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Are you wondering what is NL registration in India? Do you want to know the services offered by RTO Nagaland? Here, you can get detailed information about vehicle’s NL registration, Nagaland RTO code and its functions. Regional Transport Office (RTO) Nagaland is a government agency or department of state government. It works at the local or regional level. It is responsible for various aspects of motor vehicle administration and regulations. RTO Nagaland oversees all the transport- related operations in the state.  

RTO Nagaland 

RTO Nagaland carries out functions and activities under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It plays a crucial role in the vehicle registration process in Nagaland. It issues driving licences and implements road safety measures in the state. It ensures that driving licences are issued in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the government. 

In case of traffic violations or offenses, RTO Nagaland has all the rights to punish the drivers. It helps in maintaining discipline and accountability among the drivers. 

Services offered by RTO Nagaland

As discussed earlier, RTO Nagaland offers various services to its citizens. These can be described as under:

  1. Vehicle registration: RTO Nagaland handles the registration process for motor vehicles within its jurisdiction. This involves issuing licence plates, registration numbers and vehicle registration certificates. 
  2. Issuance of Driving Licence: RTO Nagaland conducts driving licence tests and issues it to qualified individuals. It maintains a record of licensed drivers. It may also handle the suspension, renewal or cancellation of DLs.   
  3. Permit issuance: RTO Nagaland issues permits for commercial vehicles. It allows them to operate their vehicles within and outside the state’s borders legally. 
  4. Vehicle transfer of ownership: RTO Nagaland oversees the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. When a vehicle changes ownership due to any reason, RTO helps in changing the ownership between individuals.  
  5. Fitness certification: Nagaland RTO ensures that all vehicles on the road meet the recommended safety and emission standards. It issues fitness certificates and pollution under control certificates as a proof of compliance. 
  6. Road tax collection: Ensures that vehicle drivers pay the applicable road taxes and other fees on time. It is based on several factors such as the vehicle type, seating capacity, engine capacity and many more.  
  7. Promoting road safety: Undertakes awareness through campaigns, workshops, and initiatives. It provides clear information and guidelines on their websites. 

Nagaland RTO Code list

The letter NL is the state code of Nagaland. It is allocated by the central government for registration of motor vehicles. The NL RTO codes are as follows:

Sl. No. Code  Registering authority 
1 NL- 01 R.T.O Kohima 
2 NL- 02 R.T.O Mokokchung 
3 NL- 03 D.T.O Tuensang 
4 NL- 04 D.T.O Mon
5 NL- 05 D.T.O Wokha
6 NL- 06 D.T.O Zunheboto 
7 NL- 07 D.T.O Dimapur 
8 NL- 08 D.T.O Phek 
9 NL- 10 RTO Kohima for Government non transport Vehicle
10 NL- 11 RTO Kohima for government transport vehicle

Documents required for vehicle registration in RTO Nagaland 

Before starting the procedure, applicants must know the requirements for vehicle registration in Nagaland. So, the list of essential documents is as follows:

  1. Certificate of purchasing the vehicle
  2. Pan card
  3. Certificate of roadworthiness in Form 22
  4. Pollution under control certificate 
  5. Invoice of the vehicle
  6. Photo proof 
  7. Address proof (Ration Card, Electricity Bill, etc)
  8. Road tax receipts 
  9. Passport- size photograph of the applicant
  10. Certificate of vehicle insurance 
  11. For imported autos, customs clearance certificate is required

What is NL registration in India?

NL registration in India means Vehicle registration in Nagaland at respective RTO. After knowing the requirements, applicants can easily apply for vehicle registration in Nagaland. The steps are as follows:

  • Bring the vehicle to the Regional transport office in Nagaland. 
  • Ask for Form 20 (Vehicle registration application form).

This form can also be downloaded from the official website of Vahan Nagaland portal

  1. Fill the application form and attach the documents along with it. 
  2. Submit it to the registration authority in Nagaland. 
  3. Pay the vehicle registration fees at the cash counter. 
  4. Proceed for vehicle inspection. RTO officials will inspect the vehicle to ensure the performance and fitness of that vehicle. 
  5. After successful inspection, RTO will issue the vehicle registration certificate to the applicant. 

Fees for NL registration in India

The fee structure for registration of motor vehicle in Nagaland RTO is as follows:

Sl. No.  Description of the service Fees to be paid 
Appeal under rule 46 Rs.1000/- 
2 Issue/ renew of registration of motor vehicles 
  1. Invalid carriage Rs.50/-
  2. M/Cycle Rs.300/- 
  3. LMV (NT) Rs.600/-
  4. LMV (TR) Rs.1000/-
  5. MMV Rs.1000/-
  6. HMV Rs.1500/-
  7. Imported M/Cycle Rs.2500/-
  8. Imported LMV Rs.5000/-
3 Change of address in Registration Certificate Half of the fee mentioned 
4 Duplicate registration certificate  Half of the fee mentioned
5 Endorsing hire purchase/ lease/ hypothecation agreement
  1. M/Cycle Rs.500/-
  2. LMV/ 3W (NT) Rs.1500/-
  3. Medium or heavy Rs.3000/-
6 Recording alteration in the certificate of registration  Half of the fee mentioned
7 Transfer of ownership of a vehicle  Half of the fee mentioned
8 Conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of certificate of fitness  Motorcycle

  1. Manual: Rs.200/-
  2. Automated: Rs.400/-

3W/ LMV/ Quadricycle 

  1. Manual: Rs.400/-
  2. Automated: Rs.600/- 

Medium/ Heavy

  1. Manual: Rs.600/- 
  2. Automated: Rs.1000/-
9 Grant or renewal of fitness certificate of motor vehicle  Rs.200/-
10 Grant or renewal of letter of authority  Rs.15000/- 
11 Issue of duplicate letter of authority  Rs.7500/-
12 Appeal under rule 70  Rs.3000/-

Note: The above mentioned fees can change over time. It is advisable to check the updates on the official website of the motor vehicles department.  

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Can I pay Motor Vehicle Tax online in RTO Nagaland?

Yes, applicants can pay Motor Vehicle Tax from the official website of parivahan.

Which form is required for paying road tax online?

There is no need to fill any form for paying road tax.

What should I do if I have submitted wrong information in the driving licence application form?

Contact Nagaland RTO for making changes in the application form.

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