Do you know Yellow Number plate in India mean ? The number plates on vehicles are issued for vehicles as a means of identification and registration. There are certain features of the number plate which differentiate them from each other like format, colors, state codes, registration mark. Likewise on the basis of color, yellow  number plate in India is used for commercial vehicles. In this blog, it introduces with  yellow number plate with black letters on it and yellow number plate with red letters India.

Yellow Number plate in India

The yellow number plate in India, specifically, is for commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles include taxis, buses, trucks, delivery vans, autos (three-wheelers), and other vehicles used for transportation or commercial purposes. These vehicles typically bear the yellow number plates in India and are driven by those with specific licenses to drive them. Here are some key points regarding yellow number plates in India.

What does the yellow number plate mean?

First and foremost, the background color of the number plate for commercial vehicles is yellow.  The distinct color separates it from private vehicles, other self driven commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, and so on. The purpose of this distinct color is to differentiate them from the white number plates used for private vehicles.

Next, we have the appearance of these number plates. There are two components, the color of the lettering and the format. The numbers and letters on a yellow number plate are usually printed in black. This provides contrast and ensures readability. The format of the yellow number plate generally follows the standard Indian number plate format, consisting of a two-letter state code, followed by a unique alphanumeric combination assigned by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

In certain cases which call for it, High-Security Number Plates (HSRP) may also be implemented for yellow number plates. These plates are made of tamper-proof materials and include features like a chromium-based hologram, laser-branding, and a unique identification number.

Yellow number plate with Red letters

Yellow number plate with red letters -itzeazy

If a vehicle has a number plate which is yellow, but has red lettering, it simply means that the registration process with the RTO is yet in progress. This number plate is temporary.

Yellow number plate with Black letters India

Yellow number plate with Black letters India-itzeazy

As the vehicle has been officially registered, there will be another alphanumeric code given to the vehicle, which can then be printed in black lettering on a yellow plate. 

How to get yellow number plate in India?

There are three basic steps which need to be followed by an individual who wishes to get a yellow number plate- Registration, Inspection, and Fees.

  1. Registration :The vehicle has to be registered in the Regional Transport Office in your locality/state. If the commercial vehicle is not yet registered, the owner needs to submit the official documents such as the ownership papers, the PUC (pollution under control) certificate, proof of insurance that presently is in place, and whatever other document is asked at RTO. The process can be done via Vahan Parivahan sewa.
  2. Inspection: Once the commercial vehicle is registered, there will be a vehicular inspection that will take place. The main purpose of this inspection is to check whether the vehicle is safe to drive on the roads, and the level of roadworthiness. The aspects that are inspected may include the condition of the body of the vehicle and it’s interiors, if the vehicle has being complying with the traffic rules and regulations, condition of the engine and it’s parts, and so on. 
  3. Fees: For every state, the fee usually varies. Apart from the geographical location factor, another thing to consider while gauging the probable fee, is the type of vehicle it is. There is no concrete information available online with regards to this matter, as the fees fluctuate in nature. In order to determine the fee amount that will need to be paid, the best option is to visit the RTO closest to you and inquire in person.

Features of Number plates in India

As we there are different types of number plates in India The number plates are identified on the basis of  format, colors, state codes. A few examples of these features are: 

  1. Format: The alphanumeric system that Indian number plates follow are very unique and representative. The code shows the location, number of the vehicle, and more details about the registration of the vehicle, and is extremely unique in every case. 
  2. Colors: The background color of the number plate can range from white, black, red, yellow, and so on. The numbers and letters are usually in black.
  3. Fonts and Size: The details on the number plate are often in English. For the size of the font, dimensions of the plate, where the plate needs to be placed, and all these factors, there are guidelines that need to be followed. 
  4. State Codes: Each Indian state has a unique two-letter code that is displayed on the number plate. For example, DL for Delhi, MH for Maharashtra, KA for Karnataka, TN for Tamil Nadu, etc.
  5. Registration Mark: The registration mark is the unique combination of numbers and letters that identifies a specific vehicle. It is assigned by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where the vehicle is registered.

Q1 Is it mandatory to use HSRP for my commercial vehicle?

HSRPs are mandated in some states for both private and commercial vehicles. However, the requirements may vary. Check with your state’s transport department or the RTO for specific guidelines.

Q2 Can I change the number plate of my private vehicle to a yellow number plate?

No, yellow number plates are specifically designated for commercial vehicles. Private vehicles are required to have white number plates.

Q3 Can I use Customized yellow number plate in India?

NO, you can not customize or personalize number plates in fancy one or as you want. The number plate must correspond to the RTO’s rules and follow the specified format. So it

Q4 Can I use a yellow number plate on a private vehicle?

Using the wrong number plate on a car might have legal repercussions, such as fines or penalties. For both private and commercial cars, it’s crucial to adhere to the approved number plate rules.