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NOC certificate online download

NOC Download

Are you looking for the NOC certificate online download? If yes, then you should look into this blog for complete information for NOC download online. What are the procedure for Parivahan NOC Download? Let’s findout

Your vehicle’s NOC stands for no objection certificate. If you wish to sell your vehicle (car, bike, truck, etc.), you must obtain a NOC. If you wish to buy or sell a car or a motorcycle, you must transfer vehicle ownership.

You will also need a NOC certificate download; without it, you will be unable to transfer your RC book. There is no pending tax on the vehicle, therefore you may buy it with a no-objection certificate.

This is a critical document for transferring a vehicle’s RC book. Vahan Parivahan NOC download Portal provides these services online and hopes that everyone in India will use them.

NOC certificate online download

If you wish to include an Online certificate online download for Car or Bike online from Vahan Parivahan NOC download, then follow the steps below:

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NOC download online

You can have NoC download online from the MoRTH’s online portal, Parivahan. For some states, applying for a NOC online is not yet possible. Prior to proceeding, be sure your state allows downloading online NOCs.

Following confirmation of availability, you can download an NOC online for the vehicle.

  • Go to the online portal ‘Parivahan’. for Parivahan NOC download 
  • You will need to enter your vehicle’s registration number and click on ‘Proceed’.
  • You are redirected to a page where you are given the option of choosing ‘Application for No Objection Certificate’.
  • Fill in your vehicle’s chassis number on the next page.
  • Once you have provided all the information requested, upload the necessary documents.
  • In the next step, pay your RTO’s fees as applicable for  NOC download online.
  • It is important to save the application form as well as the acknowledgment receipt so generated and to print both.
  • Please submit your application form along with an acknowledgment slip and any required documents to your local RTO in person.

Upon document verification, you will receive approval of your NOC as early as possible.

NOC Certificate Download Offline

Parivahan NOC download is required, here is how to apply for one. The application must be completed by or on behalf of the owner of the vehicle going from one state to another.

  1. The vehicle’s owner must go to a local RTO and submit the NOC application in person.
  2. A completed Form 28 together with numerous additional documentation is essential for a successful application.
  3. When filing your NOC application, you must pay the RTO a sum of 100 as an allowable application fee.
  4. Once your application is submitted, the RTO will receive a report on your vehicle from the Police authorities. This will be done to see whether your car has been involved in any recorded criminal cases or if it has been stolen.
  5. A receipt of clearance will be supplied as long as there are no unresolved Direct Selling Association lawsuits or outstanding dues against your car. Following this stage, you will be able to have a noc certificate online download.
  6. The RTO will provide your NOC within three business days.

These steps are to make a NOC certificate download.

Fees for the NOC certificate online download

To obtain a NOC for your vehicle, you must pay the costs set by your individual RTO, as outlined in Rule 81 of the CMV Rules 1989.

Typically, the fee for such certification is around Rs. 100.

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NOC certificate online download

Documents Required For RC Transfer

Validity of Parivahan NOC Download

NOC certificate download are valid for a maximum of 6 months after they are issued. When moving a car from one state to another, be sure to re-register the vehicle to your new jurisdictional RTO within this time frame if you have gotten the certificate.

The same is true in the case of a vehicle sale, with the buyer required to register it with the new RTO in another state within 6 months. If the requirements are not met, the certificate’s validity expires, and the procedure of obtaining a NOC download online for a vehicle must be restarted.

When a NOC is required for a vehicle?

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that a Parivahan NOC Download for a vehicle is required in the following situations:

During the vehicle’s ownership transfer: 

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle occurs in three ways: the car is sold or purchased, the original owner of the vehicle dies, or the vehicle is auctioned off for any reason. In all of these circumstances, the new owner must obtain a NOC certificate download from the original RTO where the vehicle was registered to legally resell or transfer ownership of the vehicle.

 When re-registering a vehicle in a different state or union territory:

 When a car’s owner relocates permanently from one state or union territory to another, the vehicle must be re-registered. In this case, the vehicle owner can obtain a NOC certificate online download from the RTO where their vehicle was registered. However, as previously stated, if you are transferring to another state for less than three months, you do not need to obtain a Parivahan NOC download.

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Documents for NOC download online

The following mentioned documents are required to obtain NOC download online:

  1. Application Form 28 (
  2. A certified copy of the registration certificate
  3. A certified copy of the insurance certificate
  4. Evidence of current motor vehicle tax payment
  5. Certificate of Pollution Control
  6. Chassis and Engine print
  7. Owner identification by signature

These above-mentioned documents will help you to have your NOC certificate download.


Even purchasing a vehicle has become a complicated process these days. Purchasing a vehicle necessitates a great deal of paperwork and formalities. Formalities include vehicle registration, payment of road tax, obtaining a pollution control certificate, medical insurance, and many other things.

A NOC certificate is necessary when you want to resell your bike or move it to a different state (with a different RTO). You can even download NOC. NOC certificate download procedure has been mentioned above. Any authorized individual or organization can generate a NOC, which can include details about a person, object, or property.



Wondering “Can I download NOC online?” The answer is yes! Getting an NOC is now possible online. Visit the online portal of ‘Parivahan’ for NOC certificate online download.

How can I check my NOC status?

Go to the official website of Vahan Citizen Services. In the top drop-down menu, select ‘Status’ and then ‘Know Your Application Status.’ Enter the application number and press the ‘Submit’ button to find out the status of the NOC application.

Visit “” for Parivahan NOC Download. Select “Application for No Objection Certificate(NOC)” under “Online Services.” Enter the details and Submit. In the Status block on the left, select “Issue of NOC” under “Service Details.”

Fill out the Details section and click Submit. In the Status block on the left, click on “Insurance Details” under “Service Details.” Fill out the form and click the Submit button. To upload the required documents, click DMS (Upload Docs).

Select the file to upload by pressing Select. When you’re finished, click the ‘x’ button in the top-right corner. In the Status block on the left, click on “Fee Details” under “Service Details.” Proceed by clicking Make Payment and Submit.


Parivahan NOC Download


I hope all the information about the NOC certificate online download is clear but still if you want to query regarding the NOC certificate online, you can mention that in the comment box.

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