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Check Traffic Fines

Check traffic fines

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Traffic fines are imposed by the road safety authority on the motorist or other road user who breaks the traffic rules. Wondering how to check fines online? We got your back. Today in this article, we will talk about how to check traffic fines. So, keep reading to know the procedure for traffic fines online checking

In India, traffic rules are decided by both the central government and the state government. The rate of the fines is also decided by both the state government and central government. But if the central government has made any type of new traffic rule and also decided the rate it is broken then all the state government has to accept is the new law. To know more about traffic fines and online checking read out the post

Check Traffic Fines

The central government of India passed the (MVA) Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, which established traffic rules and fines. The government has clearly stated in this act (amendment in 2019) that the state government has the authority to make rules regarding traffic rules and to decide on the fine.

But the central government is the primary authority; most fines are imposed and collected by the (RTA) Regional Transport Authority or by the traffic police. Traffic rules help the government to regulate citizens on the road and traffic fines help the government to enforce the law upon the citizens and aware them of the new law.

E Challan

Now a day’s world has gone digital and even the governments and their authority has shifted to the digital world. Now government imposes the traffic fine on an online basis which is also known as E-challan and motorist has to pay it on an online basis.

You can even check fines online. To know the complete procedure for traffic fines online checking or how to check traffic fines online, keep reading the article.

Traffic fine online checking process

If you are a motorist who drives a motor car on a daily basis and are unaware of your online traffic fine status, follow these steps to check traffic fines.

  • For traffic fines online checking, pay a visit to this site website
  • You will see three options “challan number” “vehicle number” “DL number”
  • If you have a registration certificate then select the option named as “vehicle number”
  • If you have a driving license with you then you can select the option of “DL number”.
  • After selecting your preferred option fill-up details that have been asked
  • After filling details click on the button “get details” to check traffic fines.
  • Take print of the detail or download the details mentioned in challan.
  • When you get the details of the challan receipt then select the option “challan number”.
  • You will see the button “pay now” under the option named as And you have to click on that button.
  • Enter your mobile number and enter the OTP. After entering OTP click on the button “submit”.
  • A welcome page will be open and you need to click on “next”.
  • After clicking on it, you will be directed to a new page named as “confirmation of E-payment”. On it, you have to click on the button named as “proceed on net payment”.
  • Then you can make payment by selecting the payment option as per your convenience.
  • After making the payment you need to download the “payment receipt”. By redirecting yourself to this website and you need to check your challan status again you will be available with your payment receipt.

That’s how you can check fines online. Here is the point where traffic fines online checking and payment for E-challan has been completed.

Point to be noted in this whole procedure

  • Always take a copy of all the documents that were present at the whole procedure like payment receipt, E-challan receipt.
  • Sometimes when the driver is in the influence of liquor or narcotic substance then the challan is handed to the driver on the spot to the driver.
  • If drivers make the delay in payment of challan more than 60 days from the issuance your challan will be submitted in the court, and it might create a problem for the driver.
  • In some states, the challan is directly delivered to the home through a speed post at the end of every month. Sometimes it is not posted on time so try to enquire about your challan.
  • Police force has to issue notice to driver before taking him to court in case of late payment of challan.
  • If you are been told by authority to pay the challan online on their upi id or bank account then do not proceed. In this process, it is part of corruption. Authority has the option to offline or issue the notice with the challan option.
  • Penalty is not just paid in the form of money it can be in the form of imprisonment also.

The size of penalty depends upon the size traffic rule broken by the driver. Like, if the driver has been caught in a case of driving without a valid and proper insurance for its vehicle, then the penalty can be of 2000 Rs or up to 3 months on jail to 4000 Rs to 3 months on jail.

That concludes the discussion on how to check fines online(check traffic fines). If you have any queries regarding traffic fines online checking and payment, you can ask in the comment section. I would be delighted to assist you with your inquiries.




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