Do you want to check the Vahan Parivahan RC status? If the answer is yes, then you need to go through this blog. This is where you may get the Vahan Parivahan status for all of the portal’s primary services. The approach outlined below can be used to extract the details of the RC Vahan status. The necessary actions to use the official portal services supplied by Vahan Status are outlined below.

Vahan Parivahan RC Status


How to register on Vahan Parivahan Registration Portal?

You must complete a registration form on the Vahan Parivahan site to check Vahan Parivahan RC Status. The portal provides a long variety of services that can only be accessed after registering.

  1. Go to to access the official website.
  2. If you are already registered, put your information; if not, click the “Register” link.
  3. Fill in the requested information on the application form and click ‘Submit’
  4. You will receive confirmation of your successful subscription.
  5. After that, you will have access to your dashboard
  6. To check your RC Status on Vahan Parivahan Gov Site you will need either Application Number or Registration Number

How to check the Vahan Parivahan RC status?

Using the Parivahan website, you can check the ownership transfer in the vehicle registration certificate (RC). There are two methods to check Vahan Parivahan RC status.

The first is to use the application number to check the status of RC on Vahan Parivahan and the second is to use the registration number to check Vahan Parivahan RC status . In this post, both methods provide a step-by-step guide.

Vahan, a government web portal that acts as a central database for motor vehicles on Indian roads. Please follow the steps below to find out the status of your Vahan application:

Vahan Parivahan RC status Check by Application Number

  • Visit the Vahan Parivahan web portal to check your application status to check the Vahan Parivahan RC status for your vehicle.

  • The second step is to enter your application number and click on ‘View Report’ to find out the status of your application.
  • In the next window, you will get the application status of your RC Parivahan Vahan.

Check Vahan Parivahan RC status by your Registration Number

  •  You need to visit the official website of Vahan Parivahan to check your Vahan Parivahan RC Status via registration number.


  •  Enter your registration number and then enter the ‘Captcha’
  • Submit your details. You will get your RC Status of Vahan Parivahan for your application.

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How to Remove Hypothecation from RC online

Earlier we have discussed how to check Vahan Parivahan RC status and how to register on Vahan Parivahan Registration Portal. 

RC Status

What is RC status and what are details are there in RC status? After you register your vehicle, the RTO issues you a registration certificate. The registration card serves as proof of ownership, proving that the vehicle belongs to a specific person.

Vehicle registration is required while driving and must be completed at the RTO. If you do not have an RC, you face imprisonment, a fine, or both. RC is used to identify the vehicle’s owner as well as keep track of automobiles sold and purchased.

If you buy a car or any vehicle, you must register it with the state. You must keep your RC with you at all times when driving; if you are discovered driving without one, you may face a fine.

The procedure of how you can check Vahan Parivahan RC status has been mentioned above.

Details RC Status contains

The following are some of the details that RC Status displays:

  1. Registration Number
  2. Registration Authority
  3. Registration Date
  4. Owner Name
  5. Vehicle Brand
  6. Vehicle Model
  7. Vehicle Class
  8. Fuel Type
  9. Insurance Info
  10. Fitness Info

These are some of the details that are mentioned in the RC status. Now, we will begin with How to check Vahan Parivahan RC status.

What are the types of Registration Card?

You should have a registration card when you need to have a registration card with you. This is the card that is provided after your RC is issued. Let’s have a look at the many types and features of a Registration Card, as illustrated below.

  • Temporary Registration:

The dealer assigns a temporary registration number to the car when it is bought for the first time. For the time being, this number serves as the registration number.

Legally, the Temporary RC of your Vahan must be registered permanently. The temporary registration number is normally valid for one month, and the vehicle must be registered by the Regional Transport Office within that timeframe. Check Vahan Parivahan RC status 

  • Registration for a lifetime:

In basic terms, the vehicle number plate of your Vahan is a legal document that proves the legitimacy of the vehicle’s owner as well as all other pertinent information about the vehicle.

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The information mentioned on the RC Smart Card

Let’s have a look at the information on the RC Smart Card, as seen below.

  1. The registration number and the date
  2. The number of engines available
  3. The total number of Chassis
  4. The colour and kind of the vehicle
  5. The vehicle’s maximum seating capacity
  6. The vehicle’s model number.


The website makes it simple to find vehicle information. You can check your RC status and get vehicle information. You can find vehicle owner information such as the owner’s name, address, vehicle types, fuel types, manufacture year, and so on. Within 7 days of your request, your RC should arrive at your home. Go to status and enter your registration number to check your RC status. The Vahan Parivahan RC status will be displayed.

I hope your all the queries regarding the Vahan Parivahan RC status is cleared. If not and you still want to ask something, you can mention it in the comment box.