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Online FIR Bangalore

Online FIR Bangalore

Have you misplaced some expensive goods in Bangalore? Do you want to know how to register an online FIR Bangalore? Do you need to know how to submit an e-FIR in Bangalore? Is it possible to register an e lost report online Bangalore?

 Can you file E lost report online Bangalore ?

FIRs cannot be filed online and must instead be filed at police stations. The Bengaluru police, on the other hand, have launched a portal and a mobile app via which a report may be filed online in the instance of lost things.

This includes crucial documents like passports and pan cards, as well as gold, laptops and mobile phones, computer equipment like hard drives and watches, and personal goods like bags, baggage, wallets, and cash.

This portal’s online FIR Bangalore capability cannot be utilized to report other cognizable offenses. Before filling out a form to report, the complainant must first register on online FIR Bangalore website.

The category and subcategory of the lost item, the time and location of the loss, the brand of the lost item, the approximate value of the item, an image of the item if available, and the complainant’s personal information are all required.

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 Online FIR Bangalore

Bengaluru City Police has made it easier to file e lost report online Bangalore by providing two options:

(i) e-Lost & Found Report web portal, which is accessible via the Bangalore City Police website

(ii) The E-Lost Report mobile application, which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The E-lost Report app is a simple way to report lost things. You can file a new report, browse your previous reports, and see if a reported item has been documented as located by the police station. The App also includes a list of frequently asked questions in case you have any questions about how to utilize it.

When the information is submitted, a digital report is given to the complainant’s email address and phone number, and it is filed with the State Crimes Record Bureau in Bengaluru.

This e lost report online Bangalore can be used to apply for duplicate documents like driving licenses and mark sheets, as well as proof in insurance claims. The police are not required to undertake a search or investigation based on this information.

 What are the steps to file FIR with Bangalore Police?

A complaint can be submitted online FIR Bengaluru Police Department in Karnataka. The web application developed by Karnataka Police can be used to register an FIR with Bangalore Police. The e lost report online Bangalore can be filed online by visiting the Bengaluru Police website. It is simple to file an online First Information Report with the Bangalore Police Department in Karnataka. If you want to file Online FIR Bangalore, then you should follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the following link
  2. From the menu, click on the ‘e-lost report web portal’.
  3. Select ‘Lodge Lost Report’.
  4. If you are a new user select ‘New User’ if old then click on the ‘Existing User’.
  5. Select your Language.
  6. Fill out all the details like:
  7. Name
  8. Mobile Number
  9. Email Id
  10. date of birth
  11. Select ID Card type from the List
  12. Enter ID Card Number
  13. Enter ‘Captcha’
  14. Click on the send OTP.
  15. Submit the information required and complete registration.

Following the submission of your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment to your contact Mobile Number / Email Id.

You can track the status of your complaint by following the steps outlined in the link below.

 Why an FIR should be filed?

An online FIR Bangalore serves several functions.

  1. It notifies the police of a crime and provides them with all essential information.
  2. It sets the criminal law in motion since police officers are obligated to investigate FIRs.
  3. In circumstances when insurance is involved, it serves as proof.
  4. In the case of thefts, it shields the complainant from any responsibilities that may come from the abuse of stolen items.

What is being recorded in Online FIR Bangalore?

A wise man once remarked, “Hope for the best, but brace yourself for the worst.” Being the victim of a criminal offense can cause panic in anyone, but the first thing you should do is register an FIR. Filing an online FIR Bangalore may appear to be a difficult procedure, but it is actually pretty straightforward. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you find yourself needing to submit an FIR:

  1. Time and date of the alleged offense
  2. Time and date of the offense’s reporting
  3. The location of the offense
  4. Personal information about the complainant
  5. Personal information on the accused
  6. The crime’s description
  7. In the instance of theft, a description of the stolen goods
  8. Section of the law that applies to the offense
  9. The complainant’s signature

When filing an FIR, there are no fees to pay. A copy of the FIR is also provided to the complainant at no cost.

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I hope all the queries regarding the Online FIR Bangalore and e lost report online Bangalore are clear. But still, you have any doubts regarding that, you can mention that in the comment box.


  1. sompa dey

    for mobile theft, there could be a different way to verify. OTP verification sent to the mobile is not the correct option. Phone number can be verifyied if the aadhar number is linked to that number. so a link that fetches all the detail from aadhar and then if any edit required with respect to only certain areas can be used on the site, so that we can lodge online complaint for phone theft.


    how do we check the progress of our lost report

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