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Driving License

New Driving Licence Rules

New Driving licence rules

Driving Licence

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Are you aware of the new driving license rules that could make getting your license a breeze?

The Ministry of Road Transport has introduced some significant changes to the driving license rules, offering a simplified way to obtain your license and make the roads safer.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these new rules, how they benefit you, and the steps to follow to ensure a hassle-free application.

Stay with us to navigate through the latest driving license rules, so you can hit the road with confidence. We can help you get a new driving license or renew your existing one. Let’s start!

New Driving Licence Rules

The main aim for introducing new driving licence rules is to improve the driving training processes and make the driving training tests more accurate. The new driving license rules will help drivers become more skilled and confident, which will reduce road accidents.

Now, the applicants need not to undergo and pass the test at RTO instead they can pass the driving test at the institute after thorough and systematic training.

It is mentioned compulsory that every five years, the institute has to renew its accreditation. To strengthen the driving licence training process, the driving institute will get affiliation or accreditation after examining the following points by the government transport authority:

  • The minimum space should be one acre of land for two and three- wheeler training centres. For the heavy vehicles training, space should have two- acres of land.
  • The institute should have a stimulator and test track.
  • The trainer present in the institute should have cleared higher secondary education level and have at least five years of driving experience.
  • The driving school should have information technology and a biometric system.
  • The institute should conduct high- quality driving track tests according to the curriculum prescribed by the transport authority.
  • The training time for light vehicles will be of 29 hours and must be completed within four weeks of starting. It will be divided into two parts: theory and practical curriculum. 21 hours for practical and 8 hours for the theory driving learning.
  • For the medium and heavy motor vehicles, the duration for training will be 38 hours and must be completed within 6 weeks of starting. 31 hours of practical and 8 hours for theory classes.

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Different types of driving licence

According to the new driving licence rules, an applicant can get a driving licence based on the type of vehicle he/ she will drive. The following types are mentioned below:

Type of Use Licence class Type of vehicle
Personal and permanent driving licence MC 50CC Motorcycles with 50cc or less engine capacity
Personal and permanent driving licence MC EX50CC LMVs with gear and capacity of 50CC or more. Example; car, motorcycle.
Personal and permanent driving licence MCWOG/FVG Motorcycles with any engine capacity without any gears. Example; scooters and mopeds.
Personal and permanent driving licence M/CYCL.WG All motorcycles with & without gear.
Personal and permanent driving licence LMV- NT Light motor vehicles (LMVs) for non- transport purposes
Commercial driving licence HMV Heavy Motor Vehicles
Commercial driving licence HGMV Heavy goods motor vehicle
Commercial driving licence HPMV/ HTV Heavy passenger motor vehicle/ Heavy transport vehicle
Commercial driving licence MGV Medium goods vehicle
Commercial driving licence LMV LMV- motorcars, delivery vans, taxis and jeeps
Commercial driving licence Trailer Heavy trailer licence

RTO new rules for driving licence

RTO new rules for driving licence application is very simple and unique. Here we will discuss how to apply for a driving licence application through online mode:

  • Visit the portal of the ministry of Road Transport & Highway. The link is here.
  • Select the state where you are living and type of licence you want to apply for.
  • Fill in the application form correctly.
  • Upload all the necessary documents.
  • Pay the fees.
  • Verify your payment status and click on submit button.

You will receive the driving licence at your place through the post.

If you didn’t like the online method, you can also opt for the offline method. You have to visit the nearby RTO office and collect the form. Submit the correctly filled up form and documents. Pay the fees.

Documents required as per the new driving licence rules

As everything is changing, the documentation process has also changed. The following documents are important to submit as per the new driving licence rules:

  • Age proof: you can submit an educational certificate, passport, pan card, birth certificate or employer certificate.
  • Address proof: you can submit ration card, passport, rent agreement, aadhar card, life insurance policy certificate, utility bill, etc.
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Application form no. 4
  • Form no. 1 and form no. 1A as a medical certificate

Fee structure as per the new driving licence rules

The fees for new driving licenses and renewals are listed below.

Type of driving licence Fees (in Rs)
Learning licence renewal 200
Learner’s licence 200
International licence 1000
Permanent licence renewal 200
Permanent licence 200
Issue and renewal of licence for driving schools 10,000
Issue of duplicate licence for driving school 5000
Issue of renewed driver’s licence 200

By making new driving licence rules, the government of India is trying its best to reduce the cases of road accidents and make strictness among the rule breakers. It is not just about driving test in front of the RTO, but rather each day of training will ensure that the applicant is driving correctly with full confidence.

So, this was all about the new driving licence rules. If you have any problem,you can refer to the website .


Q1: Can I get driving licence without test in India?

A1: No, you cannot get a driving license without a test in India. However, you can take the driving test at a government-accredited driving training center instead of at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Q2: Can 70 year old drive in India?

A2: Yes, people of all ages can drive in India, as long as they have a valid driving license. However, people over the age of 60 are required to renew their driving license every three years instead of every five years.

Q3: Can a person have 2 DL in India?

A3: No, a person cannot have two driving licenses in India.

Q4: What is the minimum age for Driving Licence in India?

A4: The minimum age for a driving license in India is 18 years for light motor vehicles and 20 years for heavy motor vehicles.

Q5: How long is DL valid in India?

A5: A driving license in India is valid for 20 years for light motor vehicles and 10 years for heavy motor vehicles.

Q6: Can a person of 17 years old drive in India with a learning license?

A6: Yes, a person of 17 years old can drive in India with a learning license, but they must be supervised by a licensed driver at all times.

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