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Kenya visa for Indians

Kenya visa for Indians

Are you planning to travel to Kenya? Then it needs to apply for a Kenya visa for Indians to visit the country. Indians can get an evisa for Kenya using the online platform known as the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). Thus, depending on the purpose of the visit to the Republic of Kenya, Indians can apply for the required visa type. In this blog, you will learn about the e-visa process, Kenya visa requirements, and fees from India.

Is Kenya visa free for Indian citizens?

No, Indians who are regular passport holders cannot enter Kenya without a visa. Only diplomatic passport holders are eligible for Kenya visa-free entry with a validity of 90 days.

Kenya visa for Indians

Kenyan visa regulations determine the type of Kenya visa for Indians you should have, and it corresponds to the purpose of your travel.

  • Single Journey visa: The authorities grant the Single Journey visa for single or multiple entries to individuals whose nationalities require visas to enter Kenya.
  • Travel visa: Issued for periods not surpassing three days to people whose nationalities expect visas to enter Kenya and who plan to travel through Kenya to an alternate goal.
  • Diplomatic visa: This visa is issued for single or multiple entries to holders of Diplomatic international passports who are on official duty.
  • Courtesy/Official visa: This visa is issued to people holding Official or Service visas on Official duty and to Ordinary passport holders who are not eligible for a Diplomatic visa. However, the issuance is considered attractive on the grounds of international courtesy by the Director. Just around the corner
  • East Africa Tourist visa: This is a joint visitor visa that qualifies holders for movement to and inside the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda with the end goal of tourism. The legitimacy of East Africa Tourist Visa: 90 (Ninety days) Multiple Entry.
  • For Multiple Entry visa: This is relevant just for those candidates who have made a trip to Kenya often (at least 4 times) with no trouble. One should carry:
  1. Visa application form in triplicate
  2. Legitimate travel permit
  3. Three photos of passport-sized

How to get a evisa for Kenya?

To get a Kenya visa for Indians, it is necessary to apply for evisa for Kenya. Indians can start the evisa process through the online platform Republic of Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA).

  1. Visit the official site eTA and Click on the register on
  2. Choose the option register as a visitor.
  3. Once logged in, you should choose the Department of Immigration services.
  4. Choose submit application.
  5. Choose Kenyan visa.
  6. Select the kind of visa and read the instructions in details.
  7. After reading fill the application form.
  8. You can pay for the visa by using Mastercard, Visa card, or other cards.
  9. After receiving approval through email, you must download and print the e-visa from your eCitizen account.
  10. You have to show your printed e visa to the migration officer at the entry port.

Kenya eVisa for Indian citizen

The immigration authorities issue an e-Visa as an approval document in PDF format, allowing visitors to travel to a Kenyan entry point. At the point of entry, visitors must present the e-Visa to an immigration officer, who will then grant the right to enter The Republic of Kenya by stamping the holder’s passport.

If you don’t mind twofold check your data to ensure that all are right. At that point, you have to pick the payment format and fill in the protected payment page for the visa charge. Subsequent to accepting the full instalment for visa benefit charge and Government expense, we will send a demand by email for the extra reports to finish your application.

In the wake of completing stage 2, please browse your email from us for the affirmation. The authorities will process and send the Kenyan e Visa to you via email. Once you receive your Kenyan e Visa through email, please print it out to present at the airport before boarding the plane. It would be ideal if you present your Kenyan e Visa for checking at the air terminals in Kenya.

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Requirements for the Kenya visa for Indians

The document require for Kenya visa from India irrespective of type of visa you are applying are:

  1. The Applicant ought to have a passport legitimate for no less than 6 months from the date of use for the visa.
  2. One visa form (photocopy permitted).
  3. Two photographs which must of passport size.
  4. Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate is compulsory. A Yellow fever immunization authentication is substantial for a long time, starting 10 days after inoculation. You should also take an inoculation shot.
  5. A substantial Polio (OPV) You need a certificate, and you should take the dosage of OPV no less than a month before your departure from India.
  6. Hotel Bookings

There are few requirements need to fulfil  as per visa type. The specific documents are mentioned below.

Kenya tourist visa

Indians can have the visa on arrival by making a payment of $50. Tourists ought to have a confirmed ticket

If a person applies at the Embassy, the necessary documents required are listed below.

  1. A covering letter from the candidate on organization letterhead expressing the reason and term of remain alongside candidate’s passport and personal details. Address the letter to the visa officer at the Kenya High Commission, New Delhi.
  2. If you are going in groups you should provide a travel itinerary.
  3. After visa and verification of assets or sponsorship presentation from the support in Kenya.

Kenya business visa

It is the same as the visa for tourist one should pay an amount of $ 50 at the AirPort to get visa on arrival. The traveller ought to have a confirmed Air ticket and Yellow Fever Certificate alongside other travel documents.

If you apply at the Embassy to get a Kenya visa for Indians, you will need the following documents.

  • The Indian company needs to provide a covering letter suggesting travel, companies to be visited, and the duration of the proposed stay. The letter should be addressed to the visa officer at the Kenya High Commission, New Delhi.
  • A letter of welcome from the business relates to Kenya.
  • Verification of adequate assets (Credit card photocopy, Bank articulation of most recent 6 months).
  • Return air ticket
  • The visa has a validity of 3 months, and the immigration authorities will determine the duration of stay at the time of entry into Kenya.

Kenya visa photo requirements

  1. The photo must be in color.
  2. It must have a white background.
  3. Should have a close up of your head and top of shoulders.
  4. It must be in sharp focus and clean.
  5. Ought to be of high calibre with no ink stamps and wrinkles.
  6. The photo must show you taking a gander at the camera.
  7. It ought to be 5.5cm * 5.5cm (207px * 207px).
  8. Should demonstrate your skin tone normally.
  9. It ought to have suitable shine and difference.
  10. The photo ought to be a current one not over a half-year-old.
  11. You are required to take it without headgear.
  12. If the candidate wears headgear on religious grounds. The fundamental attributes of the face must be evident from the photo. Button, nose, eyes and eyebrows must not be covered; the brow should be revealed to the extent that the shape of the face is evident.
  13. It ought to be without cap/top.
  14. The candidate must have their hair tucked behind their ears in the photo.
  15. The photo must not have any staple imprints.
  16. We will not accept scanned and color photocopies.

Kenya visa fees for Indian

Kenya visa fees for Indians differ according to the type of visa.

Visa type Fees
Single entry Visa $51
Transit Visa $21
East African Tourist Visa $101
Courtesy Visa FREE


  1. The charges for visa processing if non-refundable.
  2. Inadequate applications will be rejected.
  3. The possession of an e Visa isn’t the last authority to enter The Republic of Kenya.
  4. Participating in any type of business or work without an imperative permit or pass is an offence.
  5. A visa is required before entering The Republic of Kenya.
  6. You must present the e-Visa printout at the port of entry.
  7. It should take at least 2 working days to get your evisa.
  8. The individuals who are travelling to Kenya should submit their respective eVisa in their eCitizen account and parents can apply in their eCitizen account for their children account.

Kenya evisa processing time

After submitting their application, visitors must wait for the visa to be issued. It takes 1-3 business days to do this. The majority of Indian petitioners get their visas within a few hours, although certain applications could take longer because of demand or government vacations.


Can I obtain a Kenya visa on arrival?

No, there is no Kenya visa on arrival for Indians.

How long does it usually take to obtain a visa for Kenya from India?

It takes around 2-3 working days for getting Kenya visa from India after application.

Do Indian passport holders need a visa to visit Kenya?

Yes, Indian nationals with passports must get a Kenya visa for Indians in order to enter Kenya legally.

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