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Armenia Visa Check

Armenia Visa Status

21 days Armenia Visa

Processing time:

3 days

Stay period:

21 days


1 year

Visa category:





Rs 669

Have you applied for an Armenia visa and are looking for the current status of your visa application? Don’t you can do Armenia visa check online. The Embassy of Armenia takes some time to finalise the applicant’s visa decision. It is advisable to check the Armenia visa status while processing of the visa application. Thus, you will get to know about  the steps to check Armenia visa status online.

Armenia visa check

After submitting the online visa application form, you can check Armenia visa status. Whether you have applied for a short term visa or long term visa, you can do an Armenia visa check. As you have already submitted the visa application form, you must have got an Application ID via email. Keep it safe as it will help you in checking the Armenia visa status.

During the Armenia visa processing time, you can check the visa status according to your type of visa. If there are delays or issues in visa application, the Armenia visa check allows you to take necessary actions. It will help you in avoiding unwanted delays.

How to check Armenia visa status?

The process to check the Armenia visa status is simple. For checking it, you need to keep the Application ID .  Here are the steps you must follow for Armenia visa check:

  • Visit the official website of the Embassy of Armenia
  • Click on the option “Check Application Status”.
  • Enter your Application ID and captcha.   
  • At the end, click on “Check visa status”.

On the next page, the Armenia visa status would be displayed on the screen. You can check it from time to time and wait for its approval. 

Note: You cannot do an Armenia visa check with passport number. Don’t misplace the Application ID as it is the only way of checking the visa status. 

Armenia visa processing time

The processing time of Armenia visa for Indians is up to 3 working days. The processing time starts after the day you have applied for the visa application form. It does not include Saturday, Sunday, and any Armenian holidays.

It is important to note that if there is a need for submitting additional documents, your visa may take longer processing time. So, you should apply for an Armenia visa as soon as possible to avoid on the spot troubles.

Possible status of Armenia visa check

While doing Armenia visa check, you will get to see various possible status. These can be:

  • Approved: If your Armenia visa is approved, it means that your processing time has been completed. You can download the Armenia visa from the “Download” option.  
  • Pending: If your Armenia visa status is pending, it signifies that the visa application is still proceeding. The final decision is not taken yet by the embassy. 
  • Rejected:  If your Armenia visa is rejected, it means that you are not eligible for the visa. It is important to understand the reasons for rejection. If it is because of an error on your application form, you may be able to reapply after correcting it. 

Reasons for rejection of Armenia visa 

Some of the reasons for rejection of Armenia visa are as follows:

  • Criminal record: A criminal record affects an individual’s application form. Serious offences often lead to the rejection of Armenia visas. 
  • Expired passport: Make sure you have a passport with at least 6 months of validity. An expired passport can also lead to the rejection of an Armenia visa. 
  • Unclear purpose of travel: If the purpose of travel is not well- explained, it can lead to denial of visa application form. 
  • Inconsistent information: Providing different information in the visa application form and interview can cause doubts. It is important to be truthful and consistent. 

Moreover, there can be many other reasons for the rejection of the Armenia visa. The Embassy of Armenia attaches the reason for rejection along with the visa application form. 

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What are the documents required for Armenia visa check?

Application ID is the only requirement for checking the Armenia visa status.

How much is Armenia visa fees for Indians?

For single entry visitor visa upto 21 days , Armenia visa fees is $8 and for 120 days stays, it is $38.

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