There are two ways by which one can apply for a Vietnam visa for Indians. Either you get Visa in the Vietnam embassy in India or apply through a Vietnam travel agency. A Vietnam travel agency will assist Indian identification with the passport holders with getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival letter at Vietnam immigration division. You need to print the VOA (Visa On Arrival) out, attaching it with the original passport, two photographs of 4x6cm, money(which is asked), and then submit them at Vietnam international air terminal counter to get a Vietnam visa for Indian and its  stamp. You get your Visa On Arrival after this, and this usually takes 24 hours to get completed.

Vietnam Visa for Indians

There are two types of Vietnamese visas depending on the motive of your travel there. They are:

Vietnam Tourist Visa 

Process for Vietnam tourist visa for Indians as:

  1. Accessible for one-month single entry and one-month multiple entries.
  2. The most extreme remain in Vietnam for 30 days.
  3. Past expansion of 30 days after your entry in Vietnam.

Vietnam Business visa

  1. Candidates must get the endorsement through their support in Vietnam.
  2. Multiple entries and remain of three or six months are accessible.

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Vietnam visa requirements

  • Your name precisely according to passport: it is your full name on your passport, name arrangement isn’t critical, so you can put either surname first or first name first;
  • Date of birth: In Vietnam, the date configuration will be DD/MM/YY;
  • Nationality on travel permit (passport): the international ID that is the passport you are utilizing to enter Vietnam (ought to be substantial for no less than six months from the date of entry);
  • Travel permit number that is passport number: precisely as appeared on your passport;
  • Date of landing: Candidates must fill in the appropriate Date of Arrival. With this enlisted entry date on the official visa endorsement letter, you would then be able to enter Vietnam on or later yet not sooner than the affirmed date;
  • Photographs: Photographs of passport size are required at Vietnam airplane terminals as they were. You can utilize our secured online form to present your application or find all download forms.

Applying for a Vietnam visa online

if you want visa for Vietnam from India, you can apply for online visa, one needs to have a substantial passport that he/she has acquired six months ago and travel by air. Contrasted with applying for a visa through a Vietnam Embassy, the online application is easy and simple and completely upheld and perceived by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • You apply for a Vietnam e visa for Indian online using the site: Vietnam, get the endorsement letter to get Visa at the airplane terminals in Vietnam.
  • Indian nationality is classified in difficult nationality group, with higher visa endorsement letter charge, international ID photocopy that is the passport photocopy and returns flight tickets prerequisites.
  • Charge for issuance of visa endorsement letter for one candidate under one month (single and the various premise is the same) visa legitimacy is US$.35.00; for the three-month single section is US$.45.00 and for three-month different passage is at US$.65.00, connected for 1 Indian candidate in 2015.

Applying for Vietnam Visa at the Embassy

If you are not applying it online, you can use it at the Vietnam Embassy as well. Here at the Embassy, you will be given step-by-step information to proceed with the Visa. One needs to come to the Embassy at least two times, the first time to submit all the required documents and the second time to receive the Visa.


  1. Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi – India

Add: 17, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021, India

Tel: (91-11) 2301 9818 (91-11) 2301 0532

Fax: (9111) 2301 7714(9111) 2301 8448

Email: /

  1. Consulate General of Vietnam Bombay, India

Add: Wajeda House, Gulmohat Cross Rd. No.7, Juhu Scheme, Mumbai – 400 049, Bombay, India

Tel: (9122) 2620 8589 (9122) 2620 8549

Fax: (9122) 2624 8538

Vietnam visa on arrival

  • This is another way to get your Vietnamese Visa. You need to fill in the “Online Application Form,” pay the administration expense, get your “Visa approval letter” within two working days and get your Visa at your destined airplane terminal (Hanoi air terminal, Ho Chi Minh City air terminal, Cam Ranh Airport Nha Trang and Da Nang Airport) –
  • After the concerned site acquires the approval letter for you, they will forward you a copy by email. Photocopies of a similar record will be sent for your benefit to Vietnam Immigration checkpoints at International Airports as it were.
  • When you land in Vietnam, the Immigration officers will have those reports prepared and will have the capacity to issue your entry visa quickly.

Note 1: Normally, the visa approval letter is typically issued in groups, and hence, you may discover your name and other data in a similar letter from other individuals. On the off chance that you need a private letter, please email the concerned site handling your Visa on arrival procedures. 

Note 2: The letter of endorsement cannot be altered once it is issued; you are required to apply for another letter on the off chance that you wish to refresh your data. The approval letter that would be a colored scanned copy will be sent by email, so make sure you give your correct email address.

The cost of a Vietnamese Visa On Arrival includes both the cost of the endorsement letter and the cost of stamping at the Vietnam airport. Starting in 2018, the stamping fee for a single entry visa (one month or three months in length) is $25, and the fee for a different passage visa is $50. (both one month and three-month write). The price is in US dollars and is subject to change without notice.

Before applying for a Vietnam visa, you must:
  • You should make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity and blank pages.
  • You should know Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable to those traveling to Vietnam by air ONLY.
Post the submission of application letter
  • Get and print the endorsement letter:
  • After you present your application and payment, processing of your visa will begin. Following 3-5 working days (or shorter with less on account of a critical visa), an endorsement letter (pre-affirmed visa letter) by email will be sent to you. At that point you simply need to print the PDF connection record (colored favored, however not required) and get ready no less than 2 photographs of passport size (4cm x 6cm).
  • Get your visa stamp upon landing in one of Vietnam’s airplane terminals:

Upon landing in Vietnam’s airplane terminal in Hanoi (View Hanoi air terminal guide), Danang, or Ho Chi Minh Airport (View air terminal guide), hope to fill in a basic form, introduce your endorsement letter, travel permit (passport), photographs and pay for the stamping charge without issue or inconvenience.

Vietnam visa fees

The visa fees for Indians in Vietnam are detailed here. The cost includes the cost of printing your Vietnam visa on arrival and receiving an approval stamp from the Immigration office on your passport. The standard stamping expense for a single entry (both for 1 month and 3 months) is 25 USD while it is 50 USD for numerous entries (both for 1 month and 3 months).