Want to apply for marriage certificate in Bangalore? It can be tricky to do marriage registration in Bangalore with the government, but with Itzeazy it is a breeze! You are only required to visit the nearest marriage registrar’s office in Bangalore once. We will discuss the process to register marriage in Bangalore in this article. How you can get a marriage certificate online in Bangalore?

The Hindu Marriage registration in Bangalore is done under the Karnataka marriages (Registration and miscellaneous provisions ) Act, 1976 .

For couples of other religions, Bangalore marriage registration is done under the Special Marriage (Karnataka) 1rules, 1961.

Marriage registration in India can be done under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the Special Marriage Act, 1954, or the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936.

The Hindu Marriage Act applies to Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jain. Under the Hindu Marriage Act, a marriage that has already been solemnised can be registered.

The Special Act of marriage registration in Bangalore is applicable to all citizens, irrespective of religion, caste, and language. A marriage can be solemnized under the special marriage act. Also, the marriage registration of Muslim marriage or Christian marriage which is already solemnized can be registered under the special marriage act. The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 is applicable to Parsies and Zoroastrians.

Eligibility for Marriage Registration in Bangalore

You must be eligible in order to register for marriage in Bangalore. The following are the requirements for getting a marriage certificate in Bangalore.

  • The bridegroom must have completed 21 years of age.
  • The bride must have completed 18 years of age.

Besides this, intended relationship should not be under the degrees of prohibited relationship. Applicants below the given age are denied marriage registration in Karnataka.

Even eligible couples for marriage registration in Bangalore, require showing certain documents as proof by visiting the nearest sub-registrar office to submit the application in the prescribed format on the appointed date.

You can now apply for a marriage certificate online Bangalore. Check out the procedure mentioned below.

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Documents required for Marriage Certificate in Bangalore

Following are the documents required for the marriage certificate in Bangalore

  •  Aadhar card for both husband and wife
  • A pan card for both husband and wife
  • SSC Certificate / Birth Certificate
  • Proof of residence ie tenancy agreement / deed of sale 
  • The affidavits of both husband and wife stating that they are not in a restricted level of pre-marital status and must be informed. 
  • Registration of two witnesses including Aadhar card, Pan card and their SSC / birth certificates are required. 
  • Affidavit / declaration certificate issued by official gazette / religious official to get marriage certificate online Bangalore
  • Wedding photos
  • Wedding card, if available 
  • Photographs of passport size of husband, wife and witnesses.


  • All documents must be self-attested
  • At least one of the applicants must have government issued residence proof.
  • Carry the original documents for the officer to verify.

Marriage Certificate Online Bangalore Procedure

How to get a marriage certificate online Bangalore? To get the Marriage Certificate Bangalore, follow the steps given below:

  • The online procedure to apply for a marriage certificate in Bangalore has been simplified by the authorities.
  • Now just visit the official website of Karnataka Government and fill the application form to get marriage registration in Bangalore done online.
  • Select the name of your district and continue with marriage certificate Bangalore procedure.
  • Fill in the bridegroom’s details and select “Registration of Marriage Certificate”.
  • Fill in Marriage Certificate form and select date of appointment
  • Submit the form by clicking on “Submit Application”.
  • You will get the acknowledgment slip and this will complete the application procedure.
  • Take a print out of acknowledgment slip and save it for further use.
  • With e-facility it takes 6-7 days minimum and 15 days maximum to get the marriage certificate.

Offline procedure to apply for Marriage Certificate Bangalore :

  • You can apply at the sub – registrar’s office on any working day in whose jurisdiction will be the residence of either of the bride and groom and not the place of marriage.
  • Visit the sub-registrar office to get the prescribed application form for marriage certificate.
  • Fill the Application form for marriage registration in Bangalore duly signed by both husband and wife and signed by three witnesses of the marriage. Witnesses can be friends and relatives.
  • Submit the filled-in form along with the necessary documents at the office of the sub-registrar. The information will be verified officially and 6 printouts of the information provided in the application will be handed over to the applicants.
  • The bridegroom and the bride must put their signature on the printouts of the forms in the specified area.
  • Two copies of the certificate of marriage will be handed over to the bride and bridegroom at the office of the sub-registrar and the other copies will be kept for official records

That’s all about the online marriage registration Bangalore and offline marriage registration process in Bangalore.

Witness for Marriage Certificate: 

  1. Any person who has attended the wedding of the couple can be a witness for the marriage registration in Bangalore.
  2. The witnesses are preferred to be the closest blood relation each from bride and bridegroom’s side. Ideally the presence of one of the parents along with their identification and address proof is insisted for being the witness to the registration. 

Fees for Marriage Certificate Bangalore (Karnataka)

Cost of marriage certificate in Bangalore 

  1. No fee is required to register a marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act. The application fee is Rs.5 and the certified copy fee is Rs. 10.
  2. The marriage fee under the Special Marriage Act is Rs.10. An amount of Rs.15 is charged when performing the event at any place other than the sub-registry office. The fee for the intended marriage notice is Rs.3. The fee for obtaining a certified copy of a marriage certificate is Rs.2
  3. Under the Parsi Marriage Act, the required fee to be paid for a certified copy of the marriage certificate is Rs.2.
  1. Under Parsi Marriage Act for marriage registration in Bangalore, the fee for certified copy of a certificate of marriage is ₹.2.

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike but to think together”. –  Robert C. Dodds

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