If your car’s registration validity is expiring or expired, you need to apply for car fitness certificate ? Itzeazy helps in applying for fitness certificate for car after 15 years. Car fitness renewal is a process of renewing of registration validity of a car.

As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, you should apply for fitness certificate for car after 15 years , subject to RTO considerations.

Car fitness certificate is issued for five years. Vehicle owner should re register or renew RC , if it get expired after every five years subsequently.

You can apply for fitness certificate of the car before one month of the expiry.  There is late fine every month if you fail to renew RC on time. So its important to know the application process for RC renewal, documents required for car fitness certificate, car fitness certificate fees .

When do you need car fitness renewal?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, one should apply for car fitness renewal in the following circumstances :

  • If a private vehicle has completed 15 years from the date of registration
  • Five years after the RC (registration certificate) renewal.

Documents required for fitness certificate for car after 15 years

Following are the documents required for car fitness certificate :

  • Application in Form 25
  • Valid Pollution under control certificate (PUC)
  • Original R.C.Book*
  • Fitness certificate*
  • Proof for the payment of up-to-date road tax paid*
  • Copy of valid Insurance certificate*
  • Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & Form 61 (as applicable)

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Stages of fitness certificate for car 

  1. Fill the form 25.
  2. Arrange required documents for fitness certificate  
  3. Physical inspection of the vehicle at RTO 
  4. Pollution test clearance
  5. Scrutiny of the documents. For example, insurance, identification of the owner etc.
  6. Payment of  the requisite RTO fees 
  7. The RTO issues a fresh registration Certificate

Things to do before going for car fitness certificate

  • Maintain the vehicle.
  • Consider denting and painting your car.
  • To pass the pollution test, the engine should be fine-tuned.
  • Consider servicing and set your machine.
  • All electrical equipment, for instance, backlight, sensors, the indicator, should function properly.
  • Make sure the vehicle is in working condition.
  • There should not be problem in the pickup, extra noise in the engine or suspension.

Process for fitness certificate for car after 15 years

Following is the process for car fitness certificate :
  • Submit application on form 25 for car fitness certificate along with supporting documents to the RTO where vehicle is registered.
  • Scheduling of appointment for the vehicle inspection at RTO
  • Vehicle inspection by the RTO inspector on the date of scheduled appointment
  • The required fee needs to be paid at the RTO cash counter.
  • After vehicle inspection and verification of all the documents, the RTO will issue a new Registration Certificate (RC)

Frequently asked questions

1) In India, how long  a car registration valid? 

As per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, registration of all private vehicles are  valid for 15 years. It must be re-registered every five years after 15 years, as long as they are deemed roadworthy by the department.

2) How can I check my RC status? 

For more information, go to https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/. To get started, go to Online Services and choose Online Services from the drop-down menu. Go to the Know Your Vehicle Details page to learn more about your vehicle.