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Russian Tourist Visa for Indian

Russian Tourist Visa for Indian

16 days Russia Visa

Processing time:

10 days

Stay period:

16 days


60 days

Visa category:





INR 3400/-

Russia holds the titles of being the world’s largest nation based on both population and area. To explore the beautiful country of Russia,  Visitors need to obtain a Russian tourist visa for Indian. This visa allows them to experience the stunning attractions Russia offers beyond the famous Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The process of obtaining a Russian tourist visa for Indians is explained in this article and you will find detailed information about Russian tourist visa requirements and the processing time. One thing to remember is that an invitation letter is necessary before applying for a visa.

Russian tourist visa for Indian

If you’re an Indian citizen looking to travel to Russia, you can’t apply for a “Russia visa for Indians” online. Instead, you’ll need to follow a simple process. You start by applying for a letter of invitation, which is a document that will help you secure an appointment at the consulate. After that, you can get the Russian visa that matches your trip’s purpose.

To obtain this invitation letter, you’ll need to confirm that you have an invitation from a Russian Tour Operator or a recognized hotel approved by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

It’s essential to note that tourist invitations and visas are for foreign visitors staying in hotels. If you’re going to Russia to visit a friend or family member and will be staying at their place, you can apply for a “private tourist visa” through the Russian Government’s official portals. It’s a simple way to ensure you have the right visa for your visit.

Russian Tourist Invitation Letter

A Russian tourist invitation letter is an official document  that certifies you have gotten an official invitation to visit Russia from a hotel or travel agency in Russia that has been approved by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A Voucher and a Confirmation of the Admission of a Foreign Tourist are both included in this document.

Without a letter of invitation, you can’t apply for a Russian visa. This invitation letter is really important because it has key details like your name, passport info, why you’re visiting (for tourism), when you’re arriving and leaving, and the specific places you plan to go in Russia.

Eligibility criteria for Indians to qualify for a Russian tourist visa

To qualify for a Russian visa, Indian applicants need to meet specific eligibility criteria. These conditions are crucial to understand before applying. Here are the general Russian tourist visa requirements that must be fulfilled:

  1. Documentary Proof and Fees: Applicants should be able to provide all the necessary documents and pay the required fees as part of the application process.
  2. Accommodation Proof: Individuals must demonstrate proof of accommodation arrangements. 
  3. Financial Sufficiency: It’s necessary to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Russia.
  4. Valid Purpose of Visit: Applicants need to establish a legitimate and valid purpose for their visit to Russia. This could include tourism, business, family visits, or other accepted reasons.
  5. Return Plans: As part of the application, applicants should provide evidence of their intention to return after their stay in Russia. This could include return flight tickets or other reasons indicating your intent to go back home.

Documents required for Russian tourist visa for Indian

There is a list of documents needed while applying for Russian tourist visa for Indian.

  • A valid passport
  • Two photographs that are the size of a passport
  • A duplicate of your visa application, properly filled out and signed
  • A copy of the travel voucher
  • Proof of money
  • Confirmation of a return ticket
  • Proof of purpose of visit – exhibition pass, hotel bookings, invitation letter, etc.

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eVisa for Tourists to Russia

  1. Online Application: You can apply for a Russian eVisa online, and it typically takes about 4 days to process.
  2. Specific Regions: The eVisa is region-specific, meaning you can only visit certain areas in Russia. These areas include the Far East, Kaliningrad, and St. Petersburg/Leningrad region.
  3. Valid for 30 Days: The eVisa is valid for 30 days from the date it’s issued.
  4. Maximum Stay: You can stay in your chosen region for a maximum of 8 days with this visa.

How to apply for Russia tourist visa for Indian?

For Indian tourists applying for a Russian tourist visa, there are two types of visa application processes: the Russia eVisa, which can be completed online, and the Russia embassy visa, also referred to as the sticker visa, which requires applying through the embassy or consulate.

1.Download the Invitation (Visa Support). 

To start getting a visa for Russia, you should finish this. If you want to visit Russia for tourism, you can get your invitation through a travel agency or a hotel.

If you are travelling for a different reason, your inviter must acquire the invitation from the General Directorate for Migration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2.Fill out the online application. 

An application for a Russian visa is accessible on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID). Give the required details in a truthful and precise manner.

3.Gather the necessary documents. 

Please note that documentation requirements differ by country. Depending on the type of visa you’re seeking, specific documents are necessary. You can obtain a list of the required documents for a Russian tourist visa for Indian nationals from the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country, as well as from the local visa office.

4.Submit an application in person. 

When visiting the Russian consulate or a Russian visa agency, it’s important to submit all the specified documents. Generally, appointments are not necessary as walk-in applications are commonly accepted. Alongside your documents, the visa application fees must be paid at the same time.

5.Acquire an immigration card. 

Once you get your visa, you are free to travel to Russia. You still need to finish a few things, though. When entering Russia, fill out the immigration card at the passport control.

The card has two identical sections that you must complete. The border patrol will keep a percentage of the card. The other person ought to accompany you. You must return this card to the border police when you depart the country.

6.Register your visa. 

The registration of your visa must be done within seven working days of your arrival in Russia. There are two ways to register a visa. Your hotel should be the initial stop.

Secondly, through the landlord of the apartment you rented for your visit or the residence of your friends (who have invited your over). Both an immigration card and a passport are necessary to register for a visa.

How to Check Russian tourist Visa Status?

To check the status of your Russian tourist visa for Indian, follow these steps:

  1. Online Check (Russia eVisa): Visit the Russia eVisa portal and enter your reference number. This will provide you with the current processing status of your Russian visa.
  2. Offline Check (VAC or Consulate): If you applied through a Visa Application Centre (VAC), you can contact them to inquire about your visa status. Alternatively, if you applied directly through a consulate, get in touch with the respective consulate to check the status.

How much does a Russian tourist visa Cost for Indian?

If you’re applying for a single-entry tourist visa, the cost will be around Rs. 8,010. However, for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa application, the fee will range between Rs. 6,394 and Rs. 8,288, respectively.

Please Note: Depending on your nationality, Russian tourist visas may be less expensive. To view all available visa kinds, enter your nationality in the visa checker.

Russian tourist visa processing time

Usually, it takes about 10 working days to process a visit visa for Russia. This is if you’ve provided all the needed documents and paid the required fees. Just make sure your application is complete to avoid delays. Keep in mind that processing times might change based on the type of visa and other factors.


What do I do on receiving the invitation letter?

You must travel to the Russian embassy for your interview after receiving your invitation. You must first determine the documents you require. We advise you to call the embassy ahead of time. If you are granted a visa, the embassy will give it to you after the interview.

If I make a mistake in my application, what do I do?

You will need to reapply if we have already submitted your application; however, we will not charge you another service fee if you do so. If so, please contact one of our customer service specialists so we can assist you.

What distinguishes a tourist invitation letter from a Russian visa?

Your visa application must include the Tourist Invitation Letter, a required document. This document, which the Russian government requires in order for you to apply for a real visa, is not a visa itself.

When should I apply for the Russia visa as an Indian traveler?

The ideal timeframe for applying for a Russia visa as an Indian traveler is between 40 days and 4 days prior to your intended entry into the Russian Federation. It's crucial to follow this specific timeframe while submitting your visa application.

Can I Extend The Russia E Visa?

No, you cannot extend the Russia eVisa. The Russian unified eVisa comes with a set time limit, and it cannot be extended beyond that period. If you wish to stay in Russia for a longer duration, you will need to obtain a traditional Russian sticker visa through a Russian embassy or consulate.

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