A fitness certificate for commercial vehicles or private vehicles is mandatory in India.

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The Motor Vehicles Act states that a vehicle must have a fitness certificate issued by the manufacturer and another fitness certificate issued by the state RTO authorities after inspecting its condition, its pollution certificate, tax, insurance, and other such details.

Therefore, the fitness Certificate of commercial vehicles is compulsory annually.

This category comprises all public transportation motor vehicles, for example, buses both busses used by private schools and Public Transport, taxis and auto-rickshaws. 

Procedure to apply offline of fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

  1. To apply for a Vehicle Fitness certificate (FC), the applicant has to approach the RTO office to which his area belongs.
  2. Completed Application Form for FC:
    1. Form 20
    2. Form 38 for Transport Vehicles
  3. Also, make sure you have all the necessary documents to process the application
  4. The applicant should make sure they are eligible for applying for this procedure
  5. Application forms are also available at the appropriate RTO offices
  6. The applicant should bring in their vehicle for inspection.
  7. Submit the completed application forms and documents on the counter and pay the appropriate fee where the officials would start processing your application.
  8. Inspection of the vehicle for fitness as per norms is carried out to issue FC

Procedure to apply online of fc for commercial vehicles

  1. Use the online portal Parivahan.
  2. Enter the registration Number as prompted and hit “PROCEED.”
  3. A new screen will open to give you options to choose from. Choose “Apply for Fitness Renewal/Re-Apply after Fitness once failed” to get a new screen.
  4. Enter your Chassis(Last five digits) number and click the button next to the chassis number box
  5. In the next screen, Fill in the required details and upload documents to process the online procedure.
  6. Take a printout of the acknowledgment and application form.
  7. Go to RTO on the scheduled date to submit and process the request process further.
step by step process flow of fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

Process flow of fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

Documents required to apply for fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

The list of the documents that are needed to apply for a vehicle fitness certificate:

  1. Application form 22 for a certificate of compliance with pollution and safety standards of roadworthiness
  2. Receipt for Tax duly paid
  3. The Original Registration Certificate
  4. Certificate of Insurance
  5. A valid Pollution Under Control Certificate
  6. Certificate of Permit, as per the requirement
  7. Pencil imprint of motor Vehicle Chassis
  8. Address Proof – It can be any one of the following
    1. Aadhaar Card
    2. Ration Card
    3.  Voters Identity Card
    4. Any valid Life Insurance Policy document
    5. Passport
    6. Payslips either issued by any Government office or any corporate
  9. Proof of age: It can be any one of the following
    1.  Pan Card
    2. Aadhaar Card
    3. School matriculation certificate
    4. Voter’s identity card
    5. Passport
    6. Birth certificate
  10. Passport-sized photograph


Fitness certificate for Commercial vehicles, the vehicle fitness certificates are effective for two years period for a newly bought car, and then it is renewed for a year.

Fess and user charges

Fees and user charges for for fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

Fees and user charges for fitness certificate for commercial vehicles


The Motor vehicle Act 1989 imposes a penalty of INR 100 for not producing a vehicle fitness certificate for the 1st time. For the following offenses, the amount rises to INR 300. Please note that the penalty for not taking a valid vehicle fitness certificate might be as high as INR 2000 to about INR 5000.

Steps to take if you fail when you a vehicle Fitness test

The RTO examiner will not issue a vehicle fitness certificate when your vehicle does not satisfy the term’s Motor vehicle Act, 1989.

Besides, the officer-in-charge has to give you in writing stating the reason why your vehicle failed.

Also, The RTO examiner will notify the registering authority of the same.

In this case,

  1. Complete all servicing and repair of the vehicle.
  2. Apply for the refurbishment of the vehicle fitness certificate.
  3. Bring the vehicle for a review.
  4. You will need to apply for a fresh vehicle fitness certificate with new payments


The RTO inspector bodily inspects the vehicle for fitness.

The vehicles that comply with the required rules for certain parts of the car are treated to be appropriate for usage on the road.

The FC for commercial vehicles is valid for two years and then renewed every two years.

The government website ” Parivahan Sewa” advises applying for a fitness certificate 30 days before it expires.

In short, the process includes submitting the filled form to the RTO registered with proper documents. After that, the vehicle is inspected on the appointed day and time.

Depending on the vehicle’s performance, you will be awarded or rejected for a fitness certificate.


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