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Dubai Visa for Indians | Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai Visa for Indians

Are you looking for process in getting Dubai visa for Indians? we will help you in details regarding this Dubai visa. Travelers to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) must get a visa before travel unless they originate from one of the visa excluded nations, or one of the nations whose natives qualify visa on entry. All visitors ought to have a passport that is substantial for at least 6 months from the date of entry in UAE. On the off chance that your passport is substantial for less than 6 months, you should recharge it before applying for a visa. Your  will get visa on email address given in the application form.

Dubai Visa for Indians

If any Indian want to go for Dubai tour either for anyone of purpose like working , traveling tour, there are different types of Dubai visas. Due to the increase in tourism and respective facilities available like accommodation and travel, people from India prefer Dubai to spend their holidays. Also, Intellectuals and experts across all sectors like IT services, telecommunication, and construction have to visit Dubai from India for their work purposes.  So the demand of Dubai visa from India is up trending in large numbers annually. According to the reason, one has to apply for the respective visa types.

Types of Dubai Visas

The different types of Dubai visa for Indians are as :

Dubai (UAE) Visit Visa

Visit Visas are required for visitors staying in the UAE for more than 14 days or for family or business visits. These are valid for either 30 or 90 days (here and now visit visa) (long haul visit visa). Both visas are not extendable. Aside from the visa fees, the local support/relative/occupant must pay a sum that will be repaid once the Visit Visa holder has left the country.

90-Day Long-Term Visit Visa for people is substantial for 60 days from the issue date and non-renewable. Legitimate for 90 days from the entry date and non-renewable.

30-Day Short-Term Visit Visa for people is substantial for 30 days from the issue date and non-renewable. Legitimate for 30 days from the entry date and non-renewable.

Dubai (UAE ) Tourist Visa

The  Dubai Tourist Visa for Indians is an exceptional class under the Visit Visa compose and qualifies the holder for a 30-day stay and in non-sustainable. On the off chance that the visa holder of the Tourist Visa remains for over 30 days, that individual needs to pay a fine for each day in addition to a few charges for an out pass.

Dubai (UAE ) Service Visa

A service visa might just be issued to the carrier of a service passport to conduct political obligations/ assignments in Indonesia. Service visa is legitimate if introduced inside 3 months after the date of issuance

Multiple Entry Visa

Various section Visas are given to ship passengers since their calendar qualifies them to enter the nation more than once in a solitary outing. Such visas are additionally issued to business guests who are visit guests to the UAE because of their ties with a multinational organization or a trustworthy nearby organization. Numerous section Visas are substantial for a half year from the date of issue and the span of each stay is 30 days. The visa is non-sustainable. The individual must enter the UAE on a Visit Visa and after that get a Multiple-passage Visa. Depending on the type of multiple entries the cost varies from $178 to $690 which is 11,680 INR to 45,277 INR.

Dubai (UAE ) Transit Visa

Transit travellers halting at the UAE aeroplane terminals for at least 8 hours are qualified for a 96-hour Transit Visa. A legitimate forward ticket is required. International ID and other travel records ought to be legitimate for no less than three months.

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Dubai Visa Price for Indians

Dubai visa price or fees for Indians depend upon many factors like duration of visit to Dubai and visa types for availing entry to the country. As per the purpose of Dubai travel from India, one has to pay to obtain a visa. Also, if you are visiting Dubai to spend a vacation through a holiday package, you may have to spend a different amount.

Kind of Visas Visit Visa Tourist Visa Service Visa Multiple entry Visa Transit Visa
Fees Rs 5,512 Rs 7,284 Rs 7,284 Up to Rs 45,277 Rs 5,512


Dubai Visa Requirements 

The rules for UAE visas vary depending on nationality, age, and gender. For example, Mauritians, Libyans, Tunisians, Algerians, and Moroccans must be at least 40 years old to apply for a visa. For different nationalities, the minimum age to apply for a visa is 21 years old for men and 23 years old for women. Individuals of various nationalities must meet a variety of requirements in order to obtain a substantial visa to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Starting May 1, 2017, Indian nationals with a standard passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and a visit visa or green card issued by the United States that is valid for at least 6 months can obtain a visa on entry for a maximum stay of 14 days for AED120.

For an to get a UAE/ Dubai visa for Indians these are the criteria


All Indian nationals who have a legitimate passport which is valid for more than 6 months are eligible to go to the UAE.


The Indian embassy gives you the visas on official and diplomatic passports only which requires the following documents

  • A Verbale from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs(if there should be an occurrence of Indian Government officials) or from the concerned Diplomatic Mission(if there should be an occurrence of the diplomatic mission)

Note: The date of accommodation of the Note Verbale ought to be within one month of the date of its issue.

  • You should fill the Application Form  in Capital letters
  • Application forms which are incomplete won’t be entertained.
  • The Visa Application Form must contain the signature of the applicant on the required space.
  • The particulars of the Sponsor in UAE are a vital prerequisite.
  • Authorities should specify the particulars of Sponsors as their Embassy or Consulate in UAE, with the purpose of Full Address and Entry.
  • Copy of coloured passport and coloured cover page.
  • A coloured photograph of passport size.

  • UAE Embassy does not issue Dubai Visit or Dubai Tourist visa for Indians based on ordinary passports
  • Dubai tourist visa for Indians national, holding a standardized passport, is orchestrated by support in UAE. It can likewise be acquired on booking an inn in UAE or through the Air Arabia Office or Emirates Airlines Office or through a travel agent in India.

Documents  required for Dubai (UAE ) Visa for Indians

  • Sponsor’s clear passport copy
  • Sponsored person’s clear passport copy
  • Salary certificate or employment contract of the sponsor copy
  • Family relationship proof
  • Insurance of travel
  • Confirmed flight booking’s copy
  • Letter of approval from Bank
  • Color photographs(passport size)
  • Fees for the visa
  • Visa application form(filled duly)

How to apply for Dubai Visa


Select the following correctly :

  • Nation which you/guest/s are intending to visit
  • Visa Type starting from the drop list – For example: 30 Days UAE Visa, 30 Days Tourist Visa.
  • Your/guest/s nation of living arrangement
  • Your/guest/s nationality
  • Give the number of guests intending to visit
  • Upon tapping the Search, it  diverts to the Visa details page with data about the visa charges, deposit money if relevant, kind of visa, number of uses and the aggregate sum you have to pay to proceed with the application procedure.

You can visit Govt website for more details


  • Check and affirm the Type of Visa, No of Applicants, Visa Fees, Security Amount if relevant and due payable amount
  • Fill in the Visitor points of interest like First Name, Last Name and Nationality
  • Fill in your points of interest, email address and portable number
  • Tap on “CONTINUE” to continue further to the payment choices
  • Check the payment choices, read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and tap on the “Pay Now” catch to pay the money.
  • You will get email upon successful payment.
  • You can check your visa status online by signing into your record.


  • Send your and visitor’s passport details to the concerned site mentioning your visa trip Id.
  • Once the document and payment is verified, the site will create your “visa application form”.

The UAE visa processing time is between 2 to 8 days contingent upon the sort of visa you need to acquire. It additionally relies upon when the migration endorses it. In the event that you are applying for a 2-week visitor visa, the visa processing time would take some 2 to 5 days.


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