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Singapore Business Visa for Indian

30 days Singapore Visa

Processing time:

3 to 5 days

Stay period:

30 days


upto 2 years

Visa category:

Business visa




INR 1800/-

Are you planning to travel to Singapore for business purposes? It needs to get a Singapore business visa for Indians to visit for business-related activities in Singapore. Before applying, you should know the steps for getting a business visa for Singapore from India, Singapore business visa requirements, and fees.

Singapore business visa for Indians

Indians need to apply for a Singapore Entry visa for business purposes. THe Singapore business visa is just a pre-entry permission for Indians to entry or explore business opportunities.It allows to travel Singapore for attending meetings, business activities, conferences etc

You can not apply for Singapore business visa at embassy or consulate in India. It needs to apply through authorized visa agents in India. The agents will submit online application for entry visa. After approval, you will receive a Singapore e visa copy from visa agent.

Validity of Singapore business visa for Indians

The validity of Singapore business visa for Indians depends upon the High commission on the basis of merit. Normally, Indians can get upto 2 years of valid Singapore visa.

While applying for Singapore business visa, you have to mention intended duration of stay i,e less than or more than 30 days.Your entry to Singapore is determined solely by the ICA Officers at the port of entry. They will decide your length of stay in the country.

Singapore business visa rules

  1. Indians who hold diplomatic, service and officials passports are exempt from visa.
  2. You must apply for the visa 30 days prior to your travel to Singapore.
  3. Singapore e visa will indicate the length of your stay and the last day up to which you are allowed to stay at Singapore.

How to apply for Singapore business visa with Itzeazy?

  1. Visit the Itzeazy visa page ad select Singapore as country of travel
  2. Select purpose of visit
  3. Enter personal details and entry and exit details
  4. Upload the documents and photographs
  5. Payment of visa fees
  6. Collection and validation of documents by Itzeazy experts
  7. Get your Singapore e visa on approval

Singapore business visa cost

The Singapore business visa cost for Indians is Rs 1800/-. Along with the application fees, it needs to pay Rs 650/- service fee as authorized visa agent charge. Both fee is non-refundable.

A visa extension will cost Rs 2470/- or 40 Singaporean Dollars.

Can I apply for Singapore business visa online?

No, Indians can not apply for Singapore business visa online on their own or by visiting at consulate office. It needs to apply Singapore visa through authorized visa agents. Only authorized visa agents are allowed to submit e visa application on behalf of applicant. You have to fill up Form14a and arrange required documents and submit it to the authorized visa agents. After approval of visa, the visa agent will share Singapore e visa copy to you.

Documents required for Singapore business visa

Following documents required at the time of application for Singapore business visa

  1. Completed application form 14A
  2. Valid passport photocopy with at least six months validity (photocopy of biodata page)
  3. Two recent passport-sized color photograph
  4. Invitation letter from host company in Singapore
  5. Covering letter on company letter head

Additional document as per case

For application through local contact :Form V39A-Letter of Introduction for Visa Application

Additional Documents require at the entry point of Singapore

  1. Proof of sufficient funds to stay in Singapore
  2. Confirmed return/onward ticket (if applicable)

Note: There is no need to have flight tickets while application for visa.

Singapore business visa photo requirements

While applying for Singapore business visa , it is necessary to fulfil Singapore visa photo requirements as given below:

  1. Singapore visa photo size should be 35mm wide X 45mm high, recommend dimensions 400 X 514 pixels
  2. Recently taken in last 3 months against a plain white background without shadows
  3. The photo should be clear, focus and without borders
  4. Full face with open eyes facing forward with upper shoulders visible
  5. Avoid white headgear and while cloth. Headgears for religious reasons is acceptable
  6. Spectacle should be glare free and the frame should not hide the eyes
  7. Hair must not hide the eyes or eyebrows
  8. It should be captured even lighting

Singapore business visa processing time

It takes around 3 to 5 working days excluding the day of application submission to obtain the Singapore Business Visa. The visa extension also takes 3 working days. Some Visa applications may take longer time.

How to check Singapore business visa status?

If you want to check the status of your Singapore business visa application, kindly follow the steps below. If you previously received a valid visa but lost it, you can follow the same steps to print your e-Visa.

  1. Visit he ICA official website e services page.
  2. Enter ‘Visa Reference Number’  or ‘Applicant’s Travel Document Number’ 
  3. Click Next and view status

If your visa is approved, you can download and print e visa from here.

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Where is the Singaporean Overseas Missions in India located?

Singapore has three Missions in India. The Embassy of Singapore is located in New Delhi while the Singaporean High commissions are located in Chennai and Mumbai respectively.

How to check Singapore Business Visa Application Status?

You can check the status of your Singapore Business Visa application at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority - SAVE ( Just enter the Visa reference number and your passport/travel document number. Click on Next button and your visa application status details will be shown.

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