In this article, we will talk about how to check manufacturing date of car. Also how to check manufacturing date of car by chassis number. So, keep reading

Nothing is the best than buying the brand-new vehicle of your dreams. Whether a bike, scooter, or car, we never strive to compromise on our vehicle choice. We strive for the best quality vehicle with exorbitant features and long life.

However, not all times manufacturing date of car by chassis number are what your dealer told while striking the deal? Surprising right? It is pretty usual for a vehicle to spend many days, months, or even years showroom before it gets sold out.

Thus, it is crucial to how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number to ensure you get a quality vehicle with no compromise on its life. You may ask but, how? That is where the VIN/ Chassis Number comes into the picture.

VIN/ Chassis Number 

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique code that can convey an entire vehicle’s story. This internationally valid standard code helps us identify a vehicle’s characteristics like its parent company, body, body specifications, manufacturing year and month, etc. It identifies all sorts of motor vehicles including private and commercial ones. 

So, if you have a car whether brand new or not, you should know how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number or how to check manufacturing date of car?

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Why Need a Chassis Number?

Your vehicle’s Chassis Number or VIN is more than just a number and is your vehicle’s treasure of information. Numerous reasons and situations may require you to decode your Chassis number. They may include:

  • Purchase of certain vehicular spare parts.
  • Ensure the vehicle is brand new and then move on to know how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number same, as conveyed by the dealer.
  • It allows ensuring that the vehicle is not a stolen commodity.
  • We can get to know the theft history of the vehicle.

How to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number

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The manufacturing year and month of a vehicle lie in its 17 characters-long Chassis number. As its name suggests, a chassis number is present on the vehicle’s chassis. However, you can find it even near the bottom corner of the windscreen.

The other locations where you may find the VIN are:

  • Dashboard side of the driver’s seat
  • Driver’s side door with a metal strive engraved on the door 
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate 
  • Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Engine hood
  • Rear Wheel
  • Under the spare wheel in the boot

In the further section, we will discuss how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number or how to check manufacturing date of car? But before that let’s see how to decode a chassis number or VIN

How to Decode a Chassis Number/ VIN:

know manufacturing date of car by chassis number 


Decoding a Chassis Number requires you to have a basic knowledge of the components of the VIN/Chassis number.

Note: The significance of each character varies with the motor vehicle company.

So, here are the three universally- accepted components that comprise the Chassis number.

World Manufacturer Identifier(WMI) 

WMI is a three-character long code that decodes the vehicle’s country of origin and the parent company/ manufacturer.

Country of Origin: 

The first character in the VIN denotes the country of origin and can be a letter or a numeric value


  • 1,4 or 5: USA
  • M: India
  • J: Japan
  • K: South Korea, etc
Brand of the Vehicle

 The second character stands for the vehicle’s brand.


  • B for BMW
  • N for Nissan
  • A for Audi, etc.
Manufacturer Code

The third character in the VIN represents the manufacturer or the parent company of the vehicle.

Vehicular Description Section (VDS)

VDS is a six-character long number or code that tends to convey other crucial specifications of the vehicle like the model, body type, etc. These specifications include:

Vehicular Category:

The fourth character in a chassis number represents the vehicle’s category.


C stands for scooter, etc.

Gear/Engine Capacity

The fifth character in a VIN represents the engine capacity of the vehicle.

Eg: For a Suzuki vehicle 

  • A: 49 cc or less.
  • B: 50-69 cc
  • C: 70-79 cc
Engine Type

The sixth character in a VIN is usually the digits that represent the engine type used in the vehicle.


  • 1-1 stroke single engine
  • 3-2 stroke triple or quadruple engine, etc.
Design Versions/Sequence

The seventh character in VIN represents the version sequence represented with the numerical value with the alphabet.

Accuracy Level 

The accuracy check digit in the VIN is the eighth character.

Security Code

The ninth character represents the vehicle’s security code.

Manufacturing Year

If you are buying a new vehicle, ensure to check this before striking a deal. The tenth character of almost all motor vehicles represents their manufacturing year. It is either in the form of a numerical digit or an alphabet.

Eg: The twelfth character from the range of A-Y represents the year from 2010-to 2030.

Note: I, O, Q are never used in a VIN.

So, bid farewell to the superficially new cars parked in the showroom but are quite older than expected.

Manufacturing Plant

The specific details lie here with the eleventh digit of the chassis number representing the code of the vehicle’s manufacturing plants.

The month of Manufacture and Serial Number 

The last six characters i.e, from the twelfth to seventeenth represent the vehicle’s serial number. The Twelfth character usually represents the Month of Manufacture.

Ex: The 12th character ranging from A-Z represents the month from Jan-Dec sequentially in TATA Motors.

Now, we will get to discuss  how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number online.

How to Locate the VIN of My New Car Online?

Are you still stuck over the VIN of your vehicle? Don’t worry you can get to know your vehicle details online. All you need to do is:

  • Firstly, register with the VAHAN portal and select the Know your Vehicle details option.
  • Then, fill up the mobile number used during registration and proceed to decode your vehicle’s chassis number.

Now, you know how to check manufacturing date of car. Alternately, you can find your manufacturing date of car by chassis number using free third-party apps.

Are VIN and Chassis numbers the same thing?

Usually, the VIN can convey the chassis number as well, although both are different. The chassis number is a part of the VIN and not the other way around.

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Final Thought

You can know how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number by locating and decoding its chassis number. It can also help you to know the specification of the vehicle from its manufacturing location, parent company, engine type, and so on. The chassis number is a crucial factor that sets your vehicle apart from all the vehicles around the world.

You can replace a number plate but not a chassis number/ VIN. So, think again before considering your number plate the sole identification index from the universe of vehicles.

That’s all about how to know manufacturing date of car by chassis number? We hope our blog will help you in locating and decoding the chassis number know manufacturing date of car by chassis number. (how to check manufacturing date of car)

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