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Saudi Arab attestation, Visa

Saudi embassy attestation

saudi attestation -itzeazy

Saudi Embassy attestation is required for certificates to be recognized in Saudi Arabia. This article will explain the Saudi embassy attestation procedure, Saudi culture attestation, and degree attestation for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a country in western Asia with significant economic and geological importance. People tend to visit Saudi Arabia for many reasons like business or personal work or to travel. To do that, you must go through Saudi Arab Attestation or document attestation for the Saudi Arab. It is a mandatory process if you want to visit Saudi Arabia. Here are all the details you should know about Saudi Arab attestation.

What is Saudi Embassay attestation and why it is important?

Saudi embassy attestation is the procedure to attest your documents by the concerned authorities, by which your documents will be verified by the government or will be proved legitimate. Verification ensures that you don’t have any wrong intentions or are not a terrorist and give you permission to travel or work in Saudi Arabia.

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Why is Saudi Attestation required?

Saudi Arab attestation is required for various causes like work visa, student visa, residence visa or for marketing purposes. It acts as a part of affirmation that indicates that you are a legitimate person/ business man and visiting Saudi with no ill or criminal intentions. It is a proof that your certificates are true and can be allowed in the country without facing any problem.

It is mandatory if you want a VISA for Saudi Arabs or want to do business there.

The procedure of Document Attestation in Saudi Arab

Here is a general idea of how Saudi Arab Attestation is done–

State attestation

First, the document goes through State attestation from the respective states. The legalization of the documents from the state is performed by three different organizations as per the necessity of the document type. These departments are the Sate Home Department (SHD) , Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub- Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is independent of the state government. The authentication carried out by this authority is considered on the state level.

MEA Stamp

Next, MEA attestation is done from the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA which is known as Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of authentication from home government after which an MEA stamp is applied on the document. Ministry of External Affairs is the central authorization that deals with the external matters of the country.

Cultural Attestation

In this, the documents must first be verified by a Saudi Culture Office which is in India. All three kinds of documents are certified by the officials here. After this process only, the documents will be forwarded to the embassy for a stamp.

Embassy Attestation

Now a Saudi Embassy attestation is done from the applicant’s country embassy. Embassy Attestation is performed by the personnel of the respective country the documents are being attested for. It is the very last step of certification for most nations after the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).


Finally, MOFA attestation and is done.

Types of documents in Saudi Embassy  Attestation

Document attestation for Saudi comprises documents like personal documents, educational documents and commercial documents. It is an essential part of security that ensures the Saudi government of a person’s trustworthiness. It also builds trust in between the employer and employee or two businessmen when they are travelling for work or business in Saudi Arabia.

For Saudi Embassy attestation, there are mainly three types of documents. They are–

  • Personal documents

Example: Death certificate, Medical certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Transfer certificate, Divorce certificate, Salary certificate, Experience certificate, Bonafide certificate etc.

  • Educational documents

Examples: SSLC certificate, employment purposes in foreign countries, migration purposes.

Others are–

  1. Early childhood educational certificate: Early childhood education certificate, Child Development Associate (CDA) certification associates degree in early childhood education.
  2. Teacher Education Certificates –English/language arts teacher education certificate, adult and continuing education and teaching certificate, teaching education certificate, teacher education and professional development certificate, teaching English as a second or foreign language certificate etc.
  3. Degree certificates 
  • Commercial documents

Example: commercial vessel certificate, commercial pilot certificate, personal commercial certificate etc.

Documents required for Saudi Arab attestation

The documents required for the process depend on the type of document.

For personal document
  • Original document
  • Iqama/Visa copy
For educational document

In the case of educational document attestation, the required documents vary.

For 1st time or Fresher Candidates

  • Original Job Offer Letter (MOFA attested)
  • An affidavit on a legit 100 /50 INR stamp paper.
  • Waqala copy
  • Pan card copy
  • Aadhar card copy
  • Employee’s contact details
  • Employer contact details
  • Copies of all semester Marksheet
  • Passport copy
  • Two Passport size photograph

For Experienced Candidates

  • Original Job Offer Letter (MOFA attested).
  • An affidavit on white paper. (stamp of the high commission of India is mandatory on the paper)
  • Iqama Copy
  • Pan card copy
  • Aadhar card copy
  • Employee’s contact details
  • Employer contact details
  • Passport copy
  • Copies of all semester Marksheet
  • Two Passport size photograph
For commercial document
  • Covering letter of the company.
  • Passport copy of signing authority

Saudi Arab attestation procedure

The procedure for Saudi Arab attestation is different on the basis of the type of document.

Here are the procedure charts for each type of document

For personal documents

The Saudi Arab attestation process for personal documents goes like this

The procedure for the attestation of educational certificates varies depending on the origin or type of the document.

Here are given the different procedures that are specific t to the place of issuance of the document and its kind.

  • For Maharashtra issued documents

Notary Attestation

Home Department Attestation

MEA Stamp

Embassy Attestation

  • For out of Maharashtra issued documents

Notary Attestation

SDM Attestation

MEA Stamp

Embassy Attestation

  • As per the Embassy requirement where HRD Compulsory

University Verification

HRD Attestation

MEA Stamp

Embassy Attestation

It is important to note that there are certain documents that are to be submitted for the attestation of the educational documents.

Commercial document attestation for Saudi

Commerical document Saudi embassy attestation is the legalization of the commercial documents from the Chamber of Commerce. Are you thinking, what are the commercial documents? Commercial documents are the documents that are evidence of your business capital. The legalization of these documents for Saudi is carried out at the time when the business person is looking forward to perform a business transaction in Saudi.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

MEA Stamp

Embassy Attestation

Required time to complete Saudi Arab attestation procedure

It is a complicated procedure. So professional help is recommended. The process roughly takes about three to four months or more depending on the situation.

What is the fee structure for certificate attestation for Saudi?

The fee structure for certificate Saudi embassy attestation differs from state to state. It differs according to the requirement, from the place the documents are issued, the type of document i.e, educational or commercial. The attestation certificate could be less or high if HRD attestation step is involved and differ with the extra services like legalization of documents with pick and drop services.

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  1. Razi

    How much is processing time for Saudi cultural attachee attestation and Saudi embassy attestation? MEA attestation already done on degree certificate

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