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Re-registration of vehicle in Gurgaon

Re-registration of vehicle in Gurgaon is required if a vehicle is transferred from another state in India to Gurgaon. Itzeazy provides service for both re-registration of car in Gurgaon and re-registration of bike in Gurgaon.

As per the motor vehicle act, re-registration of a vehicle in the new state is mandatory within 30 days. During re-registration of vehicle process, you also need to pay road tax on the depreciated value  of the vehicle. During the process once vehicle inspection at RTO is must. 

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, re-registration of a vehicle is also needed after 15 years of completion of vehicle registration and five years after the renewal of RC. Re-Registration of a vehicle requires certain steps to follow and documents to accomplish the process.

Itzeazy assists you in process of Re-registration of vehicle in Gurgaon with an expert team of consultants.

Shifting vehicle from one state to another state is normally 2 stage process :

1. NOC from the RTO where vehicle is registered
2. Road tax payment and re-registration of vehicle in the new state

The above mentioned process for inter state transfer of vehicle is followed for all types of vehicles, like cars, bikes, and commercial vehicles.

If you have bought a vehicle with the help of a bank loan and you have to shift to another state for any reason, like job transfer, there is a need to get an NOC from the bank as well. After receiving the NOC from the bank, proceed to get the NOC from the existing vehicle registered RTO. 

Re registration of vehicle

Re-registration of car/bike in Gurgaon

Once you get the NOC from other state, apply for the re-registration of vehicle in RTO Gurgaon by filling in related forms and documents.

During Re-registration of the vehicle in Gurgaon, Road tax on the depreciated value of the vehicle is to be paid. After re-registration process one can apply for refund of road tax amount paid in the previous RTO on pro-rata basis .

Itzeazy provides Consultancy for Re-registration of car in Gurgaon and re-registration of bike in Gurgaon, provides end to end assistance in the documentation and actual re-registration in the RTO. 

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How to apply for re-registration of the vehicle

Following are the steps involved in re-registering of the vehicle in the new state

  • Get the NOC for vehicle from previous RTO
  • Submit application for re-registration of vehicle along with supporting documents required into the RTO where vehicle is to be registered
  • Payment of Road tax
  • Physical inspection of the vehicle at RTO where vehicle is to be re-registered
  • Internal processing of the application at RTO
  • Issue of new RC after re-registration


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Process for re-registration of the vehicle

Itzeazy provides door step service for re-registration of vehicle . Following are the steps involved in the process of re-registration :

  • Book Order
  • Upload copy of RC,NOC & Current address proof to ascertain the feasibility
  • Quotation for re-registration will be shared by Itzeazy
  • Upload documents required for re-registration for verification
  • Schedule collection of the physical copies of the documents
  • Quotation for Road tax amount to be paid will be taken by Itzeazy
  • Client can either make D/D of the road tax amount or can deposit it in Itzeazy account
  • Appointment for vehicle inspection will be taken
  • Physical inspection of the vehicle at RTO
  • Issue of new RC after re-registration

Document Required

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Documents required for re-registration of the vehicle

Following are the documents required for re-registration of vehicle :

  • Original RC
  • Original NOC and 2 nos of form 28
  • Valid insurance
  • Valid Pollution certificate
  • Address proof
  • copy of purchase invoice
  • 1 no of form 20
  • 2 nos nos. of form 27
  • 2 nos. of form 33


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1. Can I use other state registered vehicle in Gurgaon ?


Yes, You can use other state vehicle in Gurgaon for maximum 1 month without registering it in Gurgaon as per motor vehicle act. After that its mandatory to register the vehicle.  

2. How can I register my car in other state in Haryana?


You can register other state vehicle in Haryana. 

Its 2 stage process :

1. Vehicle NOC from parent RTO
2. Re-registration of vehicle and payment of road tax in Haryana

3. Can I transfer Delhi RC to Haryana ?


Yes, Delhi RC can be transferred to Haryana. But the condition is, vehicle should be Euro 6 compliant . Also it will not be normal RC transfer .

Delhi to Haryana RC transfer is 3 stage process  : 

1. Vehicle NOC from Delhi to Haryana

2. Reregistration of vehicle and Road tax payment in Haryana

3. RC transfer in Haryana in the name of buyer

4. Can I retain the old registration number after re-registration


Rules for this varies from state to state and city to city . Some RTOs allows retaining of old registration number , in other RTOs one has to change registration number compulsorily . To know the rule in different city Its advised to check with the RTO concerned.