the previously mentioned specialists with points of interest upon the idea of occasions or exercises – reason for visit, cost scope
  • Names of the candidates (team individuals)
  • Span of remain in France
  • Travel schedule while in France

France Visa for Members of Official Delegations

  • The copy of the official welcome invitation
  • Candidate’s identity
  • Motivation behind the journey to France (transactions, gatherings, occasion by intergovernmental associations, interviews)
  • Span of remain in France
  • Place of settlement in France

France Visa for Study, Training, Research, or other sort of Internship Purposes

  • An enrolment certificate which allows attending the concerned course
  • Testament of finishing or courses went to
  • Money related sustenance

France Visa for the Wife/Husband of a French national

  • French citizenship’s verification (ID card or affirmation of French nationality)
  • French marriage declaration
  • French family record book

French Airport Transit Visa

  • Visa or other sort of entry permit in the travel nation
  • Copy of your legitimate visa for your last goal

France Visa for Underage Children

  • Evidence of parent’s customary salary (work contract with determined month to month wage or a bank explanation or business permit)
  • Authenticated travel authorization from parent (parental travel assent)
  • In the event that one parent lives in another nation – their authorized parental travel assent

*Note: When applying at the French international safe haven/office in home nation, the parent or guardian ought to go with their under-age kids.

France Tech Visa (Available soon) 

 The French Tech Visa is a piece of the “Passéport Talent” scheme which was propelled in 2016. The French Tech Visa means to pull in outside tech intellects:

  • Outside start-up and scale-up authors and representatives,
  • Outside intellects joining a French start-up
  • Outsider business angels and investors.

France Visa Fees in India


Visa type Fees in Euros Fees in rupees
Airport transit 60 4,412
Short stay Visa 60 4,412
Student Visa(Long stay) 50 3,676
Long stay Visa 99 7,279
Children short stay(aged between 6-12) 35 2,574
African citizens 60 4,412
Department D’Outre-Mer 60 4,412
Territoire D’Outre-Mer 9 662


  • On the off chance that the candidate’s place of collection of required documents is in Mumbai, an extra messenger charge of Rs 300 will be relevant. And if the place is other than Mumbai, an extra dispatch expense of Rs 700 will be pertinent on France traveler visa charges.
  • The Covering letter, Insurance and air ticket ought to have same dates, specified unequivocally.
  • Extra organization records perhaps required if the candidate is Partner/Director/Owner of any firm.
  • The above necessities are essential rules. Any postponement in accommodation or accumulation, any adjustment in expenses, extra reports, visa legitimacy, turnaround time or issues surfaced over the span of individual presence (Interview) of the candidate is altogether dependant on the prudence of the Consulate/Embassy just. After application for getting the visa, the candidate will be considered in charge of the choices he/she takes.
  • Visa expenses are non refundable, if there should be an occurrence of dismissal or any issues relating to travel permit withdrawal before visa handling.