In this article we will talk about the documents required for birth and death registry,  the procedure for birth death registration offline as well as birth and death registration online. So, without further ado let’s begin with some basic details about birth and death registry.

The state government records legal information such as the child’s date of birth, date of birth, place of birth, name of parents, in case of death regarding all the information about that. In addition, it confirms the occurrence of childbirth. Due to the huge population, all offices experience increased traffic, wasting a lot of time waiting in lines and requiring you to return multiple times for your task. So, taking this into the consideration respective state governments has started their online portals to make birth and death registry that could be easily accessible on birth and death registration online.

 What are some of the details about the Birth and Death Registration?

The below mentioned details will help you to gain some information about the Birth Death registration.

  1. Only if the birth or death is recorded with the government may birth or death certificates be obtained.
  2. Under the current standards, any birth or death must be registered within one year of the event’s occurrence.
  3. Only on the approval of the area’s Executive / 1st Class Magistrate can registration be delayed beyond one year from the date of birth or death.
  4. Only the officer has the authority to register births and deaths that occur within jurisdiction.
  5. The parents or a relative authorized by the parents in writing can insert the child’s name when getting birth certificates.

These are some of the details about the birth and death registry.

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What are the benefits you could have Birth Death Registration?

Here are some of the benefits you could have if you obtain Birth and death registration.

For Birth Registry:

  1. In order to take admission into the school
  2. Obtaining a Driving License
  3. To obtain a passport
  4. To take a policy
  5. To add a name to a ration card

For Death Registry:

  1. To claim insurance
  2. Pension
  3. Other benefits


For Birth registration Form:

The abovementioned documents are some of the documents required for Birth Death Registration.

What are the documents required for the Birth and Death registry?

Here, the following are the documents which are required for the Birth and Death registration:

For Birth registration:

  1. Parents birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificate of the parents
  3. Proof of a birth letter from the hospital or nursing home
  4. Parents’ identity proof.

For Death registration:

  1. The reason of death’s medical certificate
  2. Card for the National Health Service (also known as the medical card)
  3. The deceased’s birth certificate
  4. The deceased’s driving license (if any)
  5. Certificate of marriage or civil partnership (if applicable)
  6. The deceased’s passport
  7. Address proof is required


These above-mentioned documents are required for the Birth Death registration.

What is the procedure for the Birth and Death registration online?

If you are looking for Birth and Death registration online, then you should follow the Birth and Death registry procedure.

For Birth registration:

  1. First of all, the birth must be reported online within 21 days of the event’s occurrence for the online process to work. Click on this link to follow
  2. Click on the ‘General Public Signup’ for registration process.
  3. Signup for the next procedure.
  4. Print the application and deliver it to the relevant Registrar at the address of your city. Carry the rest of the documentation you’ll need for Birth and Death Registration.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.
  6. Users will be alerted by e-mail of the application’s status as soon as the concerned registrar receives it.
  7. Enter the Application Reference Number onto the website to check the status.
  8. The birth certificate will be delivered to the address you supplied at the end of the process.

For Death registration:

  1. First of all, you need to click on this link for online registration.
  2. Then click on the ‘General Public Signup’ if you do not have login ID.
  3. Fill out all the relevant information about the deceased person.
  4. Take a printout of the application and deliver it to the pertinent Registrar AT THE ADDRESS PROVIDED BY HAND.
  5. Immediately after the concerned registrar receives the application, the users will be notified by e-mail of the application’s status.

However, in the event of a delay of more than 21 days from the date of death, online access to a death certificate is not available. In this situation, a registration form, as well as the relevant documents and late fee, must be physically obtained from the Registrar’s office for the Birth Death registry.


According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act of 1969, the responsibility of informing the registrar of births and deaths in a hospital, health centre, maternity or nursing home, or other similar institutions.
In the event of a birth or death, citizens must notify the registrar of their jurisdiction within 21 days. In the event of death, citizens must include a doctor’s certificate in its original form with the burial/cremation.

The abovementioned procedures are for the Birth and Death registration online


I hope all these information about the Birth Death Registration will help you to clear all your doubts. Also, the Birth and Death registration online procedure is specifically mentioned to help you to register. In case you have any query regarding Birth and Death registry you can mention that in the comment box.