Vehicle fitness renewal is required after 15 years . Itzeazy helps in applying for vehicle fitness certificate online.  Its important to understand process for  RTO fitness certificate online, Documents required for vehicle fc renewal and RTO fees for vahan fitness certificate .

As per the motor vehicle act, a car fitness certificate is issued to cars, and a fitness certificate for bikes is issued to bikes after completion of 15 years if found fit for driving upon test at RTO.

Apply for vehicle fitness certificate

  1. Commercial vehicles in India which are registered fresh must apply for a Fitness Certificate valid for a  period of 1 year.
  2. Private Vehicles should have their bike/car fitness certificate after a period of 15 years.

Online Process for Fitness Certificate of Vehicle

Here is the step-by-step process for the application of Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online

  1.  Go to the official site of s Vahan Citizen Services and enter the registration number for the Car fitness certificate.
  2. Enter the Chassis Number of your vehicle with the registered mobile number and generate an OTP
  3.  Enter the OTP sent to your phone and then proceed to fill in all the essential details of the car appearing on the screen with the fee details
  4.  Confirm the fee and proceed to make payments as advised on the screen
  5.  The RTO officer will produce an application letter which you will have to visit the respective RTO.
  6.  You have to go to the Online Services key and then select the option for “Application for Fitness Certificate.”
  7. Visit the RTO office for inspection under the RTO examiner.
  8. If the vehicle needs repair, the examiner will instruct it before conducting the Test.
  9. If the car does not comply with the norms of the RTO, higher officials have the right to cancel the issued Certificate as well.
  10. Approval Vehicle fitness Certificate by the RTO; you will receive the vehicle fitness certificate by post. 

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Offline Process for Fitness Certificate of  Vehicle

The offline step-by-step process for the application of Fitness Certificate of Vehicle

  1.  Go to the RTO with the registration number to get your Car fitness certificate
  2.  Collect and fill the form 22 for all the essential details.Vehicle Fitness Certificate Application Form 22
  3. Proceed to make payments
  4. The RTO will produce a receipt for the fee with the application letter.
  5. Make an appointment for the vehicle inspection
  6. Submit the application form along with the Document
  7. Visit the RTO office for inspection with receipt and application letter.
  8. If the vehicle needs repair, the examiner will instruct it before conducting the Test.
  9. If the car does not comply with the norms of the RTO, higher officials have the right to cancel the issued Certificate.
  10. Approval of Vehicle fitness Certificate by the RTO; you will receive the vehicle fitness certificate by post. 

Procedure to undergo if you fail your Vehicle Fitness test

The RTO examiner will not issue a vehicle fitness certificate or Car fitness certificate when your vehicle does not satisfy the term.  Also, the officer-in-charge has to give you in writing stating the reason why your vehicle failed. The RTO examiner will notify the registering authority of the same.

In this case,

  1. Complete all servicing and repair of the vehicle.
  2. Apply for the refurbishment of the vehicle fitness certificate.
  3. Bring the vehicle for a review,
  4. You will need to apply for a fresh vehicle fitness certificate with new payments

Documents required for vehicle fitness certificate.

  1. Application form number 22 which is the initial certificate of compliance with pollution and safety standards of roadworthiness
  2. Receipt for Tax duly paid
  3. The Original RC
  4.  Insurance Certificate
  5. A PUC Certificate
  6. Professional Tax Certificate, if needed
  7. Certificate of Permit, as per the requirement
  8. Pencil imprint of motor Vehicle Chassis
  9. Address Proof 
  10. Proof of age
  11. Passport-sized photograph

Fees and user charges

The penalty that is imposed for not having a vehicle fitness certificate is extremely important for you to be aware of. 

  • For failing to produce a car fitness certificate for the first time, the Motor Vehicle Act 1989 imposes a fine of Rs. 100. 
  • The fine is increased to INR 300 for the following offenses. 
  • It’s worth noting that the fine for failing to obtain a valid vehicle fitness certificate can range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000.



For private vehicle, a vehicle fitness certificate is valid from the day of purchase for a period of fifteen years and then for every 5 years.


When you do not produce a valid fitness certificate, you will be penalized. The Motor vehicle Act 1989 imposes a penalty of INR 100 for not producing a vehicle fitness certificate for the 1st time. For the following offenses, the amount rises to INR 300. Most importantly, the penalty for not taking a valid vehicle fitness certificate might be as high as INR 2000 to about INR 5000

What is the importance of a Fitness Certificate?

Apart from avoiding fines and vehicle seizure, there are several other reasons why a vehicle fitness certificate for commercial vehicle, transport vehicle is required and what importance it has:

  1. Because pollution is becoming more of a problem with each passing day, it is necessary to keep track of how much smoke a vehicle emits. 
  2. One of the most important functions of a car fitness certificate is to check and monitor pollution caused by motor vehicle emissions.
  3. To keep your vehicle in top shape, you’ll need a fitness certificate.
  4. Finally, avoid road accidents that may occur as a result of your vehicle’s poor condition.


It is essential to keep fitness certificate for vehicle and so while purchasing car, bike, one should carefully obtain vehicle fitness certificate from manufacturer or seller of vehicle.  The page very well depicted about process, documents for vehicle fitness certificate  test along with penalties ,fees if you failed to obtain fitness certificate for bike, car .


1) What is the validity of fitness certificate of vehicle ?

For new non commercial vehicles like car/bike , fitness certificate of vehicle valid for  15 years and then for 5 years after renewal.


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