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Marriage registration

Marriage Registration in UP

Marriage Registration in UP

Marriage certificate

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7 days

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The Marriage Certificate is an essential document for any couple as it serves as proof that they are legally married. Marriage registration in UP must be registered under the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules.  Now you are thinking about How to apply for a marriage registration Uttar Pradesh online? Here are the process and necessary documents required for marriage registration in UP Uttar Pradesh or getting Marriage Certificate UP online

Marriage Registration UP

The registration of marriage is necessary for Uttar Pradesh. Marriage must be registered in the up  for the following purposes: 

  •   To prevent child marriages 
  •  To allow widows to claim inheritance 
  •   Help women to right to raise husbands and children 
  •   To verify a spousal or polygamous relationship 
  •   To dissuade a husband from leaving his wife 

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Documents Required for Marriage registration in UP

A marriage certificate is an important document and its legal proof of marriage between two individuals. There are many documents required to register a marriage.Documents for register a marriage in UP. 

  •  Depending on the religion of the person getting married, the correct applications must be completed and submitted for marriage registration in UP
  •  Address proof,  Proof of identity (you cannot use the same submitted document as proof of address).  Proof of your birth. 
  •  An affidavit stating the date and place of the wedding.
  •  Photograph 

 Wedding invitation.  

  • A certificate is signed by the priest leading the celebration.  
  • Two witnesses, preferably present at the time of the wedding. Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, a  conversion, divorce or death certificate. 

You can also manage the entire subscription remotely via the interwebs. It saves you time and saves you from traveling, especially useful if you are away for business. You have to download the forms, fill them out and submit them.

Marriage Registration in UP

Marriage registration in UP – Uttar Pradesh is an Aadhaar based process. The bride and groom must have a valid Aadhaar card to register their marriage online. Here are the instructions for registering a marriage in Uttar Pradesh: 

  1. Visit the homepage of the Integrated Complaint Resolution System “
  2.  When clicking on the option, register in the section Marriage Registration, the page will be redirected to the following page. 
  3.  In this page, enter the Groom’s Aadhaar number. After entering all the information ,groom receive OTP on registered mobile number. 
  4.  After entering OTP, all groom details  will come from  Aadhaar Database (UID) including photo. 
  5.  On the next screen, the registrant needs to enter the bride’s mobile phone number, then enter the  OTP code. 
  6. In the next page, the applicant should fill in all the other personal data of the Groom as shown in the PDF.  
  7. Upload photos and all other papers of the aforementioned groom and click save. 
  8. In the next step, the applicant needs to enter all the bride’s details  and upload  the bride’s documents. Click  save
  9. After providing complete details about the bride and groom, the registrant needs to enter wedding details  such as the date and location of the wedding. After filling in the details, click  save. 
  10.   Need to enter Witness details and upload photos. 
  11. After entering all the details, the candidate can preview the entered details. 
  12. If all  details are correct, read the message and click Submit. 
  13. An application number with a password will appear, write it down for future reference. 
  14.  The applicant must pay the marriage registration fee. 
  15. After processing , the relevant authority will issue a marriage certificate.


Marriage registration in UP is important. This will be useful for processing other documents and other important things. You can apply online and offline with the necessary documents. You have to register your marriage as soon as possible otherwise it will take more fees and procedures. 


  1. Amrinderjit Singh

    Hello sir my name is Amarinderjit Singh. I am from India. My wife lives in India. I want to get my marriage registered online.

    • itzeazy

      In UP online marriage registration not possible. Once visit of husband, wife and witness to the marriage registrar office is mandatory.

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