Do you want Travel insurance for Schengen visa India? Well, in this blog you will get detailed information for online travel insurance for Schengen visa. Traveling to any of the Schengen nations requires both Schengen travel insurance and a Schengen visa. Apart from the fact that travel insurance for a Schengen visa is required for Indians, it is critical to have Schengen travel insurance to protect yourself and your can funds from any of mishappening that may occur during your trip.

Travel insurance for Schengen visa India

Schengen travel insurance covers the costs associated with these occurrences, protecting you from financial loss and feeling overwhelmed while visiting a strange nation. When you purchase travel insurance for Schengen visa India, you are protected from anything that could go wrong as long as it is specified and expressly covered in the Schengen travel insurance contract. When you shop online at, you can select from a variety of plans. You may choose the plan with the best coverage quantity and premium for you by utilizing the Compare Travel Insurance Feature. Furthermore, you invest in rupees while receiving coverage in Euros.

Benefits of travel insurance for Schengen visa India 

The following are some of the benefits of travel insurance for Schengen visa India.

Medical Coverage: The medical coverage in Schengen travel insurance gives instant financial support if you get a sickness, are involved in an accident, or face the worst-case scenario of any fatalities. It will also cover the costs of transporting you back if you need to continue your treatment in India.

Covid Cover: At the moment, the threat of COVID-19 looms big. Even if you take all the essential precautions, you may get the virus. This can not only disrupt your travel plans, but it can also represent an urgent threat to your life. Medical expenditures, trip cancellations, and refunds of money spent on bookings, housing, and transit are all covered by Schengen travel insurance.

Baggage Coverage: Tata AIG’s travel insurance for Schengen visas in India also covers any delay or misdirection of your luggage by the airline you are flying with. We will reimburse the price of your personal belongings if your baggage is lost, stolen, or misplaced by any carrier or delivery. You can apply online travel insurance for Schengen visa.

Journey Coverage: Our Schengen travel insurance India will cover the financial loss caused by any unforeseen occurrence that occurs during your journey. These include, among other things, flight delays and cancellations, trip cancellations, bounced bookings, passport loss, and trip curtailments.

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What do you need to apply for travel Insurance for Schengen Visa?

To apply for online travel insurance for Schengen visa, you must first grasp the basic conditions for Schengen visa travel insurance:

  1. Travel insurance for Schengen visa coverage must be worth at least 30,000 euros. Tata AIG, on the other hand, provides coverage up to about 4,31,000 euros for premiums as little as 40.82 per day.
  2. It must, at a minimum, cover all medical emergencies, medical repatriation, and accident hospitalization costs. Tata AIG’s Schengen travel insurance is extensive, covering everything from medical emergencies to aircraft delays.
  3. Your Schengen travel insurance must be valid throughout your trip and in all 26 Schengen countries.
  4. When applying for a Schengen travel insurance coverage, you must show your Schengen visa, the type of Schengen visa you have, and any other applicable documentation.
  5. You must indicate your reason for visiting a Schengen country as well as your estimated time period of stay, whether it is for leisure, business, study, family and friend visitation, or any other reason.


How much does Schengen insurance cost?

Travel insurance for Schengen visa India may be relatively reasonable, with prices as low as €18 – €20 for a one-week policy. However, the cost of Schengen insurance is ultimately determined by various criteria, including your age, the amount of coverage desired, the length of your trip, and the individual insurance firm.

Who can travel between Schengen VISA-enabled countries?

All Indian residents and citizens of other countries who are currently legally residing in India are eligible to apply for online travel insurance for Schengen Visa. Other Indian residents who are currently residing in another country may apply for a Schengen VISA in India only if they are legally present there and demonstrate a reason for doing so while in India rather than their current country of residence.

Is European travel insurance required?

Yes, if you are visiting Schengen countries. You cannot obtain a Schengen visa unless you have international travel insurance. Please keep in mind that, while all Schengen countries are in Europe, all European Union countries are not covered by Schengen legislation. Consider the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, given the protection that a trip policy provides, it is recommended that one obtain travel insurance.

I hope all the information provided about the travel insurance for Schengen visa India is clear. But still, if you have any queries you can mention that in the comment box and want to apply for online travel insurance for a Schengen visa you can follow our blog. 

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