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Parivahan Tax Payment

Parivahan Tax Payment

Today, Online Vahan payment is an easy and simplified process. If you are looking for Parivahan Tax Payment, you’re at the right spot. As of today, we will discuss the to how to Check Pending Online Vahan Payment status and so  clear pending transaction in Vahan by doing online vahan tax payment .

Parivahan Tax Payment

  • First, log on to your browser and search for Parivahan, or alternately, visit
  • Then, select Online Services and choose Vehicle Related Services from the drop-down list for tax payment online.
  • Now, select the state for the Parivahan tax payment from which you want to pay the road tax.

Note: You need to select the state from where your car is officially registered.

  • Then you will be redirected to another webpage where you have to select the RTO and proceed with the Parivahan tax payment.

online vahan payment

  • After clicking OK throughout the pop-up notifications, you will land on another webpage.

Details Verification

  • Now, select Pay Your Tax and then, enter your vehicle registration number and the last 5-digits of your car’s chassis number. You can know where to find your chassis number from here.
  • Select Verify details option and enter your or the vehicle owner’s mobile number to complete OTP verification for the Parivahan tax payment.
  • Now, update your insurance details on the portal for online vahan payment.

Online Vahan Payment

  • Afterwards, scroll down to the Tax details, and choose the tax mode, whether to pay yearly, quarterly, monthly, or one-time.
  • Finally, perform the payment using E-GRAS as the payment gateway. Then you will be redirected to the page to select your payment mode and, you’re all set to download the online vahan payment receipt of yours.

Reprinting Parivahan tax payment e-receipt 

If you forgot to print your e-receipt after-tax payment online, you need not worry. You can reprint your e-receipt by below easy steps:

  • On the same portal of Vahan, select Status and then click on the Reprint Receipt/forms option.

Parivahan Tax Payment

  • Now, select the application type with the transaction and enter your registration number and the last 5-digits of your Chassis number. You can know your Chassis number from here.
  • Finally, click on the Show Details option and select Transaction Number, and further take the printout of the e-receipt.

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How to Check Pending Online Vahan Payment status?

Is the transaction showing in the process even though you haven’t paid the current tax yet? Likely, the previous online vahan payment transaction is still in progress. You can check the pending transaction status from the following method:

  • On the Vahan portal of Parivahan Seva, select Status and choose the Check Pending Transaction option for Parivahan tax payment.
  • Now, enter the last 5-digits of your Chassis number and vehicle registration number.
  • Then, choose Show Details and select the Transaction Number to clear the pending transaction.


Q1.Why My Tax Payment Online is pending already?.

Your Parivahan tax payment may show pending as your previous online vahan payment is still in the process and is not yet complete. You can check the current status of your Online Vahan Payment using the Check Pending Transaction option.

Q2.Can I know my Motor Vehicle Online Vahan Payment directly?

Yes, you can know your motor vehicle tax by visiting Now, enter your complete vehicle details with the verification/captcha code. 

Q3.Is vehicle tax different for different states?

Yes, the taxation falls under the state government’s jurisdiction thus, the taxes may vary with the state. The tax calculation takes into account crucial factors like engine capacity, laden and unladen weight, vehicular cost, etc.

Q4.Do I need to pay tax for the vehicle, not in use?

No. You can apply for tax exemption if you own a vehicle that is currently not in use through your state’s transport department.

Q5.What is the time Duration for Motor Vehicle Tax?

The time duration for tax payment varies for both transport and non-transport vehicles. Generally, for a non-transport vehicle, you have to submit motor vehicle tax at one time lifetime i.e. after 15 years. Also, when reregistering, you can pay the tax for 5 years.

Q6.How do Parivahan tax payments for a blacklisted vehicle?

You can not avail of online vahan payment for a blacklisted vehicle. Firstly, you have to get your vehicle off the blacklist by contacting the respective departments.

Bottom Line

Online Vahan payment through Parivahan tax payment is a piece of cake. All you need is the above guide to help you pay your vehicular tax effectively.

We hope our blog will help you pay your vehicular tax online successfully through Parivahan tax payment.




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