Passport for kids, baby passport, passport for child all comes under minor passport category in India. Passport application for minors have different requirement and fees than than adult passport. Itzeazy helps you in applying for a passport for a minor and passport renewal for minors . It also assist in arranging documents required for child passport.

Minor passport  in India is made for  minor citizens whose age is below 18 years. Applicants who are below 18 years are minor according to Indian Government. The minor ought to have a separate passport as per Indian passport act. They are not allowed off the backing of his name in father’s passport. The passport application for minor contains 36-pages. Unlike the passport of an adult, the minor’s passport validity depends on the age of the minor. The minor below the age of 15 gets a passport of validity 5 years. The minor between 15 to 18 years of age can get the 10 years validity passport instead on the passport that expires on turning 18. In this article we will explain process for  infant passport  or baby passport, required  documents for child passport, process for passport renewal for minors .

It is important to note that—the fee associated with the passport differs according to the requirement or chosen category like the passport, which expires when minor turns 18 years costs less amount than the passport valid for 10 years after 15 years of age. The 10 years of a passport issued like normal passport procedure of adult.

Online Passport Application for Minor

The parents and the guardian of the child can apply for the minor passport of their kid. Means, the parents or legal guardian can apply for the same and they are ought to give their consent for the issuance of the minor passport. Check the list of documents for child passport required.

Documents for child passport

Following are the required documents  for child passport :

  • Minor should be between 15 to 18 year of age of looking for 10 years validity passport
  • Parents are apart but not divorced
  • Parents living in abroad country
  • Minors from Jammu and Kashmir, and Nagaland
  • Divorced parents
  • The child is of legislative government and government employee
  • Parents have a valid passport with spouse name endorsed
  • Passport applied by one parent without the consent of another parent
  • Legal guardian applies for a passport
  • Single parents

The documents need to submit to Indian passport office or PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) is given below

  • Date of birth and address proof
  • Photocopy of parent’s passport either both or one
  • Parents living in abroad need to submit the affidavit attested by the Indian consulate with parents in India (Annexure H)
  • Standard affidavit (Annexure I)
  • Bonafide letter of the college (UGC recognized)
  • Adoption deed (photograph of a child attested by the court)

Applying for a passport for  minor

The passport online application process is same for every minor but the documents required may vary according to the parental conditions, employment, and residing state. The parents need to be present at the passport office at the time of passport office; they must send the consent of passport issuance of their child.

Under the new law of passport issuance, every applicant must available at the PSK to submit their photograph and biometric. In case of an infant, the child must be present at the office because no other can do the passport application process, verification, and issuance on behalf of another person.

To apply for the passport—these are the following process:

  • Register at the Passport Seva Kendra website
  • Register the minor on the website and create the login-id and password
  • Fill the application form and submit it.
  • Once the application form submitted successfully, you can make the payment either online or offline.
  • You can make payment by clicking on the ‘view saved/submitted applications’ then select payment and schedule the appointment
  • Make payment via debit/credit/internet banking and go to the SBI for challan
  • The PSK website use the SBI Payment portal
  • For a tatkal application, the fee must be paid online, and if the application for tatkal gets approval, then the remaining fee will be paid in cash at PSK

Minor Passport Fees

The fee for the minor passport varies according to the scheme selected. It also depends on the validity of the passport and age of the minor. There are different fee structure for fresh passport and passport renewal for minor.

Fresh Passport fee

Applicant age—less than 15 yeas—1000 INR for normal and 3000 INR for tatkal passport charge

Applicant age—between 15 to 18 years—INR 1000 for normal passport and INR 3000 for Tatkal passport

Passport renewal fee

Passport expires and due to expire—less than 15 years—INR 1000 for normal and INR 3000 for tatkal passport application

15 years-18 years—for 5 years or till 18 years passport validity—INR 1000 for normal passport application and INR 3000 for tatkal passport application.

Passport application process for minors

After the successful payment for applying for a passport for a minor, schedule the appointment by selecting the nearest PSK centre or Passport office in your nearest area with the most convenient date and time on which you can be available to the PSK. The booking will be confirmed when you book your slot.

Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra Visit

Take the entire mentioned documents for child passport at the time of appointment like address proof, id proof, certificate of minor etc. You can reach 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. Minor are advised to go with their parents without waiting in the line. The whole passport process is will take little time and it goes smoothly. The biometric print of fingers and iris will be taken along with the photograph. Once a verification process is done at PSK, you will receive a receipt at the end. Keep this receipt for police verification.

When the police verification is done—it will take 30 days to get your passport and 5-7 days in case of tatkal passport. Moreover, the passport-tracking facility is also available at PSK website where you can track your application process.

Some features of minor passport described here:

  • Applicant below 18 years of age are eligible for a minor passport
  • It is not allowed to endorse child’s name in the parent’s passport. Not even in the case when the baby is 1 month old. You need to apply for fresh passport
  • In case one of the parents of minor is in a foreign country then the attested copy of the passport is required for application process of minor passport.
  • It is not mandatory for both parents to a passport if one parent is in a foreign country.
  • Minor passport is valid for 10 years no matter at what age you are applying for a minor passport.
  • When minor is living with their legal parents or guardian, he/she need to take consent of both parents while applying for the passport.