The Indian government charges a road tax on the purchase of a new vehicle. But, do you know why?  To maintain the infrastructure of  vast network of roads and to provide basic facilities like street lights road signs, the government of India recovers expenditure in the form of road tax from vehicle owners in the country. This article brings you to the  UP road tax or Road tax Uttar Pradesh  along with information how to pay road tax online or vahan tax.

Road tax Uttar Pradesh or UP Road tax

In 2019, Uttar Pradesh had an annual growth rate of vehicle of about 11.7 per cent. It was higher than the national average. Because of such a large growth rate, there is a huge necessity of maintaining good conditions of roads.

The Government charges a tax in India, known as road tax. This tax helps to maintain and construction the roads. It is applicable on each vehicle purchase under section 3 of the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1962.  Road tax is a percentage of the price of your vehicle considering various factors.

Every vehicle owner needs to pay this tax with a vehicle’s ex- showroom price to contribute their share. They need to pay this tax to the respective regional tax office their car is registered with.

Road tax differs from vehicle to vehicle, whether it is a two wheeler, a four wheeler (personal usage) or a four wheeler (commercial usage).

Road Tax Uttar Pradesh for cars

UP road tax or Road tax Uttar Pradesh  for cars depends on various factors such as weight, type, making and age of car.

The below table shows the tax policy for four wheelers for personal usage-

Type of four  wheeler Annual road tax
Cars priced up to Rs. 6.00 lakh 3% of the car’s value
Cars priced between Rs. 6.00 lakh and 10.00 lakh 6% of the car’s value
Cars priced between Rs. 10.00 lakh and 20.00 lakh 8% of the car’s value
Cars priced above Rs. 20.00 lakh 9% of the car’s value

Road Tax Uttar Pradesh for two- wheelers

The below table shows the road tax Uttar Pradesh   or UP road tax for two- wheelers-

Type of two- wheeler Annual road tax
Moped with unladen weight below 90.72 kg Rs. 150
Price of two- wheeler up to Rs. 0.20 lakh 2% of the two- wheeler’s price
Price of two- wheeler over Rs. 0.20 lakh and below Rs. 0.60 lakh 4% of the two- wheeler’s price
Price of two- wheeler over Rs. 0.60 lakh and up to Rs. 2.00 lakh 6% of the two- wheeler’s price
Price of two- wheeler exceeding Rs.2.00 lakh 8% of the two- wheeler’s price


UP Road Tax for four- wheeler (commercial vehicles)

The following table shows the UP road tax for four- wheeler commercial and transport vehicles.

Loading capacity of commercial vehicle Annual road tax
Not more than 1 ton Rs. 665.00
Above 1 ton and below 2 ton Rs. 940.00
Above 2 ton and below 4 ton Rs. 1430.00
Above 4 ton and below 6 ton Rs. 1915.00
Above 6 ton and below 8 ton Rs. 2375.00
Above 8 ton and below 9 ton Rs. 2865.00
Above 9 ton and below 10 ton Rs. 3320.00
Above 10 ton Rs. 33200.0 + Rs. 470 per ton


Road Tax Calculation in Uttar Pradesh

Now, there is a way to calculate the road tax in Uttar Pradesh. It depends on various following factors-

  • Type of your vehicle- both four- wheelers and two- wheelers.
  • Purpose of usage- personal or transporting goods.
  • Engine capacity.
  • Type of the model of your vehicle
  • Fuel capacity
  • The ex-showroom price of your vehicle.
  • Seating capacity


With the advancement in the technology, you can also pay the road tax in online mode. Paying your road tax online is a wise choice to avoid the long and frustrating queues. Let’s learn how to pay road tax online.

How to Pay Road Tax online in Uttar Pradesh ?

  • Visit the official website of E- Vahan, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and select your state and type of service.

In case you do not have an NCR permit, select ‘vehicle tax collection (other state)’.

If you have an NCR permit, select ‘vehicle tax collection (NCR)
  • You will be re-directed to a new page. Put Vehicle No. and click on ‘Get Details’ to fill in the rest of the form.
  • Click on ‘Calculate Tax’ to find out the tax bracket your vehicle falls in. click pay tax to initiate the payment.
  • Choose a payment method and follow the steps ahead. After a successful payment, the bank will redirect you to the Checkpost Application.
  • Take a printout of the receipt that the Checkpost generates after successful payment.

Paying road tax on time is essential as it saves you from a lot of problems. You can opt to pay road tax online in Uttar Pradesh for your convenience. Moreover, do not default your road tax for the sake of yourself and your contribution to our government.

Road tax varies from state to state. This tax has to be paid at the time of registering your vehicle, and also after it, either on a yearly basis or just once, as lifetime tax, according to the respective state government.

Generally, have you ever thought what happens to the road tax when you wish to move from one state to another?

If you move from one state to another, you are eligible for refund of taxes paid to the state from which you are moving. In some states, re- registration of the vehicle with the state’s registration number might be required, if the vehicle is being used for more than a year. You may also need a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the RTO of the state where you registered the vehicle.

If in any case, after the transfer, you realize that the road vahan tax paid in the previous state was more than current one, then you can claim for a refund. But before you claim for the refund, the vehicle re-registration process should be completed in the new state.

Here are the documents needed to apply for the refund.
  • The impression of the chassis number of the vehicle.
  • NOC for transfer of the vehicle from one state to another.
  • Vehicle insurance copy.
  • Copy of the receipt of the road tax paid by you in the new state.
  • Copy of the receipt of the road tax paid by you in the previous state.
  • Address proof of the new state.
  • Bank account details to which the cheque will be sent.

You will able to file for the refund if you are the owner of the vehicle.

Disclaimer: the information mentioned here is collected from different websites, news websites and government sources. They may change as per time. Please check the official government websites and verify the information before making any decisions.