Yeshwanthpur RTO is under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The local shipping workplace of KA04 RTO office address comes under the Karnataka State Karnataka vehicles Department. Yeshwanthpur RTO is headed by numerous regulatory and enforcement capabilities associated with shipping. Issuing riding licenses, renewal of driving licence, series of taxes, etc. is the primary process of Yeshwanthpur RTO.

Yeshwantpur RTO: KA04 RTO Office Address

  Address: Third Floor, Shopping Complex, Railway Station Road, Yeshwanthpur Bangalore, 560022

Contact Details: 080 – 23376039

Email ID:

Office Timings: 10:00 AM–5:30 PM


Yeshwanthpur RTO : KA04 RTO office address

RTO forms required in RTO Yeshwanthpur Bangalore

Form 20: The first form in the vehicle registration category is Form 20. This form is also known as the “Motor vehicle registration form”. The applicant may fill out this form if he/she wishes to register the motor vehicle. 

Form 28: Form 28 is also known as the “Application and Issue of a Certificate of No Objection”. As the name implies, Form 28 does not issue counter certificates to permit applicants. 

 Form 29: Form 29 is also known as “Notice of transfer of ownership of motor vehicles”. In the event that a motor vehicle owner wishes to transfer title to someone else, he must complete Form 29 and submit a notice in his original RTO. 

 Form 30: When one person transfers ownership of their vehicle to another person using Form 29, Form 30 must also  be completed and filed in the RTO.

There many of the forms are there for each application in Yeshwanthpur RTO, KA04 RTO Office address. Here is the link of the details of forms

 You can easily download the forms from this link- Forms.



Services provided by Yeshwanthpur RTO Office in North Bangalore

Following are the services provided by Yeshwanthpur RTO

    • Conduct driving tests & Providing the Driving License (LLR / DL)
    • Provides Any Vehicles Transfer of Ownership. 
    •  Conducting  fitness tests and issuing fitness certificates. 
    • Provides NOC Certificate for Registering the Vehicle in another State
  •  Duplicate registration certificate
  • Fresh registration certificate
  •  Issuance of permits for goods and Passenger vehicles
  •  Re-registration of vehicle
  • Vehicle pollution control measures
  • Providing Clearance and no objection certificate(NOC). 
  • New vehicle registration.
  • If any correction is there in the driving licence. 
  • Provides Road safety measures

These are all the services provided by Yeshwanthpur RTO : KA04 rto office address. 


 Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Driving Licence in Yeshwanthpur RTO 

  • You must be 18 years or above to use for adriving licence. 
  • You must follow the visitors’ policies and regulations. You must also have evidence of age files from the KA04 RTO Office address.
  • You must have a learner’s licence.
  • For industrial automobiles, you must be twenty years or above.


Types of Driving Licences issued in Yeshwanthpur RTO 

You can get one of the specific kinds of Driving Licence in Yeshwanthpur RTO. Check out the KA04 RTO office address in the previous section.

 Driving Licence for 2-wheelers without gear: This form of DL is issued to force mopeds or two-wheelers which are without gears. 

 Driving Licence for 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers with gear: This form of DL is issued for motors or bikes. These might be known as Light Motor Vehicles used for private, industrial or shipping. 

 Driving Licence for Heavy Vehicles: This Driving Licence is issued for heavy automobiles like passenger sporting or items sporting.  Driving Licence for street rollers, trailers, etc.

Documents required for driving licence in Yeshwanthpur RTO :

Check out the ka04 RTO office address, Yeshwanthpur RTO

  • Medical certificate issued by way of means of a licenced authorities doctor, if applicable
  • Original learner’s licence
  •   Four passport-size photos for getting a driving licence in Yeshwanthpur RTO. 
  •  Application Form 4
  •  Application Form 5, for industrial DL
  • Age proof (PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Voters ID, etc.)
  •  Address proof (Utility bill, Rental agreement, Ration card, Passport, PAN Card, etc.)
  •  Application costs as specified.

Steps for getting using licence in Yeshwanthpur RTO 

  •   For offline procedures, you have to go to the Regional Transport Office and ask for Form 4 Fill withinside and post it together with the essential documents.
  • After submission,  you may obtain an application number from KA04 RTO office address. And the authority will notify her/him for a slot to take the initial check. 
  •  This check will relate to the assessment of your understanding approximately the site visitors signal. After taking the check and clearing it, you may obtain the learner’s licence immediately. But in case you fail, then you have to retake it.
  • Post this, -e booking   time slot for the using check on the RTO office. Pay the costs of Rs.50/- for a learner’s licence and they will give a receipt. 

So, now you get to know information about Yeshwanthpur RTO and their services.