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Vehicle Owner Details by Number Plate

Vehicle owner details by number plate

Do you want to know how to check Vehicle Owner Details by Number Plate? Then the page will guide you for the obtaining  this vehicle details by number plate .We have all seen if any mishappening take place using vehicle ,first action is to note down the vehicle’s number and gives it to the police for tracing the vehicle owner and the other details of the vehicle. But now You need not necessarily visit the nearest RTO to trace vehicle owner by number plate of the vehicle. Well, this blog is all about knowing Vehicle Owner Details by Number if require for any legal purpose.

This blog will tell you everything about how to check vehicle owner details by the number plate online and its importance in daily life.  

Vehicle owner details by number plate

In 2011, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre launched the national vehicle registry, VAHAN. The website consists of data related to more than 2. 5 crore motor vehicles like bikes, cars, auto-rickshaws, buses, and cabs registered in India. The aim behind launching the VAHAN portal was to compare the information on driving licenses and vehicle registration details recorded by the District Transport Offices and Regional Transport Offices across India. These details abide by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. 

Using the following procedure through VAHAN portal, you can check car owner details by number plate as well as bike details by number plate.

On typing the registration number of your vehicle, you can get the following details from the VAHAN portal:

  • Date of registration of the vehicle
  • Chassis number of the vehicle 
  • Vehicle’s engine number 
  • Vehicle owner’s name
  • Vehicle’s class
  • Type of Fuel used in the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s model number 
  • Vehicle manufacturer’s name
  • Vehicle’s fitness validity date
  • PUC certificate number
  • Vehicle’s tax validity date
  • Insurance details
  • Vehicle emission standards
  • Status of the RC
  • Financier’s name

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Trace vehicle owner by number plate

Before knowing procedure for tracing vehicle details by number, it is necessary to understand the vehicle number plate format so that you can easily use it for getting vehicle owner details by number.

Vehicle number plate format in India 

Vehicle (Vahan) number plates is a combination of digits and alphabets that gives your vehicle a distinct identity. The number is registered with the Regional Transport Office or RTO. The Vehicle number plate connects everything about vehicle information and owner information. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for any vehicle owner in India to get their vehicle registered as per the number plate regulations and place a number plate on the back side and front of the vehicle. 

An example of Vahan Number plate format is “AB07CD 3456”

AB: The first two alphabets indicate the state or Union territory of India. For example, a vehicle registered in Maharashtra starts with the code ‘MH whereas in Delhi it is ‘DL’. The two most significant alphabets of the state’s name is used. 

07: The next two digits refer to a district’s sequential number. Since every state in India has at least 1 district in it, the district itself manages the registration of new vehicles. Therefore, each district in India has its own Regional Transport Office (RTO), which is in charge of the drivers and vehicle registrations.

CD3456: The last two alphabets and digits of the vehicle’s license plate is a unique number which helps to identify the vehicle. If a number is unavailable, then alphabets are used to replace the last digit. This guarantees an excess number of codes for all vehicles. It is often a common practice to purchase custom numbers for a premium price.

The final part is an oval logo that reads “IND”, the short form for India. This oval also has a chromium hologram on top of it which is similar to a “Chakra”. This is used in High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP). These tamper-proof plates were brought out in 2005 to reduce vehicle thefts. Though all motor vehicles must have these, certain states in India are yet to adopt the practice.

Need to trace vehicle owner by number plate

Some common reasons to track vehicle owner by number plate are:-

  • Hit-and-run case

If you are a witness or are the victim of a hit-and-run case, tracking the vehicle owner’s details with the number plate can come in handy. All you need to do is note down the vehicle’s licence number on the number plate and find the owner’s details via the VAHAN website or SMS.

  • Accident

Suppose your vehicle suffers damages in an accident and there’s a dispute between you and the vehicle’s owner who caused the accident. In that case, you can track the vehicle owner’s details with the number plate. It helps you to avoid road rage and bring the issue to court if required. 

  • Second-hand vehicle purchase

If you are buying a second-hand vehicle from its owner or a third-party (dealer), it is necessary to check the second–hand vehicle owner’s details. It ensure that the vehicle abides by all legal criteria. 

  • Vehicle-inspection in RTO

The RTO officials can verify your vehicle details through the VAHAN website during the inspection process of your vehicle. You, therefore, need not carry the hard copies of the vehicle documents for verification or inspection. You can produce soft copies of the relevant documents uploaded in the DigiLocker app, and the RTO officials can verify the same using the VAHAN website.

  1. An unregistered plate without any number violates the number plate rules and you have to pay a heavy fine.

Procedure to check vehicle details by number plate

You can trace the vehicle owner’s details by his/her number plate  or vehicle details by number plate via two methods.

Using the Vahan website

  • 1. Visit the Parivahan website.
  • 2. Under the “Informational Services” tab in the top menu, select “Know Your Vehicle Details” from the drop-down list. You can also open the Vahan search page on the Parivahan Sewa portal.
  • 3. Create an account by typing your mobile number and email ID. If you already have an account, log in using your registered mobile number.
  • 4. On the next page, type the vehicle number and the Captcha code
  • 5. Then, click on the “Vahan Search” option.

Using the SMS service

You can use the SMS service offered by the VAHAN website to find out the vehicle owner’s details. Please note that the SMS service may not always work. 

  • 1. Enter VAHAN (space) vehicle registration number on your mobile’s messaging app. For example VAHAN DL04CD1XX3. Send it to 7738299899.
  1. You will receive an SMS in a few seconds with the vehicle owner details like vehicle make/model, owner’s name, RTO details, insurance validity, registration/fitness validity, and so on. 




  1. Thanks for providing such a informative blog and as they say a vehicle’s value will decrease with the rise in number of owners , so it’s always wise to get a car owner check to reveal it’s hidden info’s

  2. Great info! used car always comes up with hidden data’s that’s why we must check the vehicle owner info before we buy it

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