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Thailand Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Thailand Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens_itzeazy

Are you applying for Thailand Visa ? Then it is necessary to know Thailand Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens before starting application procedure. There are many things to consider while fulfilling Thailand Visa Requirements like documents required, Thailand visa fees for Indian, even  visa photo size. So, read on to know more about the requirements for Thai visa for Indians! 

Thailand Visa Requirements for Indian

There are several types of visas offered by  Thailand. The most commonly availed 9 types are: 

  1. Tourist visa (Category TR)
  2. Business visa (Category B)
  3. Education visa (Category ED)
  4. Marriage visa (Category O)
  5. Retirement visa (non immigrant visa category O- OA and OX)
  6. Transit visa (Category TS)
  7. Permanent residence visa
  8. Diplomatic/official visa (Category D/F)
  9.  SMART visa (Category T, I, E, S,O)

You can apply online for Thailand visa through official website of Thai government. The process includes filling of form, uploading required documents with payment of Thailand visa fees for Indian. But according to visa type, you may have to submit respective documents .

Documents required for Thailand Visa from India

The required documents for Thailand visa for Indians as per the type of visa applying are as:

Documents for Visa for Indians

The basic documents that are required to avail a Thailand Visa includes:

  • Individual’s passport which is valid for a minimum period of 6 months post the date of entry in Thailand.
  • Completed visa application form. 
  • 2 copies of the individuals photograph which adheres to the following:
  1. Image should be recent, within the last three months.
  2. White or light blue background, clothes should not merge in with the background, the border between the same should be clearly visible. 
  3. Face and eyes aligned with the camera, majority of the face i.e. 70-80% should be visible, teeth should be visible.
  4. Thailand visa photo size should be 35mm * 45mm
  5. Good quality, photographic image, no blotches or lines on the image. 
  6. No head wear to be worn, apart from that worn for religious reasons. 
  • Flight tickets both ways, the payment for which is completed in full. 
  • Proof of accommodation during the stay in Thailand.
  • Evidence of financial means, wherein there is sufficient evidence to show that there is 20,000 Bahts available for each individual (INR 48,314.66), and 40,000 Baht per family (INR 96,629.31)
E-Visa on arrival 

You can avail of the e-visa before you arrive at the airports in the Kingdom of Thailand. In terms of the e-visa which is available on arrival, there may be a few more documents that are needed. This visa can be used for tourism purposes only. These documents include:

  1. Return ticket from the Kingdom of Thailand back to the home country.
  2. Open air tickets will not be accepted.
  3. Valid passport for a minimum of a month or more from the date of arrival into the Kingdom of Thailand.
  4. The duration of the stay should not exceed 15 days.

An additional fee will need to be paid [check under the Visa Fee section]. 

There may be some additional documents required for each kind of visa. The categories and the additional document, if required, for the same category, is mentioned below:

Business visa (Category B)
  1. Approval letter and copy of work permit from the Ministry of Labour. 
  2. Employment contract.
  3. Educational qualification evidence.
Education visa (Category ED)
  1. Academic records and student identification
  2. Acceptance letter from the academic institutions. 
  3. Be enrolled in a Thai institution, taking up to 15 hours of classes a week, which is 3-4 courses in a semester.
  4. Approval from the Ministry of Education
  5. Completed Student Visa application form. 
Marriage visa (Category O)
  1. Thai Non-Immigrant O visa application form which is fully filled and signed.
  2. Notarized or legal marriage certificate’s copy
  3. A copy of the partners Thai counterpart’s passport and proof of identity which is signed by them.
  4. Evidence of the Thai partner’s financial stability.
Retirement visa (non immigrant visa category O- OA and OX)

The OA visa is the one year retirement visa and the OX is the five year retirement visa. Indians cannot get an OX visa. The additional documents needed for an OA visa are:

  1. Retirement visa application form which is fully filled and signed.
  2. Evidence of your financial statements showing an income of at least 65,000 Baht and security deposit of a minimum of 800,000 Baht.
  3. Police certificate to evidence a lack of a criminal record.
  4. Health certificate to evidence that the individual does not have leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis, addiction (drug/alcoholism), or syphilis in the third phase.
  5. Health insurance covering 40,000 Baht for OPD treatment and 400,000 Baht for inpatient treatment.
Transit visa (Category TS)

No additional documents are required.

Permanent residence visa
  1. Signed and filled Form for Permanent Residence in Thailand.
  2. House registration book and a copy.
  3. Work permit’s copy.
  4. Work Background certificate by the respective sub-department of the Department of Employment.
  5. Income tax forms copies
Diplomatic/official visa (Category D/F)

Official or department approval letter/order for visiting Thailand for diplomatic or office work.

SMART visa (Category T, I, E, S,O)
  1. Category T is for talented individuals from foreign countries.
  2. Category I is for the investors from foreign countries.
  3. Category E entails executives belonging to foreign countries
  4. Category S is for the start-ups and entrepreneurs focusing on technology based functioning, and are from foreign countries.
  5. Category O is specifically for dependent family members.

Thailand Visa fees for Indian

The single entry visa fee for tourists is roughly around INR 2,500 .

The visa fee for the Thailand  visa is of 2,000 Baht which roughly translates to INR 4,460 for the e-visa. This fee can only be paid in Thai currency, in cash, when you enter the country. The fee can change without prior notice. 


Q1 What is the processing time for the visa application?

It takes an average of 7 working days. The minimum number of days is dependent on which visa center you have applied to, and the volume of applications at the given moment.

For example, if you applied at a center in Mumbai, it takes at least 5 working days from the day of the application submission. On the other hand, if you applied at the center in Ahmedabad it takes a maximum of only 8 working days but is subject to the Royal Thai Consulate.

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