RC transfer fees- A registration certificate, abbreviated as RC, is a legal document that allows you to register your vehicle. You’ll need  RC for the bike and car you buy. When you sell your car or bike to any person then you should transfer RC to that person. The process of RC transfer is extremely important. You must be aware if you own a car or a motorcycle. Let’s take a look at the car ownership transfer cost as well as two wheeler ownership transfer fees.

If you sell your car or motorcycle, you must transfer the registration to the new owner. As a result, it is critical to understand the RC transfer fees that will be charged during the process. Car ownership transfer cost varies within a state as well as from one state to another.

Here, I am sharing with you the RC Transfer Fee.

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RC Transfer Charges

RC Transfer Charges For The Bike Within The State

The following is the two wheeler ownership transfer fees  within the state:

In order to complete the transfer, you will need to pay some fees to the RTO office. RC transfer fee should range between Rs.30 and Rs.35 depending on the state. You must also pay Rs.200 in smart card fees to the RTO.

RC Transfer Charges For The Bike One State To Another

The following is the two wheeler ownership transfer fees from one state to another:

The cost of RC differs from one state to the next. For regular bikes, it can also be Rs.30 or Rs.35. However, fees for imported bikes can go up to Rs.100. In states where a smart card is required, you must pay an additional Rs.200 in smart card fees.


RC Transfer Fees For Car With in the State

The following is the four wheeler ownership transfer fees  within a state:

This RC transfer fee or car ownership transfer cost varies by state and is determined by the rules and regulations of that particular RTO. For example, it costs Rs.530 when you go to New Delhi.

RC Transfer Cost For Car One State to Another

The following is the four wheeler ownership transfer fees from one state to another:

The RC transfer charges or car ownership transfer cost differ depending on the state. In addition, you must pay road taxes as well as other expenses. For example, in Haryana, it is very low at Rs.1,500, whereas in Uttar Pradesh, it is very high at Rs.10,000.

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So, basically, I explained all of the different types of RC transfer charges. However, any additional charges imposed by RTO locations must be paid in accordance with the rules and regulations. Check your state’s rules for more information on RC transfer fees.

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