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Can I drive in Dubai with an Indian license? The same question may arise to you while planning to visit Dubai from India for any of the purposes. Some countries allow Indians to drive a vehicle in a foreign country with an Indian driving license. Thus, along with the Dubai visa and other plans, It is important know whether an Indian driving licence valid in Dubai.

Is Indian driving licence valid in Dubai or UAE?

No, the Indian driving licence is not valid in Dubai or UAE to drive any type of vehicle. Indians need a International Driving Permit to drive any vehicle in Dubai. You need to get it from parent RTO for which you have an Indian driving license before visiting Dubai.

International driving licence for Dubai

If you have visited UAE or Dubai and wish to explore it, you can use public transport or rent a vehicle. An Indian requires a valid driving licence to rent and drive a vehicle in a foreign country. The driving licence is called International Driving Licence or International Driving Permit (IDP).

Consequences of driving a vehicle in Dubai without valid DL

The specific consequences can vary depending on the circumstances and the discretion of the UAE authorities involved Indians caught driving without an international licence in the UAE may face penalties such as heavy fines, vehicle impoundment, or even detention. Your private vehicle will be towed away to the police stations. In worst case scenarios, you may have to face conviction.

Also, if you’re driving without an IDP, the insurance won’t pay for any damages. So in case of an accident, you’ll have to cover all damages by yourself.

Need for international driving licence in Dubai for Indian

The advantages to having an international driving license in Dubai that make it a necessity to hold while traveling to Dubai.

  1. It allows Indians to hold a private vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognises the IDP.
  2. Drive and rent a car on Dubai roads
  3. It can also help as a person’s identity proof
  4. No additional driving tests are required in abroad.
  5. A person can claim insurance for an accident in Abroad if he/ she possess an International driving licence .

Eligibility criteria for IDP in India

An Indian must meet the following eligibility criteria to obtain an International Driving Permit in India:

  1. Hold a valid Indian permanent driving licence.
  2. Must possess a valid Indian passport and a Visa
  3. Make sure your address on the passport and driving license must be same

Validity of International Driving Licence in Dubai

The validity of an International Driving Licence is 1 year from the date of issue or the existing validity of the domestic driving licence expires, whichever is earlier. 

Where to apply for International Driving Licence?

An Indian can apply for his international driving license online at the Parivahan website. You have to apply for IDP at your parent RTO, where you hold a domestic driving license.

Categories of International driving permit

As per the 1949 convention, categories for which international driving permit is valid.

Category type Description
A Motor cycles (L1 and L2), with or without a side-car, invalid carriages and three-wheeled motor vehicles with weight not exceeding 400 kg
B Motor vehicles with permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3500 kg (7700 lb) and not more than eight seats in addition to the
driver’s seat in Category M1
C Motor vehicles used for the carriage of goods with permissible exceeds maximum weight 3500 kg (7700 lb)
D Passengers vehicles having more than eight seats in
addition to the driver’s seat
E Motor vehicles of category B, C, or D, as authorized above, with other than light trailer.

Fees for International Driving Licence

The International Driving Licence costs Rs. 1000. The renewal of International Driving Licence costs Rs. 2000.

Documents required for International Driving Licence

The following documents are required to apply for an International Driving Permit in India:

  1. Forms 4A and 1A for medical fitness
  2. Photocopy of Valid Permanent driver’s licence
  3. Photocopy of Indian passport and visa
  4. Copy of air tickets for verification
  5. Passport-sized photographs as required

How to apply for International driving licence?

The steps to apply for an International Driving Licence are:

  1. Go to Home (
  2. Select your State.
  3. Choose Apply for International Driving Licence.
  4. Read the instructions and click on “Continue”
  5. Enter your driving licence details.
  6. Upload your documents and photo.
  7. Book a Driving Test from the available slots under the nearest RTO under the jurisdiction of your residence.
  8. Pay the IDP fee
  9. Verify your Payment status.
  10. Print the confirmation form and the payment receipt.

For states where it needs to visit RTO ,you have to visit repective RTO after online process for submission and verification of documents. You can get your International Driving Licence within a week.

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Can an IDP be issued to a NRI?

No, an IDP is only issued to those who are a citizen of India.

Who issues and approves International Driving Licence in India?

You can get all International Driving Licences in India through RTO of respective states.

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