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How to Apply for Passport Online?

How to apply for a new passport Online in India

Searching for how to apply for passport online in India? You can apply for passport online through passport seva online portal in India.Passport is an official identity document issued to Indian citizen for international travel.It can be used identify proof for domestic as well foreign purposes.Thus ,the blog will guide you through the entire procedure to apply for passport online in India. It will also cover documents and fees required for passport apply in India

Overview on Passport How to Apply?

The passport application must be submitted online, and the fees for the application must also be paid online. Documents required for online passport apply must be presented to passport officials for verification during the visit to the passport office.

Because the procedure for passport online applying is a little confusing, having difficulty understanding how to get passport online in India is normal.

No need of worrying any more. Step by step guide is available to help you to understand the procedure to passport online applying and get passport online. You will understand how to apply for a new passport online in India after reading this article. So continue reading.

Passport application process is online in India nowadays.  Be it a new passport application or renewal or re-issue of passport application process is the same. However,  documents required for online passport apply can be different under different scenarios.

Application types for online passport apply

Before applying for a passport, you should be aware of the different types of passports available. So that, you can determine which category you fall into and how to apply for passport online in India.

Normal Passport Application

Under normal passport application process, it takes approx. 25-30 days time. The normal passport fee is Rs. 1500 in the case of an adult and Rs. 1000 in the case of a minor.

Tatkal Passport Application

Under the tatkal passport application process, it takes approx. 2-4 days time. There are additional fees of Rs. 2000 for the Tatkal passport application process.

Based on the time available and the cost involved, one can choose the application type between the above two options available.

For new passport application under the tatkal process needs a verification letter from a class 1 officer or Gazetted officer, which can be difficult to get if you don’t know someone personally. So, need to check before going for a passport application under the tatkal process.

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Documents required for passport apply in India

Apply passport online documents required- Following are the documents required for a passport online apply :

  1.  Current address proof of last 1 year ( Voter id/ Aadhar/ Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/ Photo passbook of bank/gas connection/
  2.  Date of birth proof ( Birth certificate/ 10th certificate/ Aadhar/ Driving License/ PAN card )
  3.  10th certificate to apply under ECNR category
  4. In the case of tatkal application Certificate from Ghazatted officer ( Annexure B)

For more information on apply passport online documents required under different categories pls refer to the complete guide on it at

How to apply for passport online?

Following are the steps involved in passport online applying :

  1. Filling in passport application form online at official passport website
  2. Payment of requisite passport application fees
  3. Visit the passport office for photograph and document verification
  4. Police verification/ address verification
  5. Passport issue
  6. Passport delivery by post

Register for online passport apply

The process is lengthy and you’ll still have to visit the passport office, but you definitely won’t need an agent to get the job done as long as you follow these steps.  We will tell you to step by step process of passport online applying.

1.Go to the Passport Seva website

passport online apply

2.Click New User? Register Now

how to apply for passport

  1. Now fill out the form to create an account on the Passport Seva website. You need to select the passport office of the city you’re living in currently, not your native place.
  2. Also, make sure that you enter the name exactly as it appears in your other documents to avoid any problems with your application. The rest of the form is pretty straightforward – it’s just like signing up for any other website.

passport how to apply

5.Click Register when done.Now that you’ve created your account, return to the Passport Seva website.Enter your registered Login Id, password and the characters in the image. Click Login.

apply passport-4

Steps for form filling:

  1. Click Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport link.
    1. Note:You can download the form, fill it and upload it back to the website, or just fill in the details online. We recommend that you fill in the details online to save time.
    2. In case you want to download the form anyway, click Click here to download the soft copy of the form, in the first subheading on the page titled Alternative 1.
  2. On the next page, you’ll have to choose between a Fresh passport or Re-issue, a Normal or Tatkal passport, 38 pages or 60 pages. Make the selections as per your requirements, and click the Next page.
  3. You have to enter your personal information on the next page, and once again, the information you fill in should match your other documents. Once you’re done, click Submit Application at the bottom right.
  4. After you’ve filled the form, return to the webpage mentioned in step 9
  5. Click View Saved/Submitted Applications.
  6. You’ll see the application you just submitted. Click the radio button next to it and click the Pay and Schedule Appointment link.

Pay fees and Book appointment for online passport apply

  1. Select Online Payment and click Next. A list of Passport Seva Kendras from your city will appear on the screen along with the date and time of the earliest available appointment.
  2. Select one of these from the drop-down menu next to PSK Location.
  3. Enter the characters in the image next to and click Next.
  4. Click Pay and Book Appointment.
  5. This will now take you to the payment gateway. Complete your payment and you’ll be redirected to the Passport Seva website.
  6. Now you’ll see a page titled Appointment Confirmation with all the details of your appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK).
  7. Click Print Application Receipt. The next page will show a detailed view of the application – again, click on Print Application Receipt.
  8.  On the next page, you’ll see a preview of the receipt. Once again, click Print Application Receipt to finally take a printout of the appointment confirmation.
  9. You will need a print of this receipt to enter the PSK.

That’s all about the procedure for passport online applying. Using this guide, you can apply for a passport online.

Now all you need to do is go to the PSK at the time mentioned in the receipt along with original documents. If all the required documents are in order, your PSK visit would be fruitful. You’ll get your passport after police verification is complete.

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Tatkal Passport Fees in India 2022

Online Passport apply fees

Know the passport application fees for passport online applying

  1. ₹1500 – Fresh or Renew passport (36 pages, standard size) with 10-year validity.
  2. ₹3500 – First time applicant or renewal with expedited (‘tatkal’) service (36 pages) with 10 year validity.
  3. ₹2000 – Fresh or Renew passport (60 pages, ‘jumbo’ size) with 10 year validity.
  4. ₹4000 – First time applicant or renewal with expedited (‘tatkal’) service (60 pages) with 10 year validity.

There is a 10 per cent rebate on passport fees for citizens either under the age of eight or over sixty years. The foreign office currently charges Rs 2,000 as fees for passports – whether new or for renewal – of 60 pages and Rs 1,500 for 36-page passports. The beneficiaries of the rule will need to pay Rs 1,800 for 60-page booklets and Rs 1,350 for the 36-page passports.




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