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Nigeria Attestation

Nigeria Certificate Attestation

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The post describes all about Nigeria  certificate Attestation process and required documents. Nigeria is a country situated in west Africa, separating Cameroon and Benin. It is the 12th largest source of petroleum along with strong economic structure and a popular tourist spot. So, people naturally tend to visit Nigeria for many reasons like business or personal work or to travel. In order to do that you must go through the process of Nigeria Attestation or document attestation for Nigeria. It is a mandatory process in case you want to visit Nigeria or want to migrate there. Here are all the details you should know about Nigeria attestation.

Nigeria Certificate Attestation

Nigeria embassy stamps the attestation and it is type of a legal procedure that will render with the proof of the authenticity of the document. Nigeria embassy attestation is in the form of a certification of documents that are essential either to perform business in Nigeria or obtain a visa for the same.

It is a necessary certificate as it approves an individual to travel anywhere. If you want to get your documents attested, then you need to get your concerned material checked at different levels of the government.

Only the authorised persons are allowed to attest the documents in the office.

 Why it is important?Nigeria certificate attestation -1

It is the procedure to attested your documents by the concerned authorities, by which your documents will be verified by the government. After that your documents will be legitimate in Nigeria. It ensures that you don’t have any wrong intentions or you are not a terrorist and gives you permission to travel or do work in Nigeria.

It is mandatory if you want a VISA for Nigeria or want to do business there.

General Procedure of Document Attestation

Here is a general idea of how Nigeria  Certificate Attestation or any other international document attestation is done–

  • First the document goes through State attestation from respective states.
  • Next MEA attestation is done from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Now an Embassy attestation is done from the applicant’s country embassy.
  • At last MOFA attestation and it is done and its complete.

Types of documents in Nigeria attestation

For Nigeria certificate attestation there are mainly three types of documents. They are–

  • Personal documents

Example: Salary certificate, Death certificate, Experience certificate, Medical certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Transfer certificate, Divorce certificate, Bonafide certificate etc.

  • Educational documents

Examples: SSLC certificate, migration purposes, employment purposes in foreign countries. Others are–

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Nigeria Certificate Attestation

Early childhood educational certificate:

Early childhood education certificate, Child Development Associate (CDA) certification associates degree in early childhood education etc.

  • Degree certificates

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Ph.D., M.Agr, Master of International Public Management and  Master of Laws (LL.M.), (M.P.HMaster of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Mathematics (M.Math.), ., M.A, M.B.A, M.Ed., M.Eng, M.E.S, M.F.A,   Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.),  Master of Northern Governance and Development (M.N.G.D.), (M.G.E.N.I.A.) or Master of Governance Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.), Master of Nursing (M.N.), Administration (M.I.P.M.A.), Master of Sustainable Environmental Management (M.S.E.M.), (M.Vet.Sc.), and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas , Master of Water Security (M.W.S.), Master of Music (M.Mus.) etc.

Undergraduate Level

(B.A.&Sc.) Bachelor of Arts and Science.

(B.A.&Sc.) Bachelor of Arts and Science Honours.

(B.A.) Bachelor of Arts.

(BCom.) Bachelor of Commerce.

(B.Ed.) Bachelor of Education.

(B.F.A.) Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours.

(B.Mus.) Bachelor of Music.

(B.Sc.) Bachelor of Science.

[B.Sc. (Agbas.)] Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness.

(B.S.A.) Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

(B.E.) Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

[B.Sc. (Kin.)] Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

(B.S.N) Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

[B.Sc. (Nutr.)] Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.

(D.M.D.) Doctor of Dental Medicine.

(M.D.) Doctor of Medicine.

(Pharm.D.) Doctor of Pharmacy.

(D.V.M.) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Commercial documents

There are many types of commercial certificate attestation.

Example: Invoice Attestation, Certificate of Origin Attestation, Packing List Attestation, Agreement Attestation, Memorandum of Association Attestation, Articles of Association Attestation, Certificate of Incorporation Attestation, Power of Attorney Attestation, Board of Resolution Attestation, Free Sale Certificate Attestation, GMP Certificate Attestation, Income Tax Return Attestation, Stockholders Agreement Attestation, Certificate of Registration Attestation, Joint Venture Agreement Attestation, Director List Attestation, Commercial vessel certificate Attestation, Commercial pilot certificate Attestation, Personal commercial certificate Attestation,  etc.

Nigeria attestation procedure

The procedure for Nigeria certificate attestation is different on the basis of type of document. But some steps are common. But if explained in a simpler way, it will be like this–

  • State attestation from respective states.
  • MEA attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Embassy attestation from country’s embassy.
  • Embassy Attestation or MOFA attestation

For better understanding go through the charts below. The steps are mentioneded here

For personal documents

The Nigeria attestation process for personal documents goes like this

Nigeria certificate attestation process

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For educational documents

Now the Nigeria attestation for educational documents depends on the origin of the documents. Like–

For Maharashtra issued documents

Nigeria certificate attestation process maharashtra

For documents issued out of Maharashtra

Nigeria certificate attestation process maharashtra step 2

The Embassy requirement where HRD compulsory

 Nigeria certificate attestation process maharashtra HRD

For Commercial Document Attestation

For commercial document attestation, the process is a little simple. It goes like this-

Nigeria certificate attestation process commercial documents

Required time to complete Nigeria attestation procedure

Nigeria certificate attestation is a complicated procedure. So professional help is highly recommended. The process roughly takes about three to four weeks or more depending on the country and other situations.

What is the fee structure for certificate attestation for Nigeria?

The fee structure for certificate attestation for Nigeria differs from state to state. The fee differs according to the requirement, from the place the documents are issued, to the type of document i.e, educational or commercial.

The attestation certificate fees could be less or high if the HRD attestation step is involved and differ from the extra services like the legalization of documents with pick and drop services.

For more information visit the link

So, this was all about Nigeria Certificate Attestation. I hope this article helped and solved your queries. If you liked the article, drop a comment below and don’t forget to and share. Thank you for visiting us, Have a nice day.

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