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US Visa Fees for Indian 2024

US Visa Fees

upto 6 months USA Visa

Processing time:

3 to 4 days (after interview)

Stay period:

upto 6 months


10 years

Visa category:






If you are planning a visit to the USA for any purpose, you must know about the US visa fees for Indian before applying for a visa. Indians travel to the to the US for tourism, business, study, work, and for many other purposes. The US visa cost for Indian varies as per the visa type. Thus, it is necessary to understand various visa types and respective US visa fees in Indian rupees so as to submit visa applications hassle-freely.

US visa fees for Indian

India does not fall under the US Visa Waiver Program. An Indian needs a valid visa to enter the USA. Indians can apply for US visas from India on the basis of their purpose of visit and stay duration. There are broadly two types of US visa types for Indians:

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa: It allows you to visit the US for a short period of time.
  2. Immigrant Visa: It allows you to relocate to the US or stay permanently.

Indians mainly choose to apply for non immigrant types, as it includes visas for tourists, business, study, and work with long-term validity. There are several types of non-immigrant visas for Indians. For a non-immigrant visa application, the following steps are involved:

  1. Complete the online DS 160 form through the website.
  2. Payment of fees
  3. Schedule an appointment for the US visa application center and the visa interview at the US Embassy.
  4. Attend a visa interview at the US Embassy

The same procedure is followed for the immigrant visa type, with a few additional requirements and a different visa application form. It needs to submit the DS 260 application form with a police clearance certificate and a medical certificate.

US visa fees in Indian Rupees

The US visa fees varies as per the type of visa and purpose of visit. Thus for non immigrant and immigrant visas, the different US visa cost are given:

Non Immigrant US visa fees in Indian rupees

Non Immigrant US Visa type Visa code Fees USD Fees(INR)
Non Petition-based Visas  
Business/Tourist B  $185 Rs15540/-
Transit C-1  $185 Rs15540/-
Airline or Ship Crew member D  $185 Rs15540/-
Student & Academic purposes F  $185 Rs15540/-
Media & Journalists I  $185 Rs15540/-
Exchange Visitors J  $185 Rs15540/-
Students & Vocational Courses M  $185 Rs15540/-
NAFTA Professionals TN/


 $185 Rs15540/-
Witness or Informant of a case S  $185 Rs15540/-
Victim of Human Trafficking T  $185 Rs15540/-
Victim of Criminal Activity U  $185 Rs15540/-
Petition-based visa fees  
Temporary Workers/ Employment/Trainee Visa H $205 Rs17220/-
Intra-company Transferees L $205 Rs17220/-
Persons with Extraordinary ability O $205 Rs17220/-
Athletes, artists and entertainers P $205 Rs17220/-
International Cultural Exchange Q $205 Rs17220/-
Religious Worker R $205 Rs17220/-
Treaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty category visa E $315 Rs26460/-
Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. citizen category visa K $265 Rs22260/-

Immigrant US visa fees in Indian rupees

Immigrant US Visa Type Fees (USD) Fees (INR)
Immediate relative and family $325 Rs27300/-
Employment-based applications $345 Rs28980/-
Orphan (inter-country adoption) immediate relative petition  (I-600, I-800) $775 Rs65100/-
DV category immigrant visa $330 Rs27720/-
Affidavit of Support Review $120 Rs10080/-


  1. Visa fees are non refundable
  2. Payment of fees must be made using local currency i.e Indian Rupees

How to pay US visa fees for Indian?

After completing visa application form filling, you have to pay fees before appointment for non immigrant type of US visa.

  1. Visit US scheduling official website  and create profile.
  2. After login, Choose schedule appointment option and where select payment confirmation option.
  3. Choose mode of payment and pay online accordingly.

Modes of payment for US visa fees in Indian rupees

  1. NEFT
  2. UPI
  3. Debit Card/Credit Card
  4. Cash – Counter at DRUK Bank, AXIS Bank, & Citibank

Payments method for Immigrant US visa

If you apply through National Visa Centre, you will have to pay the fees at the NVC.

  1. An Immigrant visa fee may be paid at the US Embassy or its Consulates in cash (in U.S. dollars or Indian Rupees) or by a rupee bank draft drawn on a nationalized or foreign bank. Prepare the bank draft in the name of “The American Embassy, New Delhi”, and pay it in any bank in Delhi. 


Prepare a bank draft in the name of “U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai” and pay it in any bank of Mumbai.  The U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai also accepts credit card payments for immigrant visa fees.

  1. The consular rate of exchange can change. The fees may be revised as per the latest consular rates. Please check the latest consular rates before you pay the visa fees.

Exemptions for US visa fees for Indians

Individual may not need to pay Non-immigrant US visa fees

  • Indians who have applied for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO, and diplomatic visas
  • Indian applicants for J visas participating in official U.S. Government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges. 
  • If the original visa was not properly affixed or needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant after the replacement of the machine-readable visa.

Individual may not need to pay Immigrant US visa fees

  • An official representative of the Indian government or an international or regional organization of which the United States is a member. It also includes members and staff of an observer mission to United Nations Headquarters recognized by the UN General Assembly as well as Indian diplomatic visa holders as and their immediate families 
  • Indian transiting to and from the United Nations Headquarters 
  • Indian participating in a U.S. Government-sponsored programme which may include the applicant’s spouse and children. 
  • An Indian travelling to give charitable services as determined by the Visa Services.

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What is US reciprocity fee

One needs to pay a certain amount of visa issuance fee to the UK Embassy/Consulate after their non immigrant US visa application is approved. Indians, however, do not need to pay any kind of reciprocal fee for any kind of US visas.

When can I schedule interview for US visa?

You can schedule visa interview for US visa after paying US visa application fees.

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