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UK Visa Fees

UK Visa Fees

6 months United Kingdom Visa

Processing time:

3-5 weeks

Stay period:

6 months


6 months

Visa category:

UK Visit Visa


Single / multiple


INR 12,630

Are you planning to apply for a UK visa and want to know about the UK Visa fees? The UK Visa fees in Indian rupees vary depending on the type of Visa. The UK Visa fees from India and Immigration authorities charge fees to pay administrative costs. The cost can be paid in the currency of your choice. Itzeazy can help you get a United Kingdom visa from India. Itzeazy is the best United Kingdom visa agent in India. It has a team of experienced visa consultants to help and guide the visa application process. 

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Types of UK Visa

Here are the types of UK visas:

Visa Type Stay Period Validity
UK Standard Visitor Visa 6 months 6 months
UK Long-term Standard Visitor Visa Up to 2 years 2, 5, or 10 years
Skilled Worker Visa 5 years 5 Years
Student Visa Course duration + (1-4 months) Course duration + (1-4 months)
Business Visa 6 months 6 months

1. Standard visitor visa: This visa is for Tourism, business, visiting friends and family.
2. Skilled worker visa: For the employee who wants to work in the UK
3. Student visa: For study purposes at the UK Educational Institute.
4. Business visa: For entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives.
5. Spouse visa: This is for the person who wants to settle in the UK with a partner who is a citizen of the UK.

UK visa fees from India

The following are theΒ  Visa fees for the UK from India:

Visa types Validity Fee (INR)
Standard Visitor visa
6 months 12,630
2 years 47,444
5 years 84,675
10 years 1,05,762
Visiting academic (6-12) months 21,965
Private medical treatment (6-11) months 21,965
Marriage visitor visa 12,630
Permitted paid engagement visa 12,630
Visit the UK in a Chinese tour group (UK only) 12,630

Short-term study visa

Visa types Validity Fee (INR)
Studying the English language (6-11) months 21,965


Visa types Fee (INR)
Direct Airside Transit (DATV) 3,844
Visitor in Transit visa 7,029
Joining a ship or aircraft as a member of the crew 7,029

Parents of children at school

Visa types Validity Fee (INR)
Parent of a Student child visa 12 months 69,959

Child visitors

Visa types Validity Fee (INR)
Short-term 6 months 12,630
2 years 47,444
5 years 84,675
10 years 1,05,762

For more information about the Visa fees for the UK from India, you can visit the official website.

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What documents are necessary for a UK Visa?

Necessary documents for a UK Visa from India include a valid passport, the online application form and appointment confirmation, recent passport-sized photos, a six-month bank statement with sufficient funds, three years of income tax returns, and a detailed travel itinerary.

What is the required bank balance to apply for a UK Visa?

For a UK Visa application from India, a recommended minimum bank balance is approximately Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 per person to cover your stay in the UK.

What is the UK visitor visa's validity period for Indians?

The standard UK visitor visa for Indians is valid for up to 6 months, allowing multiple entries with a maximum 6-month stay duration on each visit.

What is the processing time for a UK Visa application from India?

The processing time for a UK Visa application from India is typically 10-15 working days, although it may vary based on factors like visa type and intended stay duration.

What biometric information is required during the UK Visa application process?

During the UK Visa application process, all applicants are required to provide biometric information, which includes 10-digit finger scans and digital photographs.

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