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PUC Certificate Validity

PUC Certificate Validity

Do you know what a PUC certificate is and why it’s important?

In this blog, we’ll explain everything you need to know about PUC certificates, including what they are, how to get one, and how long they’re valid.

PUC certificates are required by law for all vehicles in India, and driving without one can result in a hefty fine.

Read this blog to learn more about PUC certificates, including their validity and how to make sure your vehicle is always in compliance.

PUC certificate validity

All vehicles in India that run on (ICE) Internal Combustion Engines (CNG/LPG, petrol/diesel) need to obtain a valid PUC Certificate, which is valid for 1 year from the initial date of issue.

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If you have bought a new vehicle, your PUC validity for new vehicle like pollution certificate validity for new bike will be provided by the dealer itself. The PUC certificate that the dealer provides is valid for 1 year from the date of its issue. You don’t need to visit a PUC testing centre just after buying your new vehicle.

As the motor vehicle ages, the emission levels starts to differ. Therefore, it is necessary to check the pollution levels at regular intervals  . In Delhi, vehicles have a PUC validity of 3 months except BS 4 and BS 6 compliant vehicles.

Renewal of PUC certificate validity

PUC certificates have to be renewed for all types of vehicles in India whether CNG, Petrol, Diesel following BS I/BS II/ BS III/BS IV/BS VI norms. You need to renew your PUC of your vehicle after 6 months when the puc certificate validity is about to expire. The grace period of renewing your puc certificate is 7 days from the exipry of your PUC certificate’s validity. The grace period of renewing PUC certificate validity means the time period within which you need to renew your puc certificate. If you don’t renew your puc certificate within grace period, a fine will be levied when you apply for renewal later and the fine need to pay is mentioned as follows:

  •  5% of the PUC charges if you renew your puc certificate after 30 days of grace period.
  •  10% of the PUC charges if you renew your puc certificate within 31-90 days of grace period.
  • 15% of the PUC charges if you renew your puc certificate within 91-180 days of grace period.
  • 20% of the PUC charges if you renew your puc certificate after 181 days of grace period.

How to check your PUC certificate validity online?

You can check whether your PUC certificate is active; PUC certificate validity and other details easily at Parivan Sewa website.

  1. Visit Welcome Transport Department (
  2. Click on “PUC certificate” tab
  3. Enter your vehicle’s Registration number and last five digits of your vehicle’s Chassis number. Type the Captcha code also.
  4. Click on “PUC details” button.
  5. It will display all the details regarding puc certificate on screen.

Consequences of not having a PUC certificate

PUC certificate is mandatory and has to  carry by all the drivers in India while driving their vehicles on road. If you don’t carry a valid PUC certificate, you will be booked under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.If you can’t produce your PUC before the traffic police officer or carry an expired PUC; a fine of Rs. 10,000 will be levied. The fine was Rs. 1000 initially.

The Delhi Transport Department issued a notice to carry a valid PUC certificate since September 2021. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine of Rs. 10000 or face a jail for 6 months or both. For subsequent offences, the fine is Rs. 20,000. This law, now, applies to all states in India. If you don’t own a PUC certificate, you can’t get your motor vehicle insurance. Insurance is a must for every vehicle. IRDAI has asked insurance companies not to provide insurance policies for vehicles unless they obtain a valid puc certificate. Therefore, check the validity of your puc certificate online or renew your puc certificate before expiry as soon as possible.


Q1: What is the expiry of PUC certificate?

A1: The expiry of PUC certificate is 1 year from the date of issue.

Q2: What is the new rule of PUC?

A2: The new rule of PUC is that all vehicles in India need to have a valid PUC certificate, regardless of their age.

Q3: What is the validity of first PUC?

A3: The validity of the first PUC is 1 year from the date of issue.

Q4: Can I get 2nd PUC certificate?

A4: Yes, you can get a second PUC certificate. You can get it from any authorized PUC testing center.

Q5: Why PUC is mandatory for all vehicles?

A5: PUC is mandatory for all vehicles to ensure that they are not emitting excessive pollutants.

Q6: Do BS6 vehicles need PUC?

A6: Yes, BS6 vehicles also need PUC.

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