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Types of Number Plates in India

Types of number plates in India

Number plate number is identification of the vehicle. But on the basis of color of number plate , there are different types of number plates in India and it signifies meaning .When you cross a red light or have any accident, this is a identification number for a motor vehicle. The traffic department will verify your information through your number plate only. A name to a human, is what a number plate is to a vehicle. Number plates are fixed on the front and rear of each vehicle.

Types of number plates in India

The road vehicles having motors in India have a unique registration or licence number. The number plate number is given by the Regional transport office (RTO) in each state. Number plates are also called as High Security Registration Plates(HSRP).

Currently, there are 8 different types of number plates in India:

  1. White number plate– These are the normal number plates. They are issued for personal use.
  2. Yellow number plate– These are used for commercial uses only and cannot be used for personal uses. Additionally, the driver should also have a commercial driving permit to drive the vehicle.
  3. Green number plate– They are used for electric cars and buses.
  4. Red number plate– It is a temporary number plate for a brand-new car. It is valid for 1 month only, after which the owner shall need to have a permanent number plate. But some states do not issue temporary number plate.
  5. Blue number plate– It is issued to vehicles of foreign diplomats only. It shall contain letters like CC (Consular Corps) & UN (United Nations). The number plate shall contain the country code of the diplomat and not the state code.
  6. Black number plate- They are number plates of ‘A’ level luxury hotel transport vehicles.
  7. Number plate with an upward-pointing arrow- It is for military vehicles.
  8. Red number plate with the emblem of India– It was previously used for the President of India and the State Governors. It is currently not in use now.

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What about unique numbers?

In the different types of number plates in India the last 4 digits is unique to each vehicle. People shall fix fancy numbers such as 3333 or 6666 and those will be costly, at around ₹1,00,000 or more.

  • Karnataka in 2005, used to charge ₹1000 for obtaining a unique last 4-digit number. Currently it is at around ₹75,000.
  • Maharashtra in 2012increased the price from ₹1,25,000 to ₹2,00,000.
  • Uttarakhand for the numbers 0001 and 0786 has the highest charge of ₹50,000.
  • Gujarat charges ₹1000 for 2-wheeler vehicles and ₹5000 for 4-wheeler vehicles.
  • Andhra Pradesh follows the Auction system to distribute the number plate. The highest bidder gets the number plate. Numbers like 0909 0999 0099 0009are in huge demand and fetches maximum bidders for the auction.

What about the Higher officials?

 Military vehicles:

They have a unique numbering system unlike any other numbers system. The numbers are registered by the Ministry of Defence situated in New Delhi. The first character is an upward-pointing arrow. This is called a Broad Arrow.

  • President:

The President of India and the State Governors used to travel in official cars without number plates, but having the Emblem of India, in gold embossed on a red plate. But currently they have normal plates like the citizens.

 What is the State/UT codes in India?

Here are the state codes for types of number plates in India.

State or Union Territory Code
Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN
Andhra Pradesh AP
Arunachal Pradesh AR
Assam AS
Bharat (India) BH
Bihar BR
Chandigarh CH
Chhattisgarh CG
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu DD
Delhi DL
Goa GA
Gujarat GJ
Haryana HR
Himachal Pradesh HP
Jammu and Kashmir JK
Jharkhand JH
Karnataka KA
Kerala KL
Ladakh LA
Lakshadweep LD
Madhya Pradesh MP
Maharashtra MH
Manipur MN
Meghalaya ML
Mizoram MZ
Nagaland NL
Odisha OD
Puducherry PY
Punjab PB
Rajasthan RJ
Sikkim SK
Tamil Nadu TN
Telangana TS
Tripura TR
Uttar Pradesh UP
Uttarakhand UK
West Bengal WB

Note: The international vehicle registration code for India is IND.

New updates regarding types of number plates in India

 High security registration plates (HSRP)-According to the Central Motor Vehicles Rule 1989, all registered vehicles on or after 1.4.2019 shall have a HSRP. HSRP is manufactured by using aluminium and contains a unique laser-etched code below the International Registration Code of India (IND) and also a Ashok Chakra hologram.

  • Snap-locks– Additionally, HSRP has snap-locks which does not become reusable, after an attempt to tamper it. HSRP is applicable all over India with a view to go digital totally.
  • Fancy number plate-Fancy number plates enable your vehicle to bear a customised number plate in terms of font and size. However, before you opt for fancy number plates, make sure you learn about the new norms related to the personalised option.

That’s all about types of number plates in India.

FAQs about Number plates

  1. Is it compulsory to fix a number plate at front and rear of vehicle?

Yes. It is compulsory to fix at both places.

  1. What happens if I don’t display my number plate?

Driving without a number plate can incur a penalty of Rs. 100 under section CMVR 105(2) (ii) and Rs.4500 under 177 Motor Vehicle Act, respectively

  1. Can I fix fancy numbers on my number plate?

Yes. But you need to pay huge sum of money to obtain those high premium plates.

  1. How do I differentiate between the letter O and number 0?

Letters such as O and I are not in use, to avoid confusion with digits 0 or 1.

  1. Why does electric vehicle have colour green number plate?

It displays that the vehicle has zero emission and environmentally friendly.

  1. Can the letter in number plate be in any language?

The letters in the number plate must be present in English and the numbers must be aerobic numerals.

  1. How long will it take to receive a number plate?

Generally, there is a waiting period of 10-12 days to receive the specific number plates. You can also check the status on the official website.






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