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RC Transfer Gurgaon

RC Transfer

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Wondering how to do RC transfer in Gurgaon ?  If you sell/ buy  car or bike, you must apply for vehicle ownership transfer in Gurgaon RTO. In this article, we will talk about ownership transfer of vehicle in Gurgaon.

RC Transfer of Vehicle

A registration certificate (RC) permits an individual to register his/ her vehicle. If an individual plans to buy a bike or car, they need to get the RC for the same. Also, if an individual plans to sell his motorbike or car to someone, they need to transfer RC as well.

There are some more circumstances under which the transfer of vehicle registration might be required. These are as follows:

  • Transfer of registration in case of the death of its previous owner.
  • Vehicle ownership transfer in an auction.
  • Transfer of registration if the vehicle is purchased by someone else.

The transfer of ownership can also be within the state or interstate.

So, an individual needs to pay RC transfer fees that will be charged during the process in order to complete the procedure. The car ownership transfer cost varies both within and between states.

Note :

The most important thing to note is that an individual should submit the required documents for change of ownership to the RTO within 30 days of purchase of a vehicle. In case the new owner is not a resident of the area that is covered by the Gurgaon RTO, he/ she have to obtain a NOC (No Obligation Certificate) from the original RTO and then start with the transfer procedure.

If the individual fails to submit the required documents to the Gurgaon RTO within 30 days of purchase, it can lead to a fine of Rs. 500 a month for cars. So, it is better to avoid troubles and apply for RC on time.

Also, all the services are made available online and now anyone can transfer the ownership of the vehicle online and also make the payment and get the details for the RC transfer fees in Gurgaon online easily.

This article will help to know more about the RC transfer procedure and fees in Gurgaon.  We are going to discuss the online as well as offline methods related to RC transfer Gurgaon.

Let’s start with the offline procedure:

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How to apply for RC Transfer in Gurgaon Offline

Here are some steps to guide you on how to apply for transfer of vehicle ownership in Gurgaon.

After purchasing a second hand care, the new owner is required to apply for the ownership transfer at the Gurgaon RTO within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle.

The steps are as follows:

NOC for ownership transfer in Gurgaon

Step 1: Procure the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the traffic department: (Required only if seller and buyer resides in different RTO areas) to apply for RC transfer Gurgaon

In case an individual buys a vehicle that is not registered in Gurgaon, they have to start the procedure of ownership transfer by getting the vehicle de- registered at its original RTO. To de- register a vehicle, one needs to follow these steps:

  • Apply for a NOC by submitting RTO Form 28 to the original RTO. The link to download the RTO Form 28 is here.
  • In case, the vehicle is not registered in Haryana, an individual can obtain Form 29 from the original RTO. The link to download the RTO Form 29 is here

Visit RTO to apply for RC Transfer Gurgaon

STEP 2: Visit the RTO with required documents to apply for RC transfer Gurgaon

After getting the NOC, an individual can approach the RTO with the following documents:

  • Form 28 (It is an application for No Objection Certificate and Grant of Certificate)
  • Attested copies of the RC
  • Documents that indicate the payment of the road tax (only commercial vehicles)
  • Valid insurance document
  • Valid PUC certificate
  • NOC from traffic police
  • Clearance from NCRB
  • NOC from the financing bank if the car is under hypothecation

Remember: The application should exercise utmost carefulness while filling the Form 28. For the sections which are not application, he should write ‘N/A’.

Submission of the documents

Step 3: Submission of the documents

  • The car owner should submit all the required documents to the RTO and pay the applicable fees. It may take a few days to receive the NOC. As soon as the vehicle owner receives the NOC from the RTO, he/she can request for re- registration of the vehicle in a new state.

Vehicle re- registration

Step 4: Vehicle re- registration after interstate transfer: (Required if the vehicle is from different states)

Following are the documents required for re- registration after interstate transfer:

  • Original RC from another state
  • Form 20
  • NOC from previous RTO
  • Form 27
  • Form 33
  • Attested copy of address proof
  • Attested copy of the valid driving licence of car owner
  • Attested copy of PUC certificate
  • PAN card, Form 60, or Form 61
  • Passport- sized photographs of the applicant
  • Lending bank NOC if the vehicle is under a loan.

After the submission of the above documents, the new registration number is issued in a few weeks. Also, inform the insurance company of the re- registration to get the policy document updated.

Payment of Road Tax

Step 5: Payment of Road Tax

In case a car from an outside state is being re- registered in Gurgaon, the owner will have to pay the road tax again. This road tax will be calculated as per the original invoice of the vehicle and the new owner will have to pay it through the demand draft to apply for RC transfer Gurgaon. He/ she can also get the road tax paid in the earlier state reimbursed.

Following are the documents required to obtain reimbursement from the original RTO:

  • Application from road tax refund
  • Updated and signed Form 16, which is essentially the applicant’s salary certificate from the employer
  • Copy of the new registration certificate
  • Copy of the old registration certificate
  • Insurance policy with new registration number
  • Proof of ID
  • Address proof

The online procedure:

In the online procedure of RC Transfer Gurgaon too, if the new owner is not a resident of the area that is covered by the Gurgaon RTO, he/ she have to obtain a NOC (No Obligation Certificate) from the original RTO and then start with the transfer procedure.

Documents required and fees for transfer of vehicle ownership in Gurgaon

Following are the documents required and the fee structure for the transfer of vehicle ownership in Gurgaon:

  • Original RC
  • Dully filled Form No. 29
  • Dully filled Form No. 30
  • For change of ownership through inheritance Form 31 and in case of change of ownership due to public auction, application in Form 32 should be made.
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  • Copy of residential certificate
  • Attach any two attested copies

(Voter card/ passport/ telephone/ electricity bill/ ration card) etc.

  • Crime report of NCRB
  • A fee of Rs. 150/- in case of two wheelers and Rs. 300/- in case of motor car is required to be paid as transfer fee in Gurgaon.
  • A lump sum tax @15% of original lump sum tax should be paid as transfer fee, however, if, vehicle is more than 8 years old, then, tax @1% or Rs. 100/- whichever is higher is required to be paid.

RC transfer Gurgaon

Vehicle ownership transfer online process in Gurgaon. To apply for RC transfer Gurgaon, obtain a NOC from the seller.

  • Now open the official website of Parivahan: and select the menu from Online Services>> Vehicle Related Services.
  • Select your state
  • Select your RTO of vehicle registration and click on Proceed.
  • Select online services to Apply for Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/ Continuation/ Termination], Duplicate RC)
  • Enter your vehicle details as a Vehicle Registration Number and Chassis Number (Last 5 characters) and click on VERIFY DETAILS button.
  • Now you will get the complete details of your vehicle.
  • Then, you have to come a little further down on the screen, where in the last you will see the fees of the care or bike transfer here.
  • You should once again check your complete information thoroughly and check the name and address of the person in whose name you want to do your car or bike.
  • After checking all the details, click on the payment option below, pay the amount and submit the application.
  • Finally, this stage Confirmation Box will be shown to the applicant screen, after that confirm the details and proceed further.
  • After payment, your application for RC Transfer Gurgaon will be submitted and generate reference receipt. This receipt is required for further process. Next step is to pay your pending tax on vehicle.

How to pay pending tax of vehicle in Gurgaon?

You have to pay your pending tax on vehicle after applying for RC transfer in Gurgaon

  • Visit the vahan parivahan website . open the official website and then select the state, RTO and click on proceed button.
  • Click on main menu to select RC related service to pay your tax.
  • Now enter your register number of vehicle and check how much pending your vehicle tax is.
  • Pay your pending vehicle tax using online link a net banking or debit card. After successful payment, you can go to the transfer of ownership of vehicle.

So, this article ends here.  I hope this article cleared some of your queries.

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