If you own a vehicle, it’s essential to have certain documents, and among them, the most important after DL is RC or registration certificate.  Unknowingly if you lose RC, then how to get duplicate RC of vehicle. Vehicle should be allowed to drive on roads without an RC. But sometimes, the owner might lose it, or it can be soiled, torn, stained, or damaged. In these circumstances, you will need a duplicate RC or duplicate registration certificate. If you are worried about how you will get a duplicate RC, don’t worry here is all the procedure and details you need to get the duplicate RC. 

Duplicate RC of vehicle

RC is a government-issued certification that ensures the authenticity of your vehicle; it is typically provided by the dealer when you purchase a new vehicle, and it is a unique identification document for vehicle safety; however, if you have lost or damaged your RC, you can apply for a duplicate RC of vehicle.

Documents you need to get duplicate RC book: 

You need to carry following documents for duplicate RC book

  • Application for duplicate RC (form 26) 
  • Copy of the FIR in case you have lost it or it has been stolen 
  • Original copy of RC if it is stained or torn or spoiled  
  • Details of tax for the preceding four quarters, including tax token and payment of tax 
  • A valid Insurance Certificate of the vehicle 
  • Adhar card 
  • For commercial vehicles, the challan agreement from the traffic department & Enforcement Wing 
  • An affidavit which indicates that your Registration Certificate has been misplaced or lost and any authority hasn’t seized it 
  • Your attested PAN card copies or form 60 
  • Chassis and Engine pencil print 
  • No objection certificate or NOC has to be taken from the financier 
  • Effective and authentic PUC

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How to apply for duplicate RC online: 

Now to apply for duplicate RC online you have to click the below link 

website parivahan

Now you have to follow these steps 

  • On the first page, you will be asked to log in. Log in using valid and accurate details. 
  • On the next page, click on “vehicle registration related service”, then “online services,” and then on the second option or misc duplicate RC. 
  • Now you have to enter your vehicle chassis no and then click on verify registration no. 

Duplicate rc

  • On the next page, after entering your mobile, no OTP will be sent to your mobile no, enter it and submit. 
  • A page will open with owner information; on the upper side, check the box containing duplicate RC text. Now in you have to fill in some details and then check all the details and click proceed. 

Duplicate rc online

  • After successful payment, print the e-fee receipt. 
  • Now you have to fill form 26 and form 30 (if you don’t have a pan card) 
  • Finally, with duly filled form 26 and the other documents, including the final payment receipt, go to your RTO and submit the form and documents. 

Your duplicate RC will be sent to you by post within seven days or a max of 30 days. If you don’t get your duplicate RC after 30 days, contact your RTO. 

How to get a duplicate RC Offline : 

To get a duplicate RC offline, you have to apply to the nearest police station to the area where you have lost the RC. An FIR can also be launched online. By doing this, you will get a Missing Registration Certificate challan for your lost RC. It will work as proof of the vehicle RC being lost. You have to give these details to get the challan–

  • Vehicle Owner Name 
  • Vehicle Owner Address 
  • Chassis Number 
  • Engine Number 
  • Vehicle Model 
  • Vehicle Color 
  • Registration number of your vehicle 
  • Self-attested copy of ID proof or Aadhar card 
  • Self-attested copy of Address proof or Aadhar card 
  • Copy of the Driving license 

Now go to your RTO and if your vehicle is leased/ financed, you will need an NOC from the bank and submit it to your RTO. Also, you have to submit the following documents: 

  • Bank NOC 
  • Chassis imprint of the car 
  • PUC copy 
  • ID proofs Aadhar or voter card 
  • An affidavit claiming the loss of RC (to ensure your RC is not seized)   

After submitting you have to pay whatever the for providing duplicate RC and all done. Your duplicate RC will be sent to you by post or online RC download.

Fee details for duplicate RC : 

Here are the details of the fee during the procedure of making duplicate RC — 




Rs. 300 


Medium goods and passenger vehicle 


Rs. 1000 


Light Motor Vehicle (Non-Transport) 

Rs. 600 


Heavy goods vehicle 


Rs. 1500 
Heavy passenger motor vehicle 

Rs. 5000 


Imported motor vehicle 


Rs. 3000 

Imported motorcycle 


Rs. 5000 


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If you’ve lost your registration certificate, or it’s just difficult to track down when you need a new one, check out our guide on applying for a duplicate rc online. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from filling in the application form to sending it off for verification. If everything goes as planned, you’ll have your new registration certificate within days — and without going through the hassle of going to an office!