In this article we will talk about DL renewal UP. How you can online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP. So let’s begin with driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh

Driving licences have become a vital and integral aspect of life in Uttar Pradesh, particularly in the state’s metropolitan zone.

Driving licences not only allow you to drive on highways, but they also serve as an identity card in the eyes of society and authorities, as well as a status symbol among young.

And in this content our expert gone guide you that how you can complete online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP.

Why should you renew your DL?

  • Driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh work provides you an edge of security and validity as online clarify the authority that the license is legitimate.
  • DL renewal UP ensures authorities that you are competent of driving in any situation and that your increasing age has not yet become an issue in your ability to drive.
  • It also helps to retain your driver’s license permit a validated and legitimate status which it is having before expiry. And it may be able to keep you away from receiving the penalty from the UP-RTO authority.
  • If you have been in an accident and your driver’s license has not been updated, you will face serious consequences, including incarceration.
  • In the event of a traffic collision, your insurance claim will be denied if your license has not been renewed.
  • DL renewal UP indicates to authorities that the driver is still capable of comprehending traffic rules and regulations.

It is crucial that your driver’s licence is valid, and if it isn’t, you should renew it right away. You must renew it during the grace period. If you do not renew during the grace period, you will be required to pay a higher fee. 30 days after the expiration of your licence is the grace period. A renewal request must be submitted no later than one month prior to the license’s expiration date.

Documents will be asked by Authority

There are some types of documents that are going to be asked by the authorities for the verification of applicant identity in the process of online apply for renewal of driving license in UP.

  • Original driving license.
  • 2 – photocopies of the applicant.
  • Photo of signature.
  • Completely filled Form 1-A or Form 1 (read the content to know more about it).
  • Filled form no.01.
  • Driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh

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Online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP

In this step, we have shown you how you can do your driving license renewal Uttar Pradesh. Let’s begin with DL renewal RP

  • Pay a visit to this website Home ( (operated and managed by the ministry of road and transport under the supervision of central government) and you have to click on the button, which will be named as apply for DL renewal”
  • You have to fill out your DL information before clicking on “get DL details.”
  • You will then be directed to a screen titled “details of driving license,” where you must validate your current address status before clicking “confirm.”
  • Once you’ve double-checked all of the information, you’ll be asked what kind of changes you wish to make to your permit, which you may accomplish by selecting “RENEWAL OF DL.” Clicks on the “proceed” for online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP
  • After it, you will receive an “application verification slip” which you need to download by pressing the button “print acknowledgement”. After downloading it you need to press the button “next”.
  • will take you to your application progress page, where you must scroll down and download “Form 1-A” if you are over the age of 40.
  • After scrolling down, click the “continue” button to start uploading documents. You will be directed to another page where you will be required to upload documents such as. You’ll notice that the mark in front of your documents has been completed after you’ve submitted them.
  • You will then be prompted to submit a photo and a signature. Click on the  “continue”. When you’ve completed the form and chosen “upload and see files,” you’ll be given the option to “upload documents.”
  • On the “application status” page, click on “application form pre-filled”. After that, you will be able to get your application receipt for driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh.
  • Then, in your application status, scroll down until you reach this section again; everything has been completed, and all that remains is to pay the fees; pay the money, and you will be directed to the fees receipt page, where you can fill out the verification information and print the receipt
  • Last part for the application is to set an appointment for that you need to redirect yourself to the home page  of the portal by clicking on this link (Home ( and then select the option named as “slot booking DL services” it will be present on the “appointment” and from there you can select your appointment for DL renewal UP  with Up authority.

Here is the point where your online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP application or driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh process is finished.

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Points to be Notified in Procedure of DL renewal UP

  • If you are from UP and doing online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP then always save all receipts because they might be used as proof of renewal application if a conflict of interest occurs throughout the procedure.
  • Any papers you’ll need to take to the RTO office. (1. acknowledgement receipt, 2. Application form pre-filled, 3. All uploaded papers, 4. Fee payment receipt, 5. appointment receipt)
  • Only applicants over the age of 40 must fill out the FORM-1A for Driving Licence Renewal Uttar Pradesh.
  • The FORM-1A serves as a medical certificate, assuring authorities that the driver is physically and psychologically stable.
  • An MBBS doctor should fill out and sign the FORM-1A since the authorities seek assurances regarding the candidate’s health. Fees range from 200 Rs to 500 Rs, depending on the sort of license you’re applying for
    DL renewal UP
    in case your age is above 70.
  • You should be aware that passing a test is not required for DL Renewal UP.
  • Every 20 years, a driver’s license renewal is required.
  • After 70 years as an applicant, the renewal period is reduced to every three years.
  • Every ten years, photocopy renewal is required for driving licence renewal Uttar Pradesh.
  • But as digitization has touched us know the UP people can do their online apply for renewal of driving licence in UP only.