Reissue Pan Card? PAN Card is the Permanent Account Number for an individual. It is used as identity proof for an individual. It is an important document for the taxes collection. Each and every pan card is unique and contains a Permanent Account Number.

The validity of a Pan Card is not defined. In other words, the validity of a pan card is lifetime. Once a pan card is issued, it cannot be re-issued. But when a person has lost the pan card for one or the other reasons, that person can reissue pan card online. 

Duplicate Pan Card Online

A duplicate pan card is a copy of the original PAN Card. It is issued in the name of a taxpayer. Reissue pan card can be done online when a person loses or damages the pan card. It is issued by the Income Tax Department for the facilitation of financial transactions.

In such a case, only a new card is issued a PAN Card is not changed. Further, it is pertinent to mention that the reissue pan card has the same value as that of the original one. The process of getting a reissue pan card online is much easier than the actual card issuance.

In order to avoid the misuse of such a lost PAN Card, an FIR must be filed in the Police Station of your jurisdiction. Lodging of such FIR is meant to provide security to the person, in case any fraud have committed with such PAN Card. 

Documents required to reissue pan card online:

In order to get a reissue pan card online, the below-mentioned list of documents must be submitted online:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • KYC Document
  • Copy of original PAN Card (if any). 

The documents must be self-attested at the time of submission. The submission process must be furnished with utmost care and diligence; so that once the PAN Card is issued it must provide a correct picture of the information furnished. 

It must be noted that in case an applicant wishes to use a thumb impression other than the signature that must be verified by the Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer or a Notary with his official stamp and seal. 

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Process to reissue pan card Online:

The process of re-issuing a pan card is done on the fingertips. The process can be commenced both in physical form and online form. For a physical mode of the process to reissue pan card, a person has to visit the PAN service centre of NSDL.

However, getting a reissue pan card online can be one of the easiest modes. It is time-efficient, quick, and cost-effective. The application for the reissue pan card online can be made with the comfort of one person. The following steps can help us to know the process of reissuing pan card online;

    1. Visit the official website portal, i.e., TIN-NSDL ( or the website of UTITSL ( Next, choose the application type, i.e., Reprint of PAN Card.  
    2. Click submit after furnishing all the details in the mandatory columns.
    3. A token number will be sent to your email id. It must be kept for future purposes.  
    4. Next, fill in the Personal Details on the page. Further, select the mode of the submission of the application form. For an online mode, keep your Aadhaar Card details available with you at the point of time. An OTP will be sent to the number registered for Aadhaar for authentication of the process. With the help of e-sign and e- KYC, details will be submitted.  Physical mode is available for this step as well. 
    5. Next, select the mode of receiving the PAN Card. It may be physical and online. For online, e- PAN Card will be sent to the valid email id. 
    6. Then, submit the application after filling in the Contact and other details along with the document details page. The Address for communication can be kept at either the address of the residence or the address of the office. 
    7. Next, complete the payment formalities. After completing, an acknowledgment receipt will be generated. Payment of the application fees can be made by credit/debit card, net banking or through demand draft.  

Within 15 to 20 working days, the reissue pan card will be provided to the person. The status of the pan card can be ascertained till through the acknowledgment number. It will be provided to the address mentioned on the Aadhaar Card. 

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Download the reissued pan card Online

The reissued pan card can be downloaded with the help of the Aadhaar Card Number. The request can be made through the Protean eGov Technologies Limited for the download of a reissue pan card online. The following steps can be a roadmap to such download:

  1. Visit the portal for the download of duplicate pan card online (
  2. Submit the details to the portal. The details are PAN Card Number, Aadhaar Card Number, Date of birth, etc.
  3. Click the submit button after checking the Terms and Conditions box and entering the captcha code.
  4. Generate the OTP. The OTP will be sent to the registered contact details. Validate the request by clicking on the validating button. 

Surrender of the Duplicate pan card

A person cannot hold more than one PAN Card. Holding it may incur a liability of about 10,000 rupees. It constitutes an offense under Indian laws. The process of surrendering of the duplicate pan card can be understood in the following steps:

  1. A letter must be provided to the assessing officer stating the intent to surrender the PAN Card. 
  2. Out of both, which card you want to submit must be mentioned. Further, furnish all the details about the PAN Card.
  3. Once the letter is submitted, the letter will be processed by the assessing officer. An acknowledgment receipt will be handed over by the officer. The object of such receipt is only for the evidentiary purpose. It serves as proof that the PAN Card is a canceled one.